All the news that fits in print … sometimes takes a little longer

Talk about your slow motion train wreck.

The soap opera at the Las Vegas Review-Journal took an entire week to play out. So far, no one has fessed up as to what happened or why or who was kowtowing or just screwing up or who got the angry call from the congressman or who made what decision or when or who reversed it.

A week ago today, the newspaper posted online a story about Rep. Joe Heck defending his vote to allow the NSA to continue to secretly snoop, sans search warrant, on Americans’ phone calls. At first the story also mentioned a terse and tense exchange with a reporter over Heck’s son’s tweeting and saying, “Obama didn’t make the call to kill Osama. … That was the intelligence committee #iwouldknow.” Heck sits on that committee.


Shortly after the story was posted, one of the paper’s Washington reporters sent out a tweet saying, “@RepJoeHeck ends interview when reporter asks about son’s tweet. ‘You have really crossed the line.’” That tweet is still posted online next to the story, though the story still has no mention of the incident.

About an hour later or so, the story was revised and the entire exchange excised from the story, even though the son’s tweet had been mentioned in an R-J story earlier this summer and that tweet from the Washington reporter was still attached to the story.

The next morning no version of the story appeared in print whatsoever. But shortly before noon the paper posted a blog item, under “The Political Eye” heading, detailing the confrontation under the snarky headline: “When interviewing Joe Heck save Twitter questions for last.” That was the first blog posting under that heading since May 23.

On Wednesday, the expurgated story from Monday afternoon appeared on the back page of the B section and on page 3A there was a refer to the blog posting.

Today, a full week after the interview, the newspaper finally got around to printing in the paper, in a round-up of political items, the exchange with Heck over his son’s tweet ‚ almost word for word as the blog from six days ago.

No explanation.

No adult supervision?

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