Sun editorial fires blanks at rival and partner

In 1970, Congress exempted newspapers from anti-trust law by passing the Newspaper Preservation Act. The law allowed competing newspapers to enter into joint operating agreements (JOA) to save money and thus maintain “a newspaper press editorially and reportorially independent and competitive in all parts of the United States.”

Las Vegas Sun editorial today

In 1989, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun entered into such an agreement. Until 2005, the Sun was printed and distributed as an afternoon newspaper. That year the papers restructured the agreement and the Sun has since been printed as a 6- to 10-page insert in the morning paper. That contract expires in 2040.

The Las Vegas JOA is one of three remaining in the country. More than two dozen such agreements have been terminated.

Though the agreement requires both publications to “preserve the high standards of newspaper quality … consistent with United States metropolitan daily newspapers,” the Sun is largely filled with New York Times articles, sometimes several days old, and only publishes local editorials a few days a week.

Which brings us, at last, to today’s topic: a Sun editorial.

That editorial takes to task its business partner and supposed rival for an editorial printed more than a week ago criticizing Minneapolis Public Schools for entering into a teacher contract that states staff reductions will largely exempt minorities.

The morning paper opined, “That’s blatant and intentional racial discrimination.”

The Sun editorial points out that the Minneapolis Public Schools have in the past “engaged in discriminatory practices resulting in white teachers being hired, retained and promoted more often than their nonwhite counterparts.”

The opinion piece goes onto say, “These facts aren’t up for debate. The school district has admitted as much — a fact the Review-Journal’s editorial conveniently forgot to mention.”

If all else fails, read the instructions.

Actually, the R-J opinion plainly states:

The purpose of this policy is “to remedy the continuing effects of past discrimination by the district,” a preamble to those provisions reads.

In other words, the district and union want to address amorphous “past discrimination” by further engaging in actual racial discrimination. That’s ironic coming from activists who say they seek to eliminate racial discrimination.

While the Sun editorial appears to endorse discrimination as a legitimate current tool to fight past discrimination, it conveniently forgets to mention that the other paper’s editorial offered an alternative.

Disparities are inevitable because race isn’t the only factor that influences human outcomes in a free country. Also, individuals have agency. They aren’t widgets whom government planners can direct into certain career fields — based on their skin color, no less.

A more rational approach to staff reductions would be to allow managers to make decisions based on performance and competence regardless of seniority. But acknowledging disparities in talent — through pay or other means — runs counter to organized labor’s efforts to protect and coddle underperformers.

Instead, we get outlandishly discriminatory policies in the name of “equity.”

Now, how about some editorial and reportorial competitiveness between now and 2040?

Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial

18 comments on “Sun editorial fires blanks at rival and partner

  1. Bill says:

    Not surprising . It sadly is discrimination. I’m not sure either about these past “amorphous” injuries. Amorphous is kid of like a penumbra.

  2. Clarence Thomas has a sign on the wall of his office: “Please do not emanate into the penumbra.”

  3. Bill says:

    Justice Thomas is a fascinating person. Great intellect. I havee a recording I got off our local Public TV, I think it is called, “Created Equal, Clarence Thomas in his own words.”

    Well worth watching. Should be required watching for all WOKE liberals.

    Justice Thomas reminds me of Thomas Sowell who has never been properly recognized because he is a Black economist who doesn’t stay in line and does not simply regurgitate the usual Keynesian economic crap.

  4. Justice Thomas’ autobiography is an outstanding read.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does it mention the $650000 his family received from the folks behind Citizens United before he cast the deciding vote in their favor and how he couldn’t understand the Federal Disclosure Form that asked for his families income which he explained was the reason he never mentioned that income?

    Probably fascinating backstory to that

  6. Thomas’ book came out in 2007 and Citizens United was decided in 2010, and Thomas wrote: “Congress may not abridge the ‘right to anonymous
    speech’ based on the ‘simple interest in providing voters
    with additional relevant information.’ ”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thomas received money through his wife’s “earnings” for more than 5 years before Citizens United was decided.

  8. Athos says:

    I wanted to put this here cause the topic was the Sun. My condolences to the Jeff German family. Strange and terrible way to go, and I hope his assailants are brought to justice!

