Advice to R-J staff: Keep your heads down

A friendly reminder to all the remaining staffers at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Boss Moss starts Monday as CEO of R-J owner Stephens Media.

As I advised back when the heads of longtime R-J staffers were rolling like wooden balls in the Bingo tumbler: Keep your head down!

Boss Moss

If you hear a gobbling sound, it ain’t Thanksgiving leftovers. Don’t, repeat, don’t pop your head above the cubicle wall to see what is going on. Boss Moss’ reputation precedes him. He has been publisher of two shrinking newspapers in the past four years. Mike Ferguson apparently couldn’t trim enough cost in his three years at the helm. (With Ferguson gone, might some of the people he brought in start pining for family back home?)

With the jettisoning of the albatross Sun and its expenses, one can’t help but wonder if Boss Moss is being brought in to make the books look better for a would-be buyer.

So, keep your head down and your arse covered.

Video illustration of what could happen:

11 comments on “Advice to R-J staff: Keep your heads down

  1. Steve says:

    Ferguson 3
    Sherm Frederick and team (You, Tom) 30

    Hmmm. smh

  2. Vernon Clayson says:

    He surely has his marching orders, who knows whether it’s to save a sinking ship or pull the plug. If it’s to right the ship, salaries, not names, will be the factor as far as staff is concerned.

  3. Vernon Clayson says:

    Maybe it starts today, no paper in the driveway yet.

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    It arrived about 7, but more ads than news.

  5. My paper was late. I think they’ve started a Sunday give away program and the carriers have to throw a bunch of extras with little notice.


  6. ^^^^
    Between that and, just as I predicted, the higher than normal turnover level in the carrier ranks because of the closing of the Red Feather distribution center. So routes that were done in 1-2 hours by seasoned carriers are now taking over 3 hours by folks who havent learned the shortcuts and proper rerouting. Carriers were shuffled around from RedFeather to Bonanza and Bonanza to Merricrest and most just cant justify the extra miles and gas.

  7. Carrier is a low-margin undertaking. It is not a job. Each is an independent contractor, who could actually lose money.

  8. Ouch, sir, ouch. Id argue that anyone whos working 4-5 hours a night, 7 days a week, 365 would say they are working a “job”. Id like to see the reaction you got if you said that to the people who’ve been delivering 10+ years without a day off or thought of a vacation. Also, in several other states (even two “right to work”) carriers have successfully sued to revoke the independent contractor status and are now considered regular employees. The contractor label simply allows the company to avoid the tax burdens and insurance liabilities. Leaving the taxpayers on the hook to subsidize carriers for supplies, mileage, and other write offs. Its pretty plain that the print versions survival is dependent on quality carriers keeping home delivery subscribers happy.

  9. Steve says:

    It certainly seems they have begun to get the idea they need to print the stories and sell papers or provide them to paying subscribers online before they publish them on the open internet.

    Or maybe that is only an accident.

    I was a paperboy in my early teens. I never thought of it as a career move.

  10. Vernon Clayson says:

    I imagine it’s tedious and not especially rewarding but I admire them. I’ve been here most of 30 years and have always been a subscriber, I rise later by habit in retirement and there’s been few times it’s not there when I rouse myself. I add the caveat that the contents are mostly old news but it’s something to read with my coffee.

  11. I have to agree Brien.


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