Could Trump be hoisted on his own petard?

Fourteenth Amendment, Section 3: “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President … who … shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. …”

Or given aid or comfort?

A statement released by Trump’s Save America PAC in September:

“Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election. In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”

Just asking.

Trump on Jan. 6

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  1. Daryl Hunter says:

    I fail to see why the quote you posted make him an Insurrectionist. There is nothing wrong with speaking up against no-bail incarceration. Only 10 of 753 were charged with seditious conspiracy; most of the rest merely Entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds; disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building or grounds. All not treated equally to the ANTIFA and BLM Rioters of DC throughout the previous year. Even those accused of seditious conspiracy have not yet been convicted of it.

    Insurrection end at capitol buildings, they don’t start at them. Insurrectionists arrive with guns, not with flags. Why hasn’t Ray Eeps been arrested?

  2. Anonymous says:

    What’s a petard?

  3. Mr. Hunter, You don’t think someone might try?

  4. Wikipedia: “Hoist with his own petard” is a phrase from a speech in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet that has become proverbial. The phrase’s meaning is that a bomb-maker is lifted (“hoist”) off the ground with his own bomb (a “petard” is a small explosive device), and indicates an ironic reversal, or poetic justice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Apparently all that talk of no one having any guns to carry out a real insurrection was…overstated.

    “Ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, the far-right group the Oath Keepers stockpiled a massive amount of weapons and ammunition and enough supplies to last 30 days, according to new court filings from the government.

    The organization had amassed all of this gear and stored it in a Virginia hotel as part of a “quick reaction force” should its members need backup as they stormed the Capitol.”

  6. Athos says:

    How many guns were confiscated in the Capital building on January 6th, 2021, petey? You see, sometimes you have to come out of Brandon’s imaginary world, and deal with reality. Brandon is the President, so he can be deranged and lie all he wants. However, the rank and file are starting feel and identify the insanity of being lied to continually.

    The real disappointment lies with the complicit press that don’t question him on his blatant falsehoods.

    As to the topic of this blog, I’d like to quote Marco Rubio……. “I don’t care how many candlelight vigils and musical performances you have from the cast of Hamilton, you’re not going to convince most normal and sane people that our government last year was almost overthrown by a guy wearing a Viking hat and speedos.”

    Of course, the vindictive Dem’s DID impeach DT TWICE, so nothing is beyond the pale for this group of craven cowards.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Athos I long for the day when parents taught their children that they were to be seen and not heard; how much better would the world be today if that lesson were learned?

    Take heed of the wisdom of your elders who said once that it is better to be thought a fool rather than to tap those keys in front of you and remove all doubt.

    You are graciously provided here with information about a violent group and their preparations to use guns to overthrow the government, information that you COULD use to inform your opinion, and educate yourself and what do you do with it; toss it aside and ask disingenuous questions like how many guns were confiscated on a day when few people were arrested or searched (even while hundreds of them later were and who were found to own guns and have expressed the intent to use them) but on a day when some in that group of insurrectionists communicated the location and numbers of weapons they had ready and cached to use.

    This is why I suggested in the last post that you go into the other room while adults talk. Or alternatively, act like an adult instead of a child.

  8. Anonymous, in this time of profuse lying by the left’s politician and their media partners we are no longer in a time of trust but verify. The left fed you pablum that tastes good to you, that doesn’t mean it is good for you. Now that you have indicted the ham sandwich, make your case with something more than accusatory link.

    Do you get altitude sickness up there on that high horse LOL>

  9. Anonymous says:

    Daryl, just saying stuff is quite the right wing thing to do and the type of vague saying stuff that you practiced above is even worse I mean, its not that you’re denying that the proud boys themselves said that they were stashing weapons as part of their “ready” force. Its not that you’re denying the videos from the hotel where the weapons were stashed actually show the members of the proud boys bring those weapons onto the premises of that hotel, its that you simply ignore this and make some ridiculous attack on the “left” or the “media”.

    Go to that link that was provided, click on the actual indictment and watch the video from the hotel showing what I said. Educate yourself…if you dare.

  10. reziac says:

    A “violent group”…. show me the acts of violence *actually committed*.

  11. If proven guilty and I hope they are if all accused is true, I hope they though the book at them. These ass bites set back conservatism with their ill conceived BS on 1/6. The idiots who went into the capitol by their action stopped the challenges of 10 of the eleven contested states. The whole Fn Senate sang sum-by-yay after the Arizona challenge and the breach of the building.

    Of course this is what the Ray Eeps and crew of the FBI wanted, this is what the chief of the Capitol police, Pelosi and the Mayor of DC wanted.

    Yes I have now scanned the indictment and it looks damning as all indictments, do but like all of Trumps impeachments, and BS like the Rittenhouse case, they haven’t had their day in court.

