What does prohibiting profit have to do with preventing the spread of a virus?

Today, we find the definition of arbitrary and capricious on page 3A of the morning paper.

Entertainment columnist John Katsilometes reports that a couple of bars in the valley have been told to end live music performances. The reason was spelled out in an email from a Las Vegas business licensing official to musician and owner of the Saddles N Spurs Saloon Bobby Kingston:

“Live entertainment which includes karaoke at this point is prohibited with a few allowances. You can have a singer, piano player, guitar player or small piece band that is there playing music at an ambiance level. There can’t be any ticket sales, admission fee or headliner advertisement for the entertainment & no dancing.”

What, pray tell, do ticket sales, admission fee, advertising and ambiance level have to do with preventing the spread of the coronavirus? Sounds like a bureaucratic aversion to profit rather than a demand for hygiene.

Saddle and Spurs Saloon owner Bobby Kingston, foreground, can’t understand why he can’t offer live music. (R-J pix)

17 comments on “What does prohibiting profit have to do with preventing the spread of a virus?

  1. Mistrbill says:

    How and when are we going to get rid of King Sissylak so Nevada can get back in the business of doing business??? The false news networks know this VIRUS is the blame but they won’t admit that the death rate has been doctored by BIB PHARMA and is less than a normal flu death rate.

    Just a little over 2 months to the election and the Democraps still think this “FALSE FLAG” will change the outcome. I don’t think so!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Athos says:

    King SS is determined to bankrupt hard working, middle class people (and make us pay for voting for Trump) This has NOTHING to do with the science. People are now DYING on the job from heart attacks due to wearing these virtue signaling masks. I read several good editorials in today’s paper about the absolute insane rules this cretin (posing as a human governor) inflicts on WORKING PEOPLE!

    Fiery, but mostly, peaceful protesters are A OK to this evil, Soros, sock puppet. And the CDC just released the true numbers for Covid-19 deaths.


    Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death. The number of deaths with each condition or cause is shown for all deaths and by age groups. ”

    for the CDC site, just cut and paste:


    This insane shutdown to prevent less than 10,000 deaths? Really? And why is it that only Democrat States are still in shutdown mode? Will Nevada get its California Purple Release Chart?

    It really makes me wonder just what is it that the swamp wants to hide that keeps throwing lie after lie at the Trump team and the American People?

  4. Rincon says:

    The thing I don’t understand is that at least in Illinois and apparently in Nevada, bars are open, but schools are closed.

    Mistrbill: Are you saying the Trump Administration is inflating the figures or that the doctors and hospitals are falsifying death certificates? Perhaps a third possibility?

  5. Bars are not open.

  6. Athos says:

    Rinny, I forgot you’re an Illini. You go to Chicago very much? Is it really like a third world country, with all the killings?

  7. Anonymous says:

    To my friends on the right here:

    “How dumb can you be?”

    Was not intended to be a challenge.

  8. Rincon says:

    Our entire country is “really like a third world country”, as you say, Athos. According to the first source to pop up on Google, only third world countries have an intentional homicide rate higher than ours. Yes, we outdo every other advanced nation at this. https://www.indexmundi.com/facts/indicators/VC.IHR.PSRC.P5/rankings

    Chicago just happens to excel a bit more than most. That being said, many other cities are even more ambitious than Chicago, including Buffalo, Philly, San Bernadino, Richmond, DC, Shreveport, Dayton, Memphis, Baton Rouge, New Orleans (what’s with Louisiana?), Detroit, Baltimore, and in the number one spot, St. Louis. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/murder-map-deadliest-u-s-cities/66/

    Although the city is a bit dangerous in many areas, the metropolitan area as a whole is pretty safe. We have the third lowest violent crime rate out of 50 metropolitan areas. BTW, Las Vegas ranks 19th safest. Between the global warming and your higher crime rates, you might want to consider moving to sunny Illinois. https://www.propmodo.com/measuring-the-most-dangerous-metro-areas-in-the-united-states/

  9. Athos says:

    Rinny, that’s funny! No, I’m afraid Las Vegas (Henderson, actually) will be my last place to live. Even with our “don’t confuse me with science” Democrat genius governor trying his best to kill all income production in our state (and generally make Nevadans as miserable as possible) I’ve enjoyed this hot summer swimming in my pool, and golfing early evenings. Plus I’m afraid I can no longer tolerate the high humidity found in the midwest. 15% humidity is a too thick for me, I can’t imagine the old 90degree 95%humidity days of my youth!

    Anny! Isn’t it strange how JUST today I wondered how dumb the media/democrat party considers American citizens? Their main repetitive talking point after the 1st day of the Republican convention was “dark” (say the magic word and win $100!) Or my favorite is when the reporter says the protests were peaceful and there’s raging fires going on in the background of the shot! Or like Rinny claiming Chi town has the 3rd lowest violent crime rate out of 50 metro areas (I guess propmodo doesn’t factor murder as being more deadly than some other violent crime. And rioting, looting, and mayhem haven’t been computed, yet, huh?)

    Also, why is no one talking about the Democrat platform? You wouldn’t have to read all 110 pages but if you think socialism is a better way of life, why don’t you try to sell it to the American people (and then we can discover just how stupid the masses can be!)

  10. Rincon says:

    The Chicago Metro area indeed does have the third lowest violent crime rate. Unlike you, I have presented solid evidence to back up my assertion. If you choose not to believe it, I can’t stop you, but it behooves you to present more solid evidence of your assertions if you want others to buy into them. Until then, you’ve got nothing.

