Car bomb apparently kills one person in Panaca

Den Sands' Facebook posting.

Den Sand’s Facebook posting.

According to the Lincoln County Record, what appears to have been a car bomb has killed one person in the tiny town of Panaca. Not exactly what anyone expects to happen in an unincorporated town with a population of less than 1,000 near the Utah border.

Residents throughout the town reported hearing a loud boom Wednesday evening. The blast shook homes for blocks.

“Rose Lanigan, a freelance writer for The Record, was at a friend’s home about a block away when they were startled by what sounded like a bomb,” the newspaper reports. “Upon viewing the scene, Lanigan said she saw a vehicle and telephone pole in flames and a home heavily damaged.”

Lanigan and others said they believed someone died in the explosion, though officials had not confirmed this.

Video of the fire was posted to Facebook: