Obama administration caves on pipeline approval

Pipeline protest site. (Getty Images via USA Today)

Pipeline protest site. (Getty Images via USA Today)

On July 26 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved the final land easements and water crossing for the Dakota Access pipeline to carry oil from Bakken shale in North Dakota to Illinois.

For months before that various protesters, including some local Indian tribes, objected that the portion of the pipeline that runs beneath Lake Oahe might jeopardize a local source of drinking water.

Two different federal judges have rejected legal efforts to halt the pipeline, which is now about 90 percent complete at a cost of $1 billion to the company building it.

Protests have since turned violent, resulting in the burning of equipment and the arrests of more than 100 protesters.

On Sunday the Army Corps of Engineers reneged on that permit allowing the pipeline to be channeled 100 feet deep under the lake.

Isn’t there an argument that giving into violence just begets more violence?

But on CBS radio this morning a tribal leader was heard to say: “We don’t trust the White people … they got forked tongue …”

4 comments on “Obama administration caves on pipeline approval

  1. Tony Shelton says:

    With all due respect, you are not there. You can only rely on what you are being told. My nephew, who works for me locally here in NV, and is Choctaw, has been there nearly a month. He used his entire vacation, plus personal time off for this. No one is paying him to be there and he knows of no one else who is being paid. He is working closely with the tribal elders and has participated in removing dozens of troublemakers from the camp who chose a violent style of protest. NONE of the “violence” you reference here has been recent since they have been working around the clock to remove those who participated in that. It was very limited in scope and he believes the culprits were put up to it. He sends me updates, videos, pictures, etc regularly for myself and FMR Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton to analyze. He is a Republican, a Christian and a conservative. He is there because of the forcing of the pipeline through disputed territory the Sioux have never taken payment for. They have over 1.3 billion sitting in escrow that they will not accept. This could have been easily avoided if they had just avoided the disputed land and taken the northern route that was originally considered above Bismarck. To argue that the northern route is less “environmentally friendly” collapses the counter complaint that taking it through Sioux disputed land is safe. The land issue has been hijacked by the liberal faction and the environmental issue has been elevated above the land dispute. This has been allowed by the Sioux and embraced by them because the environmental issue is what has given them a national stage. Had they turned away the liberal faction, the way they turned away armed patriots, we would have known nothing of this because it would have gotten zero media coverage. I’m all for business and 100% for the pipeline. I just don’t see why it had to be forced through that land when they made a tribal resolution to fight any expansion through that land in 2011. The claims that the Pipeline officials were unaware of their opposition are provably false.

  2. Steve says:

    The pipeline is going to be built, one way or the other.
    Look at the stock price for ETP, investors are betting it will be built. Obama is gone in a month and the Corp already approved all the permits. This latest is simply political action that only lasts until Trump takes office in January.

  3. iShrug says:

    Rioting has been tacitly sanctioned since Ferguson, hence the exponential increase in riots.

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