    The election was stolen. Your video showed suitcases, not guns. I saw a video last year of 4 suitcases full of ballots in Georgia polling place being rolled out after they kicked out the poll watchers, democrats deny they were full of ballots.

  12. Anonymous says:

    A violent group convictions for violent actions by members of the group, which information is available with any even limited search IF someone were interested in the facts anyway.

    Maxwell Hare, 27, and John Kinsman, 40, had been convicted of attempted gang assault, attempted assault and riot in August. The jury in State Supreme Court had rejected the defendants’ claims that they had acted in self-defense.

    Self-Proclaimed Proud Boys Member Gets 10 Years for Violence at Portland Protests
    Prosecutors called Alan Swinney, 51, a “white nationalist vigilante cowboy” who shot a man in the eye with a paintball gun.

    A protester was burning an American flag outside the 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland when Joseph Biggs rushed to attack. Jumping a police line, he ripped the man’s shirt off and “started pounding,” he boasted that night in an online video.

    And sure the election was stolen, again just saying things because the EVIDENCE is that this was the most scrutinized election in history. Never had so many REPUBLICAN legislators delved so deeply into votes (of mostly democratic areas and voters) and found that the only real fraud was that committed by republicans. And again, this was from republican legislatures and republican sponsored investigations and audits.

    And while you Daryl, began this discussions by suggesting that you were a “verify” sort of person, before you’d be willing to make any definitive statements, you just to the conclusion that the election was stolen in spite of the fact that not a single jurisdiction, who reviewed the electoral results, including those republicans who did the investigation, found ANY evidence to support such an allegation.

  13. NYPete says:

    Hey Athos — I’m not “Anonymous”. Stop insulting him/her as “Petey”!

  14. Anonymous So Portland convicts protesters, that is good news, maybe now they will convict some of their ANTIFA and BLM pet they coddle

    Since you are a socialist I’m sure you think the last election was fraudless, eleven states changed election law circumventing their own state constitution. And you think the previous election was fraud. LOL. But you anarchists that don’t believe in voter ID are fine with circumventing constitutions, and making it easier to use fake and multiple ballots.

    Any Proud Boy, Oath Keeper, ANTIFA law breaker should be prosecuted. Problem is, only one Side is being prosecuted.

    This country will end soon because we are no longer a country united. To bad you libs don’t appreciate the gift our founders gave us. With that, I’ll quit wasting my time on you, I am an ideologue and so are you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Daryl let me give you some credit; at least you are will to condemn both sides. And I will also agree with you that if you break the law that you should suffer the consequences equally and without favor.

    Having said that Daryl it is amazing how eager you are to make things up about people you know so little about and yet its not surprising that, at the same time, you suggest that you have been forced to “verify” so much that “leftists” say because they make things up that just aren’t true.

    I mean I haven’t tried to label you or pretend that you don’t appreciate one thing or another about what we’ve been given but if you can’t help yourself then I guess that’s alright too.

  16. Anonymous says:

    And for rezniac one final bit that I’m sure you don’t want to miss about the violence the Oath Keepers practiced and intended to practice on January 6th.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “A draft executive order prepared for former President Donald Trump and obtained Friday by Politico would have authorized the secretary of defense to send National Guard troops to seize voting machines around the country in the weeks following the 2020 election.”

  18. Rincon says:

    At the risk of opening a can of worms, I have to ask Daryl about two things he said: “The election was stolen.”, and, “eleven states changed election law circumventing their own state constitution.”
    Perhaps the second is evidence of the first? I had presumed that if 50 judges and a few Republican state legislatures and election officials denied any significant impropriety, then there couldn’t have been a whole lot there, but Democratic state legislatures making new laws sounds somewhat likely. I wonder if you could provide a little more information

  19. Rincon, that is why the Supreme Court should have heard the case. The lower courts ruled both ways, which sent it to the Supreme Court and Bush Appointee never Trumper John Roberts refused to hear it. Now whether it had merit or they should have heard it just to convince millions like me. Clarence Thomas had a huge shouting match with Roberts over this. It was heard from behind closed doors.

    Some say Roberts refused to hear it because he feared months more of leftist rioting and burning of cities. 2 billon dollars in damages in the summer and fall of 2020, liberals like to forget about insisting the only domestic terrorists are the Pround Boys and Oath Keepers.

    I though think it is just because anyone in GWB circles like Liz Cheney are never Trumpers, the Bushes because they are butt hurt Trump was mean to their son and beat him, Liz because Trump criticized her Dads roll in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    A little something I wrote about Liz.

  20. Athos says:

    So anny isn’t petey? What’s the chances of 2 subversive, Trump deranged, America-hating leftist using the same trite NY Times’ BS on Tom’s blog? (Cause there were NO MORE riots and burnings after that 51 year old paint baller was put away, huh?)

    And both of you (wink wink) “are just mad because you can’t date me….”


