Senate rejects compromise on anti-SLAPP law, so kill it

Get a shovel and bury Senate Bill 444.

The bill, which as originally drafted at the behest of casino owner Steve Wynn would have gutted the state’s strong an anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law, breezed through the state Senate unnoticed by champions of free speech.

But in an Assembly committee they awoke and spoke up.

It was declared dead.

But at the last moment a somewhat reasonable compromise was reached — Amendment No. 861.

That version restored the “clear and convincing” standard for having a lawsuit dropped, instead of the bill’s previous standard of “prima facie,” changed some deadlines and allowed some discovery at the motion to dismiss stage. It also restored a $10,000 award for those wrongfully sued.

It was still an unnecessary tampering with a strong law, but not so bad. It was sent to the Senate.


But the Senate nixed the amendment and sent the original back to the Assembly.

Marc Randazza, who testified against the original SB444, blogged on the sleazy nature of the workings in Carson City.

“And then, today, Senator Brower and the other sellout lackeys in the Senate voted against the compromise. They want the Nevada Anti-SLAPP law gone completely. No compromise.

“Well Nevadans, now we have to give them what they asked for. No compromise. You simply can’t trust Greg Brower or the Senate Republicans. And, don’t think that is an anti-Republican statement — Assembly Republicans like Michele Fiore and Ira Hansen (among others) seem to really get that SB444 is a terrible thing. But, who knows what is happening here.”

He then lists ways to make your wishes known on this bill.

John L. Smith testifies:

Randazza testifies:

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