    Almost 2/3 of the metro area population lives outside the Chicago city limits. You and Trump are intentionally ignoring more than half the citizens in the area, and using a somewhat random city border drawn on a map almost 200 years ago in order to distort the truth.

    Even looking only at murder, and only in the city, you and Trump are still way off base. Although Chicago is listed as one of 30 cities with the highest murder rates, there are 24 cities listed whose rates are higher. https://rapidcityjournal.com/news/national/the-30-cities-with-the-highest-murder-rates-in-the-us/collection_0e7dd367-2f62-5822-b849-97f4e9a43e3d.html#16
    So why does Trump single out Chicago, while ignoring 24 more dangerous cities? You tell me, but this is yet another case where listening to Trump gives you a distorted view of reality..

    BTW, even with our so called high murder rates, people in metropolitan areas still outlive those in small towns and rural areas, so what’s your beef?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hooves up, all those that believe Qanon’s claim that the CDC said that only 10,000 have died because of COVID-19?

    “How dumb can you be?” was never intended to be a challenge.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Twitter on Sunday took down a tweet containing a false claim about coronavirus death statistics that was made by a supporter of the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory — a post that President Donald Trump had retweeted earlier in the day.

    The tweet — which has been replaced with a message saying, “This Tweet is no longer available because it violated the Twitter Rules — from “Mel Q,” copied from someone else’s Facebook post, claimed that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had “quietly” updated its numbers “to admit that only 6%” of people listed as coronavirus deaths “actually died from Covid,” since “the other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses.”

    That’s not what the CDC said.

    The CDC’s latest regular update to a public statistics page on the pandemic — there was nothing especially “quiet” about it — said that for 6% of the deaths included in its statistics, “Covid-19 was the only cause mentioned” on the deceased person’s death certificate.

    That is not at all the same thing as saying only 6% of reported Covid-19 deaths “actually died” from Covid-19. It simply means that the other 94% were listed as having at least one additional factor contributing to their death.

    For example, the other 94% includes people whose death certificate listed both Covid-19 and obesity, both Covid-19 and diabetes, or both Covid-19 and heart disease — among other conditions.
    People can live with obesity, diabetes or heart disease for years but then get infected with Covid-19 and die quickly. The fact that they also had an underlying condition does not mean that Covid-19 was not a major reason, or the major reason, they died when they did.

  13. Anonymous says:

    So, paraphrasing Thomas here a little:

    “What, pray tell, do evictions l have to do with preventing the spread of the coronavirus? Sounds like a bureaucratic aversion to the free market rather than a demand for hygiene.”

    Trump administration issued an order Tuesday banning landlords from evicting tenants from properties they can no long afford to rent.

    The national eviction ban was issued under a federal law that gives the CDC director authority to impose measures to prevent the spread of communicable disease “as he [or] she deems necessary.”

    So let us now hear those voices from the right. Full of righteous indignation over the SOCIALIST efforts this administration is taking without constitutional authority (I missed the express authority given to the president to halt evictions even if only until after the election)

    and maybe I missed the hoof raised here in support of Q for just another lie spoon fed to the ignorant masses on the right who gulped it down like manna from heaven.

    “How dumb can you be?” was not intended as a challenge.

  14. Rincon says:

    First, does anyone have any idea what in the Constitution gives the Executive Branch the right to interfere with a contract between a renter and landlord? Second, if the Executive branch does have this power, then is there some Constitutional concern preventing the Executive Branch from say, rationing N95 masks rather than protecting only the highest bidders and allowing the price gouging that we’ve seen?

    BTW, this is the most profound explanation I have seen regarding income disparity. Just in case anyone cares.

  15. Athos says:

    Rinny, if Chitown is so safe, why does your mayor have to shut down protests on the street she lives on? And no offense, babe, but Henderson Nevada did NOT have 66 people shot with 5 people dying. Of course, you’re city is much bigger than ours but it points out that old bromide that figures lie, and liars’ figure!

    don’t know about Illinois but in Nevada our POS Governor (King Steve of Sissyluck) was the one that stopped evictions. After despite being the worst state in the union for unemployed, this puke JUST NOW applied for Donald Trump’s $300/ week bonus unemployment (but off course Nevada doesn’t have the extra $100 to kick in)
    But don’t worry. Our State department of employee services is so broken we’ll be luck to see any money before Christmas.

    Hey, Tom. I remember a fund worth $100millions that was to be paid out to the victims of Oct.1, 2017. What did Sissyluck (all HEIL the King!) do with that money?

    Anybody looking into it?

  16. […] What does prohibiting profit have to do with preventing the spread of a virus? Today, we find the definition of arbitrary and capricious on page 3A of the morning paper. […]

  17. Steve says:

    They figured it out.

    EFFECTIVE September 3, 2020

    SNS Saloon is open daily at Noon as a restaurant. Join us for some tasty food, cold drinks, and hot jackpots now featuring 14 stand alone gaming machines reserved first come first served for our gamers. Our Happy Hour is still 3-6p!

    We also have ambient local live music, no dancing permitted, while you eat daily when we aren’t showing playoff hockey games or other key sporting events on our HDTVs:

    Mon – Rock Duo 6-9p
    Tue – Country Duo 6-10p
    Weds – Acoustic Rock 6-10p
    Thurs – Various 6-10p
    Fri/Sat – Country 7-11p
    Sun – Blues/Rock 6-10

    In all cases, masks are mandatory, social distancing is required, bar is closed with table service only and all government mandates are strictly enforced for our customer’s safety.

    Thank you for understanding and hope to see you here💙

    SNS Saloon Management


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