Harry can’t help but meddle

First, Sen. Harry Reid insisted on adding the Wovoka Wilderness Area to the Yerington land bill that would allow the town to annex the Pumpkin Hollow copper mine and expedite economic development.

Now, Reid is stirring up the fecal matter by criticizing the mining company for not hiring enough Nevadans to do the work. He said not a word when one of his darlings in the solar energy business hired mostly Spaniards to do the work.

On the day before a Senate subcommittee hearing on the bill, Reno newspaper writer Ray Hagar quoted Reid as saying:

“I think it is wrong to have this company, Nevada Copper, bring people in from outside the state. I think they should be all Nevada people. If they are not all available in Lyon County, then they’re available in the surrounding counties. This is really unfair to go with people outside of Nevada when Nevada us desperate for jobs.”

A mine spokesman said the current work is digging a vertical mineshaft, which is very specialized, but that half the 60 workers currently on site are Nevadans. The mine hopes to eventually employ 900, most of whom would be Nevadans.

Here is Reid on Thursday afternoon in the hearing stirring things up: