R-J cutting still more employees today

I’m hearing that the ax is falling at the ol’ R-J today.

So, far I’ve had reports of several long-time veterans in the newsroom, one a top department head, have been let go with more to come. A reliable source confirms that Mary Greeley, the head of the newsdesk for decades and a long-time Donrey and Stevens Media employee, and artist David Stroud, who has been with the paper at least 15 years or more, were let go.

Sources tell me long-time copy editors Debra McGuire, Mike Bray, Anita Gosch, Steve Beaudry, Kent Nichols and Mark Davis have been let go, too. Photog Jerry Henkel confirmed on Facebook that he was let go.

Another source reports top people in production, business office, classified, advertising and even the lunchroom are out the door. I’m told one those is the head of the entire production department, Terry Duck, who has been with the paper probably 30 years.

Layoffs appear to be ongoing.

This comes hard on the heels of the ousting of the parent company CEO and the newspaper’s publisher.

One person told me recently that the remaining employees are no longer demoralized, they are resigned.

This is an illustration Stroud did when I was let go from the paper.

David Stroud illustration that hangs on the wall above my computer.

David Stroud illustration that hangs on the wall above my computer.

If anyone has more details email me from a non-R-J account: thomasmnv@yahoo.com or thomasmnv@gmail.com.

16 comments on “R-J cutting still more employees today

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dave Stroud was cut about an hour ago. So… no more original art.

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    Hey, I’m paid up for 2 more months, wonder if the paper will last that long. Maybe the print issue will go except for ads from Penney, Macy, etc., and their “news” will just be on the Internet, think of it, they might become competitors to this blog.

  3. Mr Mitchell, what about the political staff writers ? BTW- see you tonite at the pow wow

  4. See you tonight, Eddie, if can get away in time.

  5. Anonymous says:

    BTW, in the last round of Nevada Press Association awards, David Stroud was named the state’s Outstanding Visual Journalist.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cindy, Turn out the lights when you leave today

  7. Anonymous says:

    David Stroud is a great friend and wonderful illustrator. My heart goes out to him and his family, and to everyone else caught in this wave. The good news is, there’s life after the R-J, and a damn good one at that. The bad news is, that’s of no solace whatsoever right now.

  8. Omar Sofradzija says:

    David Stroud is a great friend and wonderful illustrator. My heart goes out to him and his family, and to everyone else caught in this wave. The good news is, there’s life after the R-J, and a damn good one at that. The bad news is, that’s of no solace whatsoever right now.

  9. Steve says:

    Having recently dealt with that exact situation myself, I can say I feel for all of you. I can also say it does get better and it will take effort but you will find a way through this.
    I have one more severance check before I can open up about my old employer. When I let you know who it was the clarity of how much I understand and feel will be very easy to see.

    I wish you all well and you will all be happier wherever you land.

    Whatever you do, don’t stop looking for new challenges. Its the best advice I got from my very first interview.

    For those long timers things have changed. Don’t bother with a paper resume. Build one in Word on a PC ( or use open office, its a free download.)
    It will have to have certain key words that will get through the filtering software potential employers all use today so punch it up and look for things that fit well. I had three resumes for different types of employers. Don’t bother with all those job hunt sites, they ALL lead to Monster.

    Rejection emails from THE HR DEPARTMENT are indications of successfully navigating through the filtering software and are good. This means an interview is not far behind from some company, maybe not this one maybe the next.

    In all I sent about 40 resumes got 20 HR responses and 2 interviews. I took the job at the second interview. I did not take a nasty cut either…they both were ready to meet my pay scale. The first one hired internally, a current employee moved to Las Vegas.

    No matter what Steve Sebelius says about education and attracting skilled high wage families.

    Steve Moore. (Not the RJ’s S Moore)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cannot imagine any scenario in which it makes sense to get rid of Mary Greeley. She is the epitome of competence, cooperation, and loyalty. The other cuts seem almost as senseless. Terry Duck? He ran a department that functioned flawlessly, and only a couple in the whole outfit did that. They probably will be unable to replace those two with people even NEARLY as good. Don’t know the others as well, but I think three of them worked for Mary and hiring really good people was one of her fortes.

  11. You know whereof you speak, Anon.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The new management seems to have no ideas about how to do anything different. They have cut off heads of many departments, but simply have former underlings or imported cronies trying to do as much as they can of whatever their predecessors were doing. If the departed were fired because what they were doing didn’t work, a high school sports stringer should be able to figure out that something different needs to be done. Dropping ad revenue is said to be the biggest problem, and that one’s said to be rooted in dropping circulation. It should be obvious that if people quit reading a paper, it’s because they don’t find in it something they can’t get anywhere else. So it follows that the paper must offer things it hasn’t been offering, and that doesn’t seem to be happening.

  13. Although I have nothing much to add that hasn’t been said, and I find nothing remotely humorous about this situation, I did enjoy seeing Omar identify himself as the author of all “anonymous” comments at 3:58 p.m.

  14. OK, I did think of something else to say… This round was just HORS D’EURVRES. I know of Ed Moss. I had many good friends at the L.A. Daily News when he cut the beating heart out of that body. Why do you think Stephens allowed him to accept such a high-profile job while living in another city? He won’t be able to show his face in public around here once he does what he was hired to do. Every Las Vegas supermarket, gas station and industry dinner means a risk of coming face-to-face with someone who wants his head. And he will do what he was hired to. You don’t bring an Ed Moss aboard for any reason other than wanting to lay off half of an indispensable staff and not be sued about it.

  15. […] the morning after laying off at least a baker’s dozen of long-time, loyal employees — with the word being that there are […]

  16. Peter P says:

    Mary I worked with 20-plus years ago. Dave I have played hoops with for 10. Good people who are good at what they do. I’m so sorry to hear they’ve become victims of this. As an owner of an ad agency who hasn’t placed a single ad in the RJ for more than five years (maybe more), I can tell you the whole business model is broken. I haven’t placed an ad in the RJ for that long because it’s too damn expensive. The rates put advertising out of reach for just about any advertiser not named “Fry’s.” Cut your rates and attract more advertisers (trust me, they want to be there). If production costs dictate the rates be what they are, then prey the home building industry rebounds….and the World Wide Web crashes forever.

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