Might the last gasp chance to save the country come in the House of Representatives?

It looks like a contested convention will not save the country from having pathological liar and narcissist Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee facing corrupt and indictable Democrat Hillary Clinton.

But Thomas Sowell reminds us there is one last hope to hang our hats on.

Sowell writes:

What was once feared most by the Republican establishment — a third party candidate for President — may represent the only slim chance for saving this country from a catastrophic administration in an age of proliferating nuclear weapons.

If a third party candidate could divide the vote enough to prevent anyone from getting an electoral college majority, that would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where any semblance of sanity could produce a better president than these two.

Yes, in 1801 the House chose Thomas Jefferson as president on the 36th ballot after he and his running mate Aaron Burr tied in Electoral College votes, and in 1825 no one won a majority of Electoral College votes so the the House named second-place finisher John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson.


24 comments on “Might the last gasp chance to save the country come in the House of Representatives?

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    And leaving the election of the next president up to the House of Representatives would be a good idea when the House has been a willing accomplice in the terrible reign of Barack Obama? There’s been no formal budget, spending is in freefall, we are the laughing stock in world affairs,Islam is taking over Europe,our military has been downsized to pre-WWII standards, 97 million people are unemployed, almost 50,000 people are on food stamps, health care is a tax, the current Speaker is baffled and his predecessor was a sap?? The Senate barely acknowledges the House, the president ignores both House, Senate and the Supreme Court. The media believes Trump is a bad New Yorker and Clinton, the carpet bagger New Yorker, is not quite as bad. I don’t understand the vitriol directed at businessman Trump after two terms of street hustler Obama.

  2. Nyp says:

    Sorry, but that is daft

  3. Patrick says:


    New conservative website.

  4. I said it was last gasp.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s a bad attempt at a fake email address, Patrick. Not a website….it is to laugh again, at you!

    And, Nyp, I am guessing you are replying to Vernon, because if you aren’t then you are calling historic precedent daft and that would make you daft!
    So, I am hoping you are replying to Vernon’s post, Nyp.

  6. nyp says:

    there is no historical precedent. What blue states would a conservative Republican running as a third-party candidate take away from Hillary?

    Come to think of it, I think you guys ought to go ahead with a third-party run by some #nevertrump Republican. Go ahead!

  7. Steve says:

    When all else fails, nyp, follow the links.
    House choosing a president is precedent.

    You ARE daft!


    Hey. that rhymed!

  8. Barbara says:

    There are some members of the RNC who believe the delegates are not bound to vote for any candidate on any ballot. They are basing this belief on Rule 38 which states:

    “No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule. A “unit rule” prohibited by this section means a rule or law under which a delegation at the national convention casts its entire vote as a unit as determined by a majority vote of the delegation.”

    According to ND RNC member Curly Haugland, delegates are not legally compelled to follow the rules of their state regarding binding. In fact, the Constitution, backed up by the SCOTUS protects delegates’ right to vote their consciences, Haugland says.

    Haugland believes the various states’ nominating contests are not binding, but should be considered snapshots in time of where the electorate of the particular state stood at that moment. Voter’s change their minds, get voter’s remorse and new information is revealed. The delegate must vote their conscience as to who he/she believes should lead the party as well as fulfill the duties of the office of the President.

    If Haugland is correct, any candidate, even those who have suspended their campaigns could be eligible for the nomination. It would be up to a majority of the delegates, most of whom are not Trump supporters.

    Trump complained the system was rigged. Maybe he should be proved correct.

  9. Winston Smith says:

    As with the Electoral College, the ability of convention delegates to choose differently than the masses is a protection against the capriciousness of a pure democracy, which the Founders warned against. While this leads to the party elite ignoring the grassroots, it may also keep some crazy-ass choice from getting the nomination.

    Honestly, I used to think I trusted the grassroots more than the party elite, but after this year, I’m not so sure anymore.