  21. Athos says:

    Hey, at least you have President Brandon hitting the streets to be with the folks! Can’t wait to see how that works out. How about you??

    That should cure all your ills (and make you forget all about that bad Orange Man!).

  22. Rincon says:

    Hmmm…more than 50 lawsuits, and not a single one of them stuck. Now, you’re complaining that our Supreme Court with a solid Conservative majority rejected several of the appeals. It’s possible they had merit, but where’s the evidence? And is it enough to explain a 306 to 232 electoral defeat? Were any of the appeals brought by the Democratic side, or did the Republican side manage to lose all of their 50 cases? Contrast that with Al Gore, who lost 271-266, challenged only the razor thin margin Florida vote, and graciously accepted a Conservative-leaning 5 to 4 Supreme Court decision. And there was no movement to decertify the vote. I think we’ve regressed as a society.

    Great claims require great evidence. Saying the electoral system cannot be trusted is a great claim. The burden of proof is on the claimant. Trump also claimed it about the 2016 and 2018 elections, set up a commission to investigate, and quietly dissolved it after about six months with no findings. To me, the boy cried wolf too many times. So far, I see no convincing evidence. Instead, I consider this to be an attack on the bedrock of our democracy (yes, it is actually a democracy) UNLESS adequate evidence is presented.

  23. I’ll tell you this Rincon, I’ll never trust anyone that advocates against voter ID, if they advocate against voter ID they intend to cheat. There were lawsuits to stop purging voter roles of dead people for Christs sake. Chief Justice although a republican is no conservative. The bastard is more concerned about a non-contentious legacy than the constitution. More than one ruling proves this. Your ass bites are trying to outlaw voter in all the states so they can cheat their way from red states to blue. This country is Fing over with because half the country doesn’t believe in voter integrity.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Voter ID a solution looking for a problem.

    This battle is being fought by those without any evidence whatsoever that there are people voting that should not be voting AND that this would be prevented by forcing people to show an ID.

    After the 2016 election republicans doing the bidding of their orange stain in chief initiated audits of the votes cast in their state, including in my home state of Ohio and at the expense of millions of dollars concluded that there were 80 votes, out of the more than 3 MILLION cast, that “might” be considered something other than valid. Mostly this was due to people who moved between Ohio and their home states and cast a vote where they were not entitled to vote, or by those who were in the county legally, but were not eligible to vote for one reason or another.

    But the republicans, at the behest of the orange satan went even further, and tried to cull the votes of any state where too many Hispanic voters might have made a difference to the vote and then what happened? That’s right, once they discovered that no such thing was happening (even while the publisher of this site claimed that the only reason no one had found such problems was because no one was looking) the effort was abandoned BY REPUBLICANS who continue to make their spurious claims about ineligible voters because hey, its like feeding red meat to their base and it sure does get them riled up don’t it?

    Which is why I don’t trust anyone who says “we need voter ID” because again, its a solution looking for a problem and nothing but more government regulations and we all know THAT isn’t a good thing right?

  25. Whatever you say omniscient one LOL

  26. Athos says:

    Don’t need voter ID in New York. They’re letting illegals vote! Donuts to Dollars we in Las Vegas let illegals vote because I’ve witness this firsthand (thanks Culinary Union and MGM! Hat tip to the late great Pinky Greid)
    Algore “graciously accepted” the 2000 election? I remember that differently, Rin. Does the phrase “Bush wasn’t elected, he was selected” ring a bell?

    So Anny, your from Ohio, are ya? John Boehner fan? Interesting. For all the bluster Trump uttered, he never came close to calling 1/2 the country Bull Conner or Jefferson Davis supporters (both Democrats, huh?) Vile, divisive, corrupt “lunch bucket” Joe. And the election was definitely RIGGED, if not stolen outright. Biden was hidden IN THE BASEMENT for God’s sake.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a creepier, vacant suit than Prez Brandon. Or a year as bad as 2021.

    We’re doomed!

  27. Anonymous says:

    “How stupid can you be” was never intended to be taken as a personal challenge Athos.

    Go sit in the other room until the adults are done talking or until you learn that Jefferson Davis was a conservative southerner as was Bull Conner, both of whom you would support today if they ran for office.

  28. Athos says:

    Wow. “you’re” not “your”, Spelling police on alert. What the press did to hide Tony Bobulinski and the Hunter Biden laptop is journalistic negligence of the cheating, low down kind.

    Here’s a question for our omniscient Ohio Annymoss…Why is it imperative to show proof of vaccination (with photo ID) to go out in public in DC, but Jim Crow 2.0 to show proof of identity to vote? Who, in this nation of 330+million people, can’t get a photo ID?

    And with 81+million people voting for Joe Brandon, why do the Dems seem so worried?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Once again Athos you continue to prove that you simply can’t be talked to because you just are a child who just says things. And things that naturally have zero tie to reality.

