Do you think we need a gunslinger?

While reading John Hawkins’ column at Townhall about the “7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War,” John Fogerty’s song “Gunslinger” started playing on the iTunes random rotation. Or was it random?

Among Hawkins’ forces are tribalism, which he describes as:

The Right has gotten much more tribal since Donald Trump rose to prominence and the Left has taken tribalism into hyper-drive. Increasingly, liberals treat a range of opinion between Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton as legitimate while everyone else is viewed as a white supremacist Nazi primitive that must be driven down into the gutter for society to move forward. This makes any sort of dialogue or cooperation nearly impossible.

Then there is moral decline:

A large number of Americans HAVE LOST their principles, manners and virtue and it shows through from the sort of politicians they elect, to their rudeness online, to the sort of shallow hedonism and fame whoring they find appealing. Americans are increasingly becoming a soft and decadent people …

A lack of shared culture really sounds like more tribalism:

The average conservative and the average liberal disagree on 95% of the issues and in the few limited cases where they do look at things the same, they won’t support a proposal by the other out of sheer tribalism.

Then there is the looming debt:

However, the fact of the matter is that a reckoning is coming. At some point, probably within the next decade or two, we will face a debt-driven economic collapse; borrowed money will stop flowing into the United States and Medicare/Social Security as we know it will fall apart because we will not have the money to pay it. If and when we get to that point, all bets are off because if regions of the country see an advantage to splitting off from the United States at that point, they will do it.

Plus, the “living” Constitution, decline of federalism and gun grabbing.

Do you think we need a gunslinger?


By John Fogerty
Lookin’ out ‘cross this town
Kinda makes me wonder how
All the things that made us great
Got left so far behind
This used to be a peaceful place
Decent folk’s, hard workin’ ways
Now they hide behind locked doors
Afraid to speak their mind
I think we need a gunslinger
Somebody tough to tame this town
I think we need a gunslinger
There’ll be justice all around
Someone let the fences go
Wild eyed bunch moved in, you know
Shootin’ up the streets, shoutin’ everybody down
The dogs all runnin’ loose
Wrecked the paper, closed the school
Tired old judge got roughed up too
No one left to make a stand
They whisper what’s the use

What a difference a coast makes when viewing Obama budget

The lede on the Washington Post story, that was used in the Las Vegas newspaper, exclaims:

“President Obama’s $4 trillion budget request, packed with familiar proposals for new spending and higher taxes, landed Monday on the doorstep of a Republican Congress eager to end an era of political gridlock — giving Obama unexpected leverage in coming negotiations.”

The lede on the Los Angeles Times story on the same topic reads:

“President Obama released a $4-trillion budget Monday with liberal priorities that have little chance of passage but will serve as an initial foray in negotiations with the new Republican Congress and help define the Democratic Party in the run-up to the 2016 presidential race.”

So which is it? Unexpected leverage or little chance of passage?

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News tried to have it both ways:

“WASHINGTON — The $4 trillion budget that President Barack Obama released Monday is more utopian vision than pragmatic blueprint for his final years in office, but buried in the document are kernels of proposals that could take root even with a hostile Republican Congress.”

And the headline online at reads:

“Dead on Arrival: GOP Rejects Obama’s $4 Trillion Budget.”

Illegal immigrant ‘children’ carrying more than just infectious diseases

Ramirez cartoon

In addition to carrying debilitating and deadly diseases, those unaccompanied alien “children” being detained temporarily on our Southern border are carrying other problems.

Katie Pavlich reports on that internal Border Patrol memo says at least 16 unaccompanied illegal alien children are members of the brutal El Salvadorian street gang Mara Salvatrucha — also known as MS-13.

MS-13 gangs were first reported to be active in Los Angeles in the 1980s, formed by immigrant Salvadorian youth. They had reputation for being among the most violent of gangs. Many were trained in guerilla warfare and had access to sophisticated weapons.

MS-13 members are noted for their elaborate tattoos.

Pavlich quoted the Border Patrol memo as saying:

“Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) and Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPOs), assigned to The Nogales Placement Center (NPC), discovered that 16 unaccompanied alien children (13 El Salvadoran males, two Guatelmalan males and one Honduran male) currently being held at the NPC are members of Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13). The MS-13 gang members admitted to their gang associations following a discovery of graffiti at the NPC. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) were notified. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) were notified.”

