How far will people have to walk to an exhibition football game in August?

The Clark County Unified Development Code states:

The regulations in this Chapter establish minimum parking requirements. The property owner shall be responsible for ensuring that adequate parking is provided for resident, guest, customer, employee, delivery vehicle parking, and/or company vehicle parking if additional spaces in excess of the minimum requirements are necessary.

A 7-Eleven without adequate parking would be rejected.

Though all animals are equal, some are more equal than others.

The 65,000-seat Raiders football stadium has parking for only 15 percent of the cars needed.

How far will people have to walk to an exhibition football game in August? Well, there are plans for a 30-foot pedestrian bridge over Interstate 15 connecting the Strip to the stadium. Yeah, that’s the $750 million ticket.

Plans for football stadium are presented to a planning board. (R-J pix)


Lot of ink spilled for naught?

Front page of R-J.

Front page of R-J.

You like to save back something local for the Monday front page after an uneventful weekend. I understand that.

But a top of the front page feature on public relations flacks for local governments with four, count them, four bylines in the Las Vegas newspaper?

The story explains that these $100,000-a-year-plus flacks “push out press releases, field reporter calls, post blogs, take photos and manage social media,” without ever explaining in what way any of this serves taxpayers or why elected and appointed officials can’t perform all of those functions, since they benefit no one other than themselves.

The story also reports that local governments often “recruit straight from the news outlets that cover them,” and points out the Mitch Fox was on public television before becoming North Las Vegas’ flack, but fails to mention his predecessor, Juliet Casey, was a Review-Journal reporter. I doubt there is anyone left there who even remembers.