    As an example, DC does NOT have any requirement, or suggestion, or recommendation that people show a proof of vaccination (with photo ID) to go out in public so why say that it does? And why ask “who” in this country can’t get photo ID when the answer to that question is available all around you?

    Now please, act like an adult.

  30. Athos, see why I quit conversing with the omniscient one LOL. He wouldn’t want to know about Bobulinski, or if in fact he was that well informed, he wouldn’t want anyone to know about him or where he plays in the whole thing.

  31. Athos says:

    Click to access DCHealthVaxDC1.6.22.pdf

    You’re such a tool, Anny! Did you forget the internet can disprove your lies with a masterful key stroke??

    Oh, that’s right. You belong to the lying, doddering, incoherent Joe Brandon party! It must have really been painful listening to that old wreck give his 2 hour press conference, wasn’t it?

    And the real sad part is that Biden has no idea what he’s saying or what’s going on. He probably forgot everything the next day! (Make sure he goes out and campaigns for the ’22 elections, OK?)

  32. Athos says:

    I don’t know, Daryl. I mean no animosity toward Ohio Anny, NY petey or any other human suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. If they would simply debate their ideas, instead of telling everyone to “shut up”, I’m sure we’d agree that this IS the best country, ever, to live in. AND we don’t have to sabotage our freedoms because someone’s “feelings” got hurt or there was some imaginary grievance that only a few million$ will rectify!

    It’s really hard to imaging following (and worshipping) leaders that tell us the world will end when these same “saviors?” buy multi million $ beach front properties! Or Science Gods that have people arrested for being on the beach 1 week prior to excusing 10s of thousands marching shoulder to shoulder in the streets! Even now, governing bodies are admitting that cloth masks are no protection and the vaccine WILL NOT prevent you from getting (or spreading) this virus. And that kids pose an negligent threat of dying or spreading Corona-19, but still keep them in masks except for the 5,000 schools that are closed again (that’ll be the 5% that Prez Biden was talking about the other day)

    It’s too late to go on. I just feel that more of us need to speak up. There was an editorial in today’s RJ by Joe Matthews entitled “Foster Care for All” and it was disgusting ( and I really hope it was simply a parody, but Joe never revealed the “psych on a mini bike” punch line). It couldn’t be for real….but then I felt the same way about “boys competing as girls” stories several years ago. And never in my wildest dreams can I believe ANYONE thinks the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery in America. (I still think it’s a grift and the grifters ARE making bank)

  33. Athos, I don’t think many of the Dems do think this is/was the best country in the world, I’m afraid they believe what they are told. Fear motivates, anger motivates, most don’t have the curiosity to investigate what they have been fed.

    The progressive leaders really do believe this isn’t the best system of government because the apathetic don’t have the same achievement as the ambitious. Those at the top do know that climate change is just a tool to institute government control, the top environmentalists on the other hand just think it is a canard to get rid of evil oil that had Los Angeles so smoggy in 1970 before technology started addressing it; a canard like the spotted owl was to get rid of logging.

    The envious think it is unfair when their $50,000 401K increased by 20% for a $10,000 net and during the same period a 1%er’s portfolio increased by 20% from 50 million to 60 million then bitch about the rich getting richer. Oh, and then complain a rising tides doesn’t raise all boats not even considering the boats in dry dock can’t be raised because they aren’t even playing the game.

    Nothing gets lemmings more motivated than envy, every socialist in history has used it to get people to follow them into another abyss.

    An article for a column I had 15 years ago.

  34. NYPete says:

    I don’t think people are particularly worried about a 1%er’s IRA balance increasing by the same percentage as their own, but I do think they are concerned when Peter Thiel is somehow able to amass $5 billion in a Roth IRA – the rules of which ostensibly only permit $7k/year in contributions – and which he will be able to withdraw tax-free in a few years, while such maneuvers aren’t available to the rest of us. They may also be concerned with the fact that the 1%ers own 32% of all of America’s wealth, while the bottom 50% own only 2% of America’s wealth. Or that since the start of 2020 the top 1% gained $10 trillion, while the lower 50 gained only $700 billion.
    Hunter and Athos view these facts as completely irrelevant, or even as shining examples of rising tides lifting all boats. I don’t.

  35. Pete, that is the fault of me and the rest of us in the bottom 50% for not playing the game intelligently, not the fault of those that did. If you envy the money of another you need to try harder, work smarter. I am broker than hell after CHOOSING to be a starving artist in Jackson Hole Wyoming for 35 years instead of pragmatically working at something more concrete, my decision, not your and the omniscient one’s. My decision, me edge of poverty existence. I feel the same about all others that were apathetic, reckless about their future.

    A quick glance at Peter Thiel and googling IRA rules it appears he had the right to allocate assets in a personal investment account that was a Roth IRA. Evidently you aren’t restricted to mutual funds with a Roth. Yes, Peter Thiel is smarter than us. Without a deep dive it appears legal.

    So got to Etrade and set up a Roth that you can manage yourself and do the same 🙂

  36. NYPete says:

    1. No, you really can’t do what Thiel did, except under extraordinary circumstances.
    2. You think the distribution of wealth in this country matches the distribution of talent and motivation — that is has nothing to do with the power to manipulate the rules of the game — in Washington, in Cheyenne, in Grand Cayman, everywhere — that come with extreme wealth. That Ivanka Trump, or Shari Redstone deserve their private jets and Fisher Island Club homes because the work harder and are smarter then everyone else. I disagree.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Athos maybe the problem isn’t that you’re just a liar, maybe its just that you can’t read and/or understand the things you read?

    See, what you said was that DC enacted some sort of rule that said you can’t go out in public without a vaccination card and and ID.

    But of course, that’s simply not true, and that means either you lied, or you can’t understand the things you read because here’s from the link that you posted above and the “exceptions” to their requirement that some people (not even everyone) carry a vaccination card and and ID when they visit certain public places:

    You DON’T have to carry these in these places:

    What Businesses or Organizations Do Not Have to Verify Vaccination Status for Entry?
    • Retail establishments
    • Grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and food establishments that provide charitable food
    • Houses of worship
    • Homeless shelters and other human services facilities
    • Health care facilities and pharmacies
    • Private meeting spaces in office buildings or residential buildings
    • Gyms and fitness facilities in residential buildings that are not open to the public
    • Law enforcement buildings and government offices such as the Department of Motor
    If an exempt facility conducts a non-exempt activity, the vaccine requirement shall apply.
    • For example, if a house of worship is rented for a non-religious purpose, or a retail
    bookstore hosts an indoor seated event, proof of vaccination would be required to enter the
    area where the event is being held.

    So then, which is it; did you lie, or were you just saying things, or did you not understand what you “read”?

  38. Pete, I’m glad that I don’t have to live with that envy that burdens you and so many. Yes it would have been nice if we could have picked richer parents, but instead of losing that lottery, I’m happy I won the lottery of being born in the USA, the place so many you democrats don’t appreciate.

  39. NYPete says:

    I can just see you in 1965: “Medicare? That sort for federal government welfare is for envious liberals who don’t appreciate the bounty of living in a free country.”
    1935: “Social security? A sure sign of social decadence. If people can’t make enough money to save up for the entirety of their old age, that’s their problem.”
    2010: “Affordable Care Act? Tyranny, I say. Why should someone who once had breast cancer think that they have some God-given entitlement to health insurance coverage. If they wanted to have insurance they shouldn’t have had cancer in the first place.”

  40. Have fun dwelling in your envy while I celebrate the luck of being born in the USA, incidentally luck liberals deprived of my sons because you liberals extorting their future with underfunded Ponzi scheme programs like SSI, Medicare, and ObamaCare. They could have been constructed to be sustainable but that would have cost to many votes. People would rather just pass the cost onto their kids. When my older boy was born I stated studying the National Debt that he was going to inherit and started studying it, I was appalled then stated this website.

  41. NYPete says:

    Yeah, but you oppose Medicare, Social Security and insurance protection for pre-existing conditions as a matter of principle. It doesn’t matter how well-constructed they might be – you think its all a matter of “envy.” Or something.
    BTW – why is your “debt clock” keyed to Obama’s inauguration and not to Trump’s? Or Bush’s? I mean, is it true that under Trump the national debt rose by $7.8 trillion? I mean, that’s a lot of envy, isn’t it?

  42. Pete; Or Biden’s I might add. When I got rheumatoid arthritic I started putting my efforts into more positive places. It is a very negative place to dwell all the time. Yes, Trump had to rebuild an atrophied military like ever republican does following a democrat presidency, it would be more cost effective just to keep the military maintained instead of rebuilding every eight years. You aren’t going to try to blame Trump for Covid relief debt are you? You can find at treasury .gov that the tax cuts increased revenue to the treasury and weren’t a deficit creator. Of course you don’t want to discover facts like that because of your intellectual apathy.

    The way SSI, Medicare and ObamaCare are currently poorly structured it is taxation without representation on your grandkids. If that the metaphorical “I’ll gladly pay you for two hamburgers tomorrow for a hamburger today” is fair I fell sorry for your progeny to have such a poor patriarch.

    Now like the patriarch one I have grown tired of arguing with the envious. Have a good day Bernie Bros.

  43. NYPete says:

    1. I am happy to have you include the budgetary effect of Biden’s American Rescue Plan in you fancy clock, so long as you also include the effects of Trump’s almost $2 trillion in tax breaks for corporations and 1%ers. You betray your biases by not doing so.
    2. It is ludicrous to say that the Trump tax cuts “weren’t a deficit creator.” There is nothing on the current Treasury website that supports such a nutty assertion. OTOH,
    3. Military, military, military.
    4. I am sorry that you wish to repeal Social Security, Medicare and insurance protections for pre-existing conditions. I happen to disagree with that.

