Proposed CCSD teacher contract gives union a lock on future funds

Screen shot from video explaining teacher union contract will give teachers 70 percent of any future funding that exceeds the minimum necessary to fund the Clark County School District.

It’s not a contract. It’s surrender.

The morning newspaper reported a week ago that the Clark County School District and its teachers union had agreed on a three-year contract that includes $51 million salary increases and health insurance contributions recently awarded in arbitration. The teachers are to vote on the contract Thursday.

Today, the paper’s political columnist reported on a little detail about the contract not previously mentioned. If in the future the state Legislature provides funding that is greater than the school district’s minimum needs, 70 percent of that additional money must go to compensate teachers — not hire more teachers, but pay more for the existing ones.

Columnist Victor Joecks remarked, “So (Superintendent Jesus) Jara’s plan to improve education is to pay the same people doing the same job more money. Talk about another example of how you can’t fix a broken system by pouring more money into it.”

Joecks also linked to a video posted online by Union Executive Director John Vellardita explaining the contract. The key portion starts at about the 3-minute mark:


Joecks concludes, “Nevada’s collective bargaining laws already severely limit Jara’s authority. You don’t solve that problem by handing what little control you do have to the teachers union.”






3 comments on “Proposed CCSD teacher contract gives union a lock on future funds

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Nineteen Oklahoma House representatives this spring voted against a a series of tax increases to increase funding for the state’s education system. The tax increases were pushed through after the Oklahoma Teachers Association organized a series of extended teacher walkouts to protest the lack of resources and to demand an increase in wages.

    Of those 19, eight lost their primaries, four are not running for office and three are leaving due to term limits, according to CNN.”

    Word to the wise; people want more money for teachers and school as because they know that’s how things get better in this country.

  2. Steve says:

    Put money back into vocational programs and public schools will get the support they all claim they want.

  3. Bill says:

    It is way past time to re-examine our whole education system. Don’t bifurcate the issues. Sure, Teachers should be well paid, but before we address that question should we be asking what Teachers should be teaching? What do we mean when we unthinkingly say, “Education”? We are no longer involved with education, it is all about diplomas and pathways to college where we can learn what?

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