Democrats out to help the fat cats in certain ‘blue’ states

Of course, now that Democrats — who have made a career out of demanding soak-the-rich taxes in order to redistribute it to the poor — are in control of the U.S. House of Representatives one their first priorities will be to provide a tax break for the rich — in certain Democrat-controlled states.

According to Forbes, today’s Review-Journal editorial and others, a top priority will be a repeal of the $10,000 cap on IRS deductions for state and local taxes (SALT).

According to  the Tax Policy Center, three-quarters of the benefit of the SALT deduction goes to households making $153,000 or more. The Tax Foundation says 88 percent of the benefits flow to those making more than $100,000 a year.

So it benefits the rich, but just the rich in certain states.

Nevadans — along with residents of New Hampshire, Florida, Wyoming, Texas, South Dakota and Alaska — get to deduct about 1 percent or less of their adjusted gross income, while those who live in New York, Maryland, D.C. and California deduct more than 5 percent.

Nearly one-third of the dollars generated by the SALT cap is borne by Californians and New Yorkers, both heavily Democratic states.

Using 2010 statistical data from the IRS, you find Californians who filed for state and local income tax deductions claimed deductions of $10,700 per return. Nevadans who filed for the state and local sales tax deduction claimed only $1,430 per return.

Calculated on a per capita basis, Californians claimed $2,116 in federal income tax deductions, while Nevadans claimed only $166 per person for sales tax deductions.

Tax fairness. Not hardly.

The blue election wave is mostly washing out of Clark County

It is time to cede Clark County to California where it belongs.

Election results show the rest of the state has a different state of mind.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Democrat Jacky Rosen carried only Clark and Washoe counties, while Republican incumber Dean Heller won the rest handily.

The state’s only Republican representative in Washington will be Mark Amodei, whose district excludes Clark. Republican Cresent Hardy won in every county except Clark, while the other two Congressional Districts are solely in Clark and were easily won by Democrats.

In the race for governor, Democrat Steve Sisolak won handily in Clark and eked out a victory in Washoe, while Republican Adam Laxalt won almost every other county by at least 2-to-1. The results were similar in the race for lieutenant governor.

Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske appears to be edging 30-year-old inexperienced Democrat Nelson Araujo by less than 1 percentage point, though she won handily in ever county except, you guessed it, Clark.

In the race for attorney general, Republic Wes Duncan won in every county, repeat after me, except Clark. Likewise for Republican treasurer candidate Bob Beers, while incumbent Republican Controller Ron Knecht lost only in Clark and Washoe.

The state Assembly is all Republicans except in Clark and Washoe, which now have elected a supermajority of Democrats — 29 out of 42. The state Senate is also all red except for Clark and Washoe.

Question 6 on the ballot, which increases the mandated percentage of renewable energy in the state to 50 percent by 2030, passed with 59 percent of the vote statewide, but failed in every county except Clark, Washoe and Mineral.

At least everybody loves their monopoly electricity, Question 3, which would have opened the market to competition, failed in every county.

And if casino owner Sheldon Adelson bought the Las Vegas newspaper to influence elections, he did not get his money’s worth. Almost every candidate and ballot issue endorsed by the newspaper lost.

District 19, which was not on the ballot this year, is held by a Republican.