  44. Pete, you didn’t go to historical revenue data, there is a monthly tally. Hard to find especially when you don’t want to, I screen shot it ever few years but I can’t post it here. Income to the treasury always goes up after tax cuts, never has it cause revenue to the treasury to go down. Treasury income data is unbiased financial data.

    I can’t find it now either, I emailed them and they can take up to 5 days to return an email.

  45. NYPete says:

    Good. You keep looking and let us know as soon as you have something. Of course, you will need to look at real dollars vs. nominal dollars, at the rate of growth compared to previous years, and as a percentage of GDP compared to previous years.
    But you already knew that.
    In there meantime, here is something to help you with your search for the magic numbers:

  46. It did until Covid. Cheers. The proof isn’t in your article, it is in the treasury income data.

  47. NYPete says:

    Do keep us posted on your progress.

  48. Athos says:

    Tiny minds, eaten by envy, poisoned by their own self importance and hoisted on their own petard of hate. They laughed and applauded at the ‘Apprentice” and probably used the saying “You’re Fired!” on more than one occasion but just let someone say “Make America Great Again” and they lose their minds! And they laughed at BedTime for Bonzo” but couldn’t stand the Gippers obvious love of “that shining city on the hill”, and they went loco.

    It is my belief that my generation has turned its back on God (because we wanted to do whatever we “thought” felt good, at the time). Shame on us. And petey, for all the hatred you spew ’bout millionaires and billionaires, your hypocrisy is thick when it comes to our corrupt politicians who “magically” become millionaires from the benefit of their offices (as “public servants” no less)
    There is an article floating around how the Biden family profited from China to the tune of $31million. What was on Hunter’s laptop, anyway? Tony Bobulinski, any comments?

    And just why is your ire not directed at those that write the laws that allow the Thiels to do what they do? Who writes the tax code anyway? Larry Kudlow? Steve Forbes?

    As to SS, Medicare, Obamacare, and welfare, you don’t have to be much of a mathematician to see where these programs are going. They’re PONZI schemes, petey! Tell me I’m wrong? (And you DO know what’s wrong with Ponzi schemes, right?)

    And Ohio Anny, you didn’t need to type out page 2 of Murial Bowser’s “VaxDC: Vaccination Entry Requirement for Certain Businesses”, everyone knows page 2 follows page 1! (or are YOU having trouble reading??)

    On a separate note, if you want to understand why so many of us are sick of the corruption and 2 tier legal system in our country, you need only look at the case of David Daleiden and Planned Parenthood. David got PP on tape bragging and boasting about how much money they would receive from selling body parts from aborted fetuses. The problem is David is facing YEARS in jail and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is being done about PP. We can all thank Kamala Harris for this fiasco (she was AG when this went down) and now this heartless, brainless tool is one heartbeat away from being President of the US.

    The Swamp is MUCH bigger than we anticipated. And more and more people are waking up to that fact. (Seen Biden’s approval numbers lately, fellas?)

  49. Athos, it is the blind eye the libs give to all that was mentioned that his country will no longer exist for Pete’s, the omniscient one and your grandkids and why I have urged my kids not to bring children into this envious narcissistic USA of today. Yeah, the liberals say excellent, that troglodyte won’t reproduce when they really should reflect upon the division that has divided our country in half.

    A related something I wrote in 2006.

  50. Anonymous says:

    “Everyone knows page 2 follows page 1″

    Apparently, everyone now knows this because Athos learned it last week in class.

    This is just one reason why no one can take anyone who professes to be part of the right wing in this country seriously and should only use their best efforts to educate these Trumpites because, as we all know, Athos tried to tell this gathering that vaccination cards and ID cards were now ‘required” if people wanted to go out in public in our nations Capitol.

    I copied what he himself posted to show how ignorant he was of what he himself posted because either he didn’t or couldn’t understand it and instead of thanking me for educating him we we the above.

    Is it any wonder that the ONLY demographic the orange insurrectionist “won” in this country was that composed of white, uneducated, “Americans”?

  51. NYPete says:

    So Social Security, enacted in 1935, is a “Ponzi Scheme.” Wow. That is surely a longevity record for ponzi schemes. Amazing they could keep it going for so long.

  52. NYPete says:

    Amazing — an 80 year old ponzi scheme. How clever is that. Has to get into the Guiness Book of Records for ponzi scheme longevity.

    Or, perhaps it is instead the case that a public, transparent pay-as-you go social welfare system with mandatory contributions into a dedicated funding source and based upon the reasonable assumption of rising GWP doesn’t come close to fitting the description of a ponzi scheme. Perhaps it is the case that some people recklessly fling that expression around in order to obscure rather than enlighten.

