Dueling polls but not dueling newspapers on question of stadium funding

On Thursday the morning newspaper and VegasInc reported on polls conducted by MGM and the Sands on the topic of public support for a new stadium and/or a convention center. Today the Sun insert in the morning paper printed a version of the VegasInc story.

“Las Vegas Sands, which commissioned Washington-based Morning Consult for its poll, said 70 percent of Nevada voters support relocating an NFL team to the Las Vegas area, with 60 percent supporting construction of a retractable-roof stadium funded by room taxes,” reported the Review-Journal, which dutifully noted that it is owned by the family that owns the Sands.

VegasInc related:

Morning Consult said its poll found that 67 percent of Nevada voters backed relocating an NFL team to Las Vegas, and 62 percent supported building a “new retractable roof stadium for football and other events” in the area.

“There is majority support for a new stadium among men and women alike, across all age groups, and at all income levels,” the Morning Consult statement said. “Moreover, nearly six in 10 (55%) Nevadans are more likely to support building a new stadium if much of the funding comes from a room-tax paid by visitors.”

Indeed, a document posted at morningconsult.com shows:


But it also asked this question, which does not appear to be reported by either newspaper:


Today’s R-J, reporting on a committee meeting discussing tourism funding says the current stadium proposal is for $780 million in public funding and $420 million in private funding, “though Las Vegas Sands has said those numbers are not final and are likely to change.”

Sands rendering of Stadium posted on R-J website.