Harry redefines and sharply hones the term ‘Yellow Dog Democrat’

Yes, we called them Yellow Dog Democrats — someone who’d vote for a yeller dog before he’d vote for a Republican.

That is what came to mind when I stumbled upon the item about the White House being “heartened” by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid saying he will support whomever Obama nominates to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Other Democrats are squabbling over whether Obama should appoint Vice Fed Chairman Janet Yellen or Lawrence Summers, a former White House economic adviser.

Good ol’ Harry, he’ll support any ol’ yeller dog so long as Obama nominates it. He’s got the consent part down pat, but maybe he needs to work on the advice part a bit — you know, pretend to represent Nevada instead of the White House.

3 comments on “Harry redefines and sharply hones the term ‘Yellow Dog Democrat’

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    He could use the old Victor Recording Company ad image with a dog and old fashioned Victrola, “His Master’s Voice”.

  2. Steve says:

    Never thought I would say I miss Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker.

    She actually moderated Obama and Reid…..

  3. Milty says:

    Why worry about the monetary side of things when on the fiscal side of things we’ve managed to keep the national debt from increasing by a single penny every day since May17?

    Thank God for the brilliance of Treasury Secretary Lew and his extraordinary measures.

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