    Some say this may become a replay of 1964, but, at least it was obvious that Goldwater was an ultra-conservative then, which certainly upset the Rockefeller Republicans, now known as the RINO Neo-Cons. With Trump, he’s philosophically all over the place, with no fixed principles. To me, it’s an 85% chance he’s just an agent of the banksters, playing a role to destroy the Tea Party.

    The endgame of the Banksters is the same, to manipulate Americans into giving up the Constitution and to accept a one-world government, and this election just seems to be another step on that Hegelian Dialectic road.

    War is Peace; Freedom is Slaver; Ignorance is Strength; Manipulation is Constant

  10. Nyp says:

    Ignoring the choices of the Republican electorate — that should be fun.

  11. Barbara says:

    Trump has received only 42 percent of the popular vote. Some of these contests were open allowing democrats and independents to vote in the Republican race, so it is not accurate to represent Trump the first choice of the Republican electorate.

  12. The handwriting is on the wall…Donald Trump WILL be the Republican presidential nominee thanks to a majority of the confused citizens of Indiana who chose anger over principle. Any attempt to thwart the will of these pissed off people (pop) across the nation with a third party suicide mission or an attempt to blow up the convention…will result in riots in the streets (at best) or the election of one of the most crooked lying politicians ever to seek the office…Hillary Hildabeast Clinton (at worst)! (as will the protest vote “option” no matter how good it makes you feel). Dandy Don Meredith and the fat lady have both sung…get used to it folks and buckle up!

  13. nyp says:

    You know, I wonder …
    To what extent is the conservative movement responsible for the rise of Donald Trump?

  14. Steve says:

    Same as the influence of the liberal establishment, nyp.

    You guys are also reaping what you have sown.

  15. Barbara says:

    The conservative movement has no responsibility for Donald Trump. Why would you even connect the two?

  16. Patrick says:


    The ideological obstructionism foisted on the Republican Party by the “conservatives” certainly shares responsibility for the Trump candidacy.

    “Conservatives” as most would say Ted Cruz is a part, have made governance in this country impossible. (And let’s face it, this is PRECISELY how conservatives want it.)

    The Trump “wave” is due in no small part to the obstructionism that “conservatives” have created in this country because trumps supporters don’t want a government tha does nothing.

    Unintended consequences are coming home; I mean, who could have imagined years ago when the AstroTurf movement on the right was created by the billionaire Koch Brothers, that it would ultimately lead to one of the Brothers claiming that Hillary was the best republican candidate for president. Not this farm boy.

    But, it’s still funny.

  17. Nyp says:

    Until you properly reflect on the role of the conservative movement in creating Donald Trump, you will continue having Donald Trumps.
    Do you think it will all end after this election?

  18. Steve says:

    Of all the candidates, both Republican and Democrat, the two presumptive nominees are the most disliked by the general population.

    The liberal establishment needs to as much soul searching as the conservative minority.

  19. Nyp says:

    No, we don’t.

  20. Steve says:

    So, proving my statement, you now lower yourself to the playground response.

  21. Nyp says:

    There is no one in the “liberal establishment” who is appalled that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee

  22. Nyp says:

    There is absolutely no one in the “liberal establishment” who is appalled that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee

  23. Steve says:

    Tell it to Sanders supporters….and they are just the tip of the iceberg you’re ignoring.

  24. Bill says:

    Conservative? Liberal? What are the differences. I consider myself as a “conservative” but in reality I am not on all things. Conservative fiscally and as it involves the size and scope of government but liberal when it comes to social issues. The problem with labeling is that it really doesn’t tell the whole story but it does eliminate any need for definition. In a world of 10 second sound bites, I guess it is to be expected. I might label myself as a “libertarian” but regrettably am not enough of an anarchist to bear that appellation exclusively. As someone once noted, conservatives and liberals routinely pass each other in the middle and neither side bothers to even nod or acknowledge the others existence. It is wrong to blame Trump on one side of or the other when both are equally culpable. In any event, I am not quite sure anymore as to the accuracy of these definitions and the most deceptive of definitions are those that involve self labeling.

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