Education savings accounts by any other name …

The headline on the story in today’s newspaper about the attorney general asking the state Supreme Court to expedite the appeal of the injunction blocking the start for legislatively approved education savings accounts (ESAs) calls them vouchers. So does the refer hed on the cover of the B section.

But nowhere in the story is the word voucher ever used.

In fact, backers of the ESAs have insisted they are not vouchers.

In fact, the newspaper’s interim editor — in a column in August when he was the senior editorial writer — has said ESAs are not vouchers.

“ESAs are not vouchers,” Glenn Cook wrote. “ESAs are controlled by parents, not the state. Once state money is transferred into the accounts, it’s no longer the public’s money, and as such it’s perfectly constitutional for parents to choose to spend the money at a religious school.”

The term voucher is the word that the opponents of ESAs insist on using.

Memo to editors: ESAs are not vouchers. Got it?