    As to this race hustle that is amping up since the death of that felon drug addict George Floyd, Ibram X Kendi is a buffoon. We’ve ALWAYS had race hustlers profiting from grievance/resentment/reparation shakedowns (paging Al Sharpton! Paging Jesse Jackson!) but this clown and his “end current discrimination with present discrimination. and end present discrimination with future discrimination” is the ravings of a child.

    What’s really upsetting is that someone gave him a National Book Award for Nonfiction! And Boston University gave him a position as History professor along with a host of “prestigious colleges” recognizing his “greatness”.

    It’s obvious that our “leaders” are ignorant, immoral, pompous and unworthy of positions of authority or power. And the Press isn’t worthy to shine the shoes of these same “leaders”.

  9. Athos says:

    Anyone else heard of the breaking news that Jeff German might have been murdered over an expose piece?

  10. R-J updated online story at 4:21 p.m. Vehicles towed but no arrest yet. No comment from the public official as he returned home.

  11. Athos says:

    I read it in the paper this morning when I got up. Poor man. We never know what’s going on inside of someone. How many broken people are out there? What a shame.

    Hopefully, Jeff has his ducks in a row for the next life. It would seem that he died in the performance of his job.

  12. Athos says:

    And to think, this is the man that covered “The Ant” Tony Spilotro! I guess longing for the “good old days” needs to be put into perspective, doesn’t it?

  13. MAGA man says:

    How is it that a reporter being killed by a politician ISN’T the biggest story out there?

    Would the political party affiliation of the players involved have anything to do with it?

    Have we really sunk THAT low? (Is the news media THAT much in the tank for the Democrat party?)

  14. Actually, a number of early AP stories had the fact Telles is a Democrat in the lede.

  15. Athos says:

    Wow, Tom. If that’s the case then I’m willing to bet whoever put “Telles is a Democrat” in the lede is out looking for a new job!

  16. Bill says:

    Athos, the Telles/German stuff got pretty wide coverage in he print media and TV, including Fox News.
    Personally, I don’t see a lot of politics involved here other than the alleged killer is an obviously disturbed public official who allegedly committed other acts of violence. The victim was a reporter who was reporting on alleged malfeasance by the alleged killer.
    German was reportedly not a particularly beloved newspaperman but his murder was a horrible and senseless crime and everyone’s thoughts and condolences should go out to German’s family and friends.
    If you want politics and senseless killings, on the news today, there was a reported incident of a 40 year old man running down an 18 year old and killing him with his auto because he thought the 18 year old was a super MAGA member. See….a North Dakota man is accused of intentionally running over and killing an 18-year-old over a political dispute early Sunday. Just prior to the hit-and-run attack, the teen had frantically telephoned his mother to say someone was chasing him.
    These kind of crimes are impossible to understand. How do you make sense out of senseless crimes?
    Maybe we ought to be talking about better mental health resources and better mechanisms for mental health rather than politics in such cases.

  17. Athos says:

    Actually Bill, Fox reported on Sept.9 that ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC avoided mentioning Telles was a Democrat, only an “elected figure that lost re-election”. It really shouldn’t make a bit of difference but for the bias of today’s media (imagine if Telles had been a Republican. Wanna bet that would have been clearly known by our gatekeepers of the news?) And the lunatic murderer NOT being a Trump supporter would certainly conflict with Brandon’s Philly speech 9/1 or the “bathed in blood red tirade against MAGA spiel” by our Great Unifier. I wonder if that North Dakota man caught Joe’s Philly speech?

    If you were to suggest that your 15 year old son identified as a girl so you wanted to have the doctors castrate him, throw on some lipstick and teach him to mince around, someone would have thrown a butterfly net over your head and locked you up in an asylum for the insane.

    Today you’re given a prestigious job at Bostons’ Childrens hospital! (or Vanderbilt University Medical Center). I’m not sure how or when or even why our society tolerates such wickedness. I, for one, am not going to turn away and keep silent.

    However, it’s frustration to have to speak out against something that is so abhorrent. Why do drag queen shows need to be “for the children”? Why does that teacher in Canada have to wear oversized stuffed breasts, dress as a woman for a high school shop class? I suspect it’s to fulfill some sexual fantasy but why do parents (and more importantly, our society!) allow such perversion?

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