Trump picked up only 18 more delegates than Cruz on Tuesday

In case you are trying to figure out where the presidential nominating process stands after Tuesday’s voting in neighboring Arizona, Utah and Idaho, you’ll have to look elsewhere than the morning paper which states, “GOP results in Utah and Democratic results in Idaho were not available late Tuesday,” though both were available before midnight.

Both Republicans and Democrats voted in Arizona and Utah, but only Democrats in Idaho.

When the dust cleared, Donald Trump picked up 18 more delegates than Ted Cruz, but Bernie Sanders picked up 16 more delegates than Hillary Clinton.

Here is a New York Times graphic:


New York Times election graphic at

Politico has actual vote counts on its website. In total, Trump picked up 272,000 votes to Cruz’s 250,000. Even though she lost ground in delegates, Clinton got 253,000 votes to Sanders’ 180,000.

According to Politico, Marco Rubio still has 166 delegates, meaning Trump has 739 delegates (yes, that is different from NYT), while all other candidate and uncommitted delegates add up to 798. There are 955 delegates up for grab in upcoming voting. To win the nomination outright requires 1,237 delegates.

The next GOP contest is in Wisconsin on April 5. Its 42 delegates are winner-take-all.









14 comments on “Trump picked up only 18 more delegates than Cruz on Tuesday

  1. Nyp says:

    In other words, he extended his lead

  2. Gloat now. Just wait until President Trump comes for you.

  3. Nyp says:

    I know, I know. I’m still in the liberal camp of hoping Trump is the nominee, but some of us are having second thoughts.

  4. Patrick says:

    Right cause apparently, the only Americans, “Mr Constitutionalist” Cruz is out to get (leastways as of today) are the Muslms.

    “First they came for the Muslms” eh Thomas?

  5. Steve says:

    “”Scared.” “Disaster.” “Frightened.” “Terrified.” “Horrified.” Those are the top five words respondents used when asked to describe Donald Trump becoming president”
    “when respondents were asked the same question about a Hillary Clinton presidency. The most frequently used word was “disaster,” though “good” came in second. “Scared” “disappointed” and “hopeful” rounded out the top five.”

    “When asked which candidate they would never vote for in November, 54 percent said they could never vote for Trump and 43 percent said the same for Clinton.”

    March 23, 2016 at 1:01 PM UPI, new Quinnipiac University poll.

    The further the left and right move in their respective directions, the larger the middle gets.

    I’d say there might be a lot of interest in a third party candidate, especially a sane one.

    Gary Johnson for president.

  6. Barbara says:

    If there had not been early voting in AZ, Cruz might have won that state also. Rubio and Carson both received votes – Rubio getting more than even Kasich. The majority of these votes would have went to Cruz.

    Trump still has not shown that he can get a majority of any state. At least I don’t recall him receiving above 50 percent in any state. If Kasich would drop out since he has no path to the nomination, Cruz and Trump could have a real contest. I can’t decide if Kasich is really that stupid to think he could get the nomination in a brokered convention, or if he and Trump have made a deal for him to stay in to siphon votes from Cruz for the VP slot. Of course Carson is lobbying Trump for that plumb office.

    Scott Walker’s endorsement of Cruz should help the Senator win the state. Hopefully, when Kasich looses, he will drop out. The party leaders and current office holders need to admit they will be stuck with either Cruz or Trump as the nominee. Trump’s high negatives would most probably result in loosing the general election as well as the Senate although I still think there is still a possibility Hillary will be indicted. How do you liberals feel about a Biden/Warren ticket?

  7. Nyp says:

    Indicted for what?

  8. Nyp says:

    Ha, ha, ha
    Good luck with that!

  9. Steve says:

    The Clinton’s got away with murder, this stuff is small potato’s to them.
    Now, if they were to stop paying income taxes….there MIGHT be a chance of prosecution.

  10. Nyp says:


    That’s right — what about the strange death of Vincent Foster? And the Ron Brown plane crash?

  11. Steve says:

    Funny you jump right to that conclusion, nyp.
    A bit sensitive, you are.

    get away with murder
    › to be ​allowed to do things that other ​people would be ​punished or ​criticized for:

  12. Steve says:

    OH, sorry nyp.

    I forgot you don’t like to consider context when you jump to conclusions.

    Pardon my error.

  13. Nyp says:

    You are being much too kind to the Clintons.

    Many readers of this blog are quite sure that Hillary has blood on her hands. Who is to say they are wrong? It isn’t for nothing that conservatives used to call her “Lady Macbeth”.


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