First the CEO, now the publisher ousted at Las Vegas newspaper

The revolving door continues at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and its corporate owner Stephens Media. First, Stephens Media CEO Mike Ferguson was ousted three years after the ousting of Stephens CEO and R-J publisher Sherman Frederick. Now, Bob Brown, who took up one of Frederick’s hats, that of publisher, is out the door.

It couldn’t have happened to more deserving people, considering the way they treated others.

When Sherman was shown the door, he was allowed to stay on as a consultant, columnist and blogger. The story mentioned his name repeatedly in the first eight graphs. My ouster deserved three sentences in the penultimate graph and the ouster of the general manager, Allan Fleming, warranted two sentences in the last graph. Several others who were ousted that day got no mention.

Of Brown, the online story today reports: “Bob Brown, former publisher of the newspaper has left the company.” (Yes, there should be a comma after the apposition.) And don’t let the door hit you in the …

Brown may best be known for being told by Harry Reid at a Chamber of Commerce function: “I hope you go out of business.”

According to the R-J online story, the newspaper will have a new management team. Moss becomes president and CEO of Stephens Media and publisher of the R-J. Again consolidating the jobs held by Frederick.

He named Ed Lasak to be COO of Stephens Media and the Review-Journal. Lasak, a CPA bean counter, comes from Southern California, where Moss worked for years.

Moss also named Mark Ficarra to become chief revenue officer of Stephens Media and the Review-Journal. He has worked for the Denver Post and the San Diego Union-Tribune, both papers where Moss briefly resided. Sounds like Moss is surrounding himself with cronies.

For some reason the story mentioned that Mark Hinueber, who was present for most of those firings three years ago, will remain as the company’s lawyer and director of Human Resources.

In the heads up department, remember that Mike Hengel, who replaced me as editor, was a crony of Ferguson. Brown didn’t even know how to pronounce his name.

The R-J story included this obligatory note of praise:

“I am pleased to announce the new executive management team at Stephens Media and the Review-Journal,” Moss remarked. “These three executives bring more than 90 years of combined media experience to the company and a track record of success. All members of this team have been involved with innovative product development and driving improved revenue performance in both print and digital products. They are all industry leaders, Moss said.

No, there was no concluding closing quotation mark. As for their track records, I don’t recall any industry stories about any great successes at any of those companies. Just shuffling deck chairs?

From left, Ed Moss, CEO Stephens Media LLC; Ed Lasak, COO of Stephens Media and the Review-Journal; Mark Ficarra, CRO of Stephens Media and the Review-Journal; and Mark Hinueber lawyer and director of Human Resources.

What this will mean for the Sun insert, which continues to be produced without any local content whatsoever, is anyone’s guess.

15 comments on “First the CEO, now the publisher ousted at Las Vegas newspaper

  1. Steve says:

    Formerly a paper with a proud conservative/libertarian bend will become a southern California sop. no not standard operating procedure. sop as sopping up the California way of telling the news. Modern day libby faithful will rejoice.

  2. Since Nevada is now 1/3 Mexicans ,it’s only inevitable that the RJ. will become a Southern California type newspaper. Wouldn’t it be hilarious that The Las Vegas Sun is now taking over the RJ ? I can just see Anjeanette Damon be in charge of politics espousing Harry Reid pronouncements.

  3. Steve says:

    No need, they already have Steve Sebelius.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That &#!*%^ *#$!!*’s last meal has finally been served. True to form, I hope it was a fitting ending and old Bob Brown had 15 seconds to clean out his desk. If there ever was a %(!% *?#)&^% *##(&*$% ?$!&#% Bob was it.

  5. Steve says:

    @ Anonymous….Apparently you work or worked at the RJ…You should know Toms’ online presence allows vehement venting with real words.
    Go ahead tell us what you really want to say.

  6. Vernon Clayson says:

    I suppose the paper will continue, they do have that big building and the presses, but it does seem more superfluous by the day, the “Review” part of the name finally makes sense, they review what the television and Internet report much quicker and the “Journal” part is what the Washington political gang want as the first edition of history.

  7. The only thing the TV beats the paper on is the cop news.

  8. My encounters with Brown seem to be in line with folks that knew him. I got a snotty reply on twitter regarding paying for rain bags and to top that I got my contract terminated after writing a letter to Brown, circulation mnger George Cheyal(sp?) and Kathy Minik regarding fraudulent complaint charges and fleecing the elderly by giving away free online what they charge for in print. They should have called me. I would have made sure the door hit him on the way out.

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  10. Just saw today that Browns twitter handle is still @LVRJboss, but bio is “former publisher”.

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  15. Jerry says:

    So much for freedom of the press. Even in an era which allows big money from affluent contributors to pour into political campaigns and which once again, after a hiatus, allows corporations to contribute big money to those running for political office, those who they believe will be most deferential to the plight of business over it’s consumers those with the money continue to find ways to manipulate the system, to influence what is written, what is discussed and even biasing those voices which are supposed to be the independent arbiters.
    Yes, I agree. If you are a writer on staff at the Las Vegas newspaper you will now need to follow the new owners script. His interests will be served, not the readers or the writers.

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