Clinton on wiping server: ‘What, like with a cloth or something?’

The question is either: Just how stupid is Hillary Clinton when it comes to hiding her emails? Or just how stupid does she think we are?

In response to a question in Las Vegas Tuesday about whether she wiped her email server clean, as authorities have claimed, Clinton resorted with a coy rejoinder: “What, like, with a cloth or something?”

Insulting. But to whom?

She apparently was claiming to be utterly clueless about the issue of co-mingling her personal email with official business and how that might lead people to suspect she deleted emails that might prove embarrassing to her presidential campaign.

“Did you try to wipe the entire – so that there’d be no email, no personal and no official?” Fox News’ Ed Henry asked her.

She replied, “Well, my personal emails are my personal business.”

No one asked why she did not use one of the several electronic devices she carried for that personal business.

Henry pressed her repeatedly until she came up with the Tuesday version of the what-difference-does-it-make-now? response.

“I don’t know how it works digitally at all,” she claimed and said finding the content of her email server would be for “the people investigating it to try and figure out.”

She then cut short the questions and left.

Hillary Clinton says she is clueless about all that technical email stuff.