Earlier, Pavlich quoted an anonymous agent as saying, “We have six minors in Nogales who have admitted to killing and doing grievous bodily injuries. One admitted to killing as young as eight years old. They are being held for placement in the U.S.”

An Investor’s Business Daily editorial recounts:

“The transnational criminal organization (MS-13) not only makes millions from smuggling illegals, its cash has bought tentacles into Central American governments that ship illegals and rely on them for remittances.

“Ground zero is El Salvador, which has shipped as much as a third of its population to the U.S. and relies on their remittances for 16% of the nation’s GDP.”

Some of these “children” will soon be released into our population along with their various kinds of infection.

Image with Pavlich report.

Obama willing to spend the last dime of your money to re-elect Democrats this fall

With this administration everything is about politics and winning elections.

The IRS tamped down conservative organizations to help Obama win re-election.

Benghazi and the murder of four Americans was not about organized terrorists but just some folks upset about an Internet video in the weeks prior to an election.

The announcement this week designating a national monument in New Mexico was just an election year sop to the environmentalist wing of the Democratic Party, even though the move is expected to hurt the local economy.

Harry Reid’s attempt to rewrite the First Amendment to gag the Koch brothers is just an attempt to protect incumbent Democrats.

Rick McKee cartoon

And so it is with the latest rewriting of the ObamaCare care rules. The Los Angeles Times reports the Obama administration has quietly dumped more taxpayer dollars into the so-called risk corridors that can be used to bailout health insurers who lose money.

“It comes as part of an intensive administration effort to hold down premium increases for next year, a top priority for the White House as the rates will be announced ahead of this fall’s congressional elections,” the Times writes.

It seems that ballooning insurance premiums are seen as a problem for Democrats seeking re-election — premium hikes like those forecasted for businesses in Nevada, as reported by the Las Vegas newspaper.

“Local insurance brokers are reporting spikes ranging from 35 percent to 120 percent on policies that renew from July to December,” the Review-Journal stated. “The increases are especially acute among employers with workforces made up of younger, healthier men. That’s because Obamacare prohibits offering lower rates to healthier groups. It also narrows the allowed premium gap between older and younger enrollees.”

At Conn Carroll points out:

“The insurance companies are all busy setting their premiums for next year. Without a guaranteed taxpayer bailout, insurance companies will set their premiums higher to protect themselves from financial loss. But if insurance companies know that taxpayers are on the hook for losses, then insurance companies are free to set their premiums low. Obama is essentially subsidizing health insurance company efforts to gain market share by underpricing their product at taxpayer expense.”

The editorialists at Investor’s Business Daily concluded:

“In short, Obama is offering the industry virtually unlimited taxpayer bailout money, in hopes that it will return the favor and avoid politically damaging rate hikes, at least until after November’s mid-term elections.

“Left unsaid in all this is the fact that the only reason such bailouts are needed in the first place is because ObamaCare tries to replace basic market forces that normally govern the insurance industry with a vast array of complex and costly cross subsidies.

“Obama might think ‘this thing is working.’ Taxpayers now on the hook for ObamaCare’s failure shouldn’t buy it.”

As F.A. Hayek noted years ago, the central planners never seem to be able to fix all the little things they break in a complex system and must continuously patch things until it completely falls apart.
It’s all about winning elections at any cost — any cost to us the taxpayers.


Cartoonists are not wild about Harry

If you liked Michael Ramirez’s cartoon about Harry Reid conflating the training exercise deaths of seven Marines at the Hawthorne ammo depot with the White House’s budget sequestration measure, then you’ll surely appreciate these cartoons courtesy of

Eric Allie cartoon from the Pioneer Press of St. Paul

Steve Kelley cartoon from Creator’s Syndicate

Glenn Foden cartoon distributed by King Features

There’s nothing funny about seven dead Marines, you say.

Well, as I quoted former Las Review-Journal cartoonist Jim Day as saying in the preface of his 2002 book “Screw Nevada!” — a collection of cartoons about Yucca Mountain — “Editorial cartoons must contain the essence of truth. The way that truth is expressed may range from the whimsical to the morose, but it is still a truth.”

I would quote further from the wit and wisdom of Mr. Day from several of my columns in the R-J, but the recent redesign by the newspaper, of which they seemed to be so proud, has screwed up the online archives. While a search engine will find all the archived columns and stories from past years, the links give you “page not found.”