  53. Pete, please explain how it is sustainable from individual contributions alone. If you can’t, it is a Ponzi scheme.

  54. Athos says:

    Ohio anny, you kill me! When you go “out” to a restaurant, movie theater, sporting event, etc. in DC, you must show your papers! How obtuse must you be to not understand? But don’t worry, little one! I’m happy to explain it to you (and for your benefit, I typed this r-e-a-l slow!)

    And don’t worry, I’m not going to charge you any fees for this brief tutorial, little one. We’re only too happy to help educate the next generation. But you may want to start praying for a glass belly button (so you can see with your head wedged up your a……)

    Daryl, excellent piece on the trust fund bust out (Jimmy Carter gave our SS money to immigrants, huh? Well, it won’t be too long till Brandon makes Jimmy Carter look like Ronny Ray-gun!)

    And your piece on discouraging our children to have children….I must disagree. Children are the best ego-deflaters on the planet. They also encourage a dependence on God that comes from desperation…..You wrote that in ’04? Wow, where does the time go??

  55. Athos, Oh, I’m not saying my boys were a mistake, they greatly enriched my life, my point is the country is going to collapse so why bring anyone into a country the that doesn’t provide the promise the one we grew up in did. Here is an article from my column in 2006 about family.

  56. NYPete says:

    So you posted something more than two decades ago predicting doom for Social Security. And then … the “ponzi scheme” seemed to just keep going, and going, and going, looking towards the century mark. Defying the laws of ponzi gravity. Perhaps the real fraud lies in calling a spectacularly successful public benefit program a “ponzi scheme.”

  57. Dear Pete, your kids are the new Ponzi scheme contributors with the help of government subsidy. You libs give lip service to sustainability but you don’t life it. The government will subsidize and fudge numbers until it no longer can. Just like Bernie Madoff the weight of SSI, Medicare and ObamaCare, this country will reach it’s logical end. Margaret Thatcher famously and rightfully once said; “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

    You just enjoy pissing away your progenies future and keep voting for them to subsidize your greedy ass instead of trying to fix the broken system.

    Another piece I wrote in 2006

  58. NYPete says:

    Gee, I don’t know. All other developed countries have universal healthcare coverage, pension support, child support, government-supported higher education, etc. Germany, France, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, New Zealand, etc., etc. I guess by your lights they are all Stalinist dystopias, soon to collapse — just as you seem to have predicted decade after decade, an imminent domestic “national fiscal collapse” (your words,) without ever bothering to ask why your predictions haven’t come true.
    P.S.: I’m so glad that 20 million more Americans now have quality health insurance coverage for their families as a result of Obamacare.

  59. Gimme, gimme, gimme, that is all I hear out of leeches, in 1999 I predicted we would go belly up in 50 years but that was before you got even greedier, it will be sooner. But one thing for certain, the National debt went from 5.6 Trillion dollars when I studying this after my son was born and he is 25 today and the debt has increased by 530% from 5.6 trillion dollars to nearly 30 trillion dollars. Now you liberals think that is sustainable and that is one on the nicer nicknames I have for you is the mathematically challenged.

    Now it is my hope that you are young enough to reap the failure you have voted upon your progeny and mine. 🙂

    If anyone should be pleading for free health care it should be me but it isn’t. I have survived prostrate cancer, throat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and have skin cancer surgery twice per year including yesterday; a basil cell and a squima cell yesterday another basil cell on 3/3 because he would do three removals at a time, I had to plead for 2. Now all this has me broke and out of work but I’m still advocating for my kids and yours because I and you are just expendable hunks protoplasm is the giant scheme of things, a fiscally sound Jeffersonian Republic was not only worth fighting and dying for in 1776 it is still worth preserving today.

    Now I’m again going to try to leave your idiocy bloodsucking advocacy unaddressed because I need to get back to finishing the book I am working on; “Rocky Mountain Cowboy; an endangered species”. you won’t like it LOL Now it is time for you to get back to AOCs twitter feed.

  60. NYPete says:

    1. Why do you think going broke in order to get necessary healthcare is a good thing? No other advanced society thinks that is a sane response to prostate cancer and rheumatoid arthritis?
    2. Before you shuffle off to finish your book, I hope you will keep your promise to find us the magic numbers that prove that Trump’s $2 trillion in tax cuts for corporations and upper-income earners did not increase the deficit.
    3. I have no opinion one way or another about “Rocky Mountain Cowboys,” except that they should be generally entitled to live their lives they way they wish — just as trans-gender people are similarly entitled to live their lives the way they wish.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Athos I listed all the places that you don’t have to show a vaccination card or an ID to visit; all public places. What I didn’t even bother to list, because having already shown the world that you can’t understand what you read, or that you just lie about it, is that not even all people have to carry one of these cards while they go to any other place in public.

