Bundy should file property destruction felony charge againt BLM officials

If you were to park your car on federal public land and a federal agent came along and destroyed it with a sledgehammer, you would be able to file a felony criminal charge with the local sheriff against that agent or whoever instructed him to carry out the criminal act of damaging private property.

So Cliven Bundy should call up Sheriff Doug Gillespie or one of his Bunkerville area deputies, show him his destroyed water tank and demand an arrest warrant be issued. The 12,000-gallon water tank, torn apart by federal vandals, was undeniably Bundy’s private property as a part of his water rights, granted by the state of Nevada. The fact it lies within federally controlled land makes no difference.

He could throw in a charge over the cows and calves killed in the roundup and the two bulls shot to death, but the water tank destruction was a blatant criminal act without provocation or justification.

According to a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal opinion in the case against Ruby Valley rancher Cliff Gardner, the sheriff has every right to enforce Nevada criminal laws on federally controlled land:

“Indeed, a state may enforce its criminal and civil laws on federal land ‘so long as those laws do not conflict with federal law.’ … The state of Nevada, then, is not being unconstitutionally deprived of the ability to govern the land within its borders. The state may exercise its civil and criminal jurisdiction over federal lands within its borders as long as it exercises its power in a manner that does not conflict with federal law.”

I doubt there is a federal law giving BLM agents the right to destroy private property with impunity.

Dead cow and destroyed water tank.