‘To see if reindeer really know how to fly’

Merry Christmas to the 944 souls who have chosen to reside in King Cove, Alaska, from the Obama administration.

This week, according to Greenwire, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell reaffirmed a decision to refuse to allow the construction of a road from King Cove to the airport in Cold Bay in case of medical emergency, because the 20-mile gravel road would cut through a wilderness area.

As Republican Rep Don Young, Alaska’s only representative in Congress, put it, “While the families of King Cove gather together this holiday season, the Interior Department and the Fish and Wildlife Service have been sitting on this heartless decision until the most inopportune time. … This shameful and cowardly decision by Secretary Jewell, just two days before Christmas, to place eelgrass and waterfowl above human life is exactly what I would have expected from the Grinch, but not from an Administration that preaches access to quality healthcare for all.”

He also called the decision the “largest pile of horse manure ever delivered on Christmas.”

Greenwire quoted Jewel as saying, “I understand the need for reliable methods of medical transport from King Cove, but I have concluded that other methods of transport remain that could be improved to meet community needs.”

Perhaps: “To see if reindeer really know how to fly”?

The community of King Cove, Alaska