    So once again, you continue to lie and its one of the reasons this country is where it is because almost one half of the country can’t read, or is willing to lie about the things they read, knowing that some portion of the half they represent don’t care to read, and are willing to believe their lies because they feel so out of control and angry that its all they can do to keep a grip on what’s left of their fragile “minds”.

  62. Rincon says:

    Someone please explain to me why our health care system is superior when it costs a good 40% more than any other country in the world, yet we have the lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality of any developed country. Somehow, we aren’t getting much bang for the buck. Does it occur to anyone here that government is not the only organization fleecing U.S. citizens?

  63. Athos says:

    Little Anny Fanny, you having a boo-hoo? You can’t understand plain English?? It’s pointless to reprint the very FIRST PARAGRAPH if you can’t comprehend the written work! I suppose TDS has blown all your delicate little circuits and you can’t begin to see the “writing on the wall”. Too bad, really. This delusional behavior of yours could lead to some serious psychosis. Try to treat the TDS first, and then maybe things will clear up for you. And you just might want to crack open a KJV and have a little prayer time….. just saying………

    Petey, you’re whistling in the graveyard. $30 trillion in debt with that doddering old fool at the helm, and Russia/ China just itching to replace the $ as the world currency, and we are living on the knife’s edge. Let’s talk in March after the Feds raise interest rates. “We could be in for a bumpy ride!”

    Rinny, want an explanation? 3rd party paying system spells disaster. Insurance companies are making bank, the government foots the bill for most medical, no one cares what a procedure costs, and politicians are enriching themselves preparing for their retirement beachfront homes in Martha’s Vineyard. And the only one that had any chance of stopping all this, was “voted” out of office because 81million people “voted” against him! What did happen to that executive order making Hospital pricing more transparent? Did Brandon rescind that one, too?

    Good luck with your book, Daryl. and thanks for the interesting links to your past stuff…..

  64. Thanks Athos, I hope they were listening withe your third payer comment, when someone else is paying 80% of an expense, the beneficiary doesn’t scrutinize the cost. Medicare only pays 80% of what a medical service is worth, medicaid 72%, those two might be reversed, it has been a long time since I studied this to fight HillaryCare and ObamaCare. Because the government systemically underpays, the medical service providers have to overcharge the insurance companies. The insurance companies don’t care because they just pass the cost onto the insurance buyer. Hospitals also have to overcharge insurance and those with cash because by law they have to treat everyone. Providers have expenses and the cash for facilities and salaries must come from somewhere.

    America’s medical industry is in a crisis due to frivolous lawsuits and outrageous judgments to victims. Tort reform is desperately needed.

    Apathy in learning is our biggest problem with everything,

    Pete, I can’t remember where I downloaded the database table from you discount it if you like but I’ll guarantee you I don’t build it to argue with you. Now if you look at the years and if you can remember the terms of the presidents you will be able to see income to the treasury in column next to the year, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush and Trump cut taxes, then give a couple of years for them to prove their promise income to the treasury. There aren’t any decreases in income to the treasury in tax cut terms. With the exception of Bush’s last year because of the bank collapse (not his fault) and trumps last year because of Covid. (not his fault)

    Year Total
    Receipts Outlays Surplus or Deficit (-)
    1960 92,492 92,191 301
    1961 94,388 97,723 -3,335
    1962 99,676 106,821 -7,146
    1963 106,560 111,316 -4,756
    1964 112,613 118,528 -5,915
    1965 116,817 118,228 -1,411
    1966 130,835 134,532 -3,698
    1967 148,822 157,464 -8,643
    1968 152,973 178,134 -25,161
    1969 186,882 183,640 3,242
    1970 192,807 195,649 -2,842
    1971 187,139 210,172 -23,033
    1972 207,309 230,681 -23,373
    1973 230,799 245,707 -14,908
    1974 263,224 269,359 -6,135
    1975 279,090 332,332 -53,242
    1976 298,060 371,792 -73,732
    TQ 81,232 95,975 -14,744
    1977 355,559 409,218 -53,659
    1978 399,561 458,746 -59,185
    1979 463,302 504,028 -40,726
    1980 517,112 590,941 -73,830
    1981 599,272 678,241 -78,968
    1982 617,766 745,743 -127,977
    1983 600,562 808,364 -207,802
    1984 666,438 851,805 -185,367
    1985 734,037 946,344 -212,308
    1986 769,155 990,382 -221,227
    1987 854,287 1,004,017 -149,730
    1988 909,238 1,064,416 -155,178
    1989 991,104 1,143,743 -152,639
    1990 1,031,958 1,252,993 -221,036
    1991 1,054,988 1,324,226 -269,238
    1992 1,091,208 1,381,529 -290,321
    1993 1,154,334 1,409,386 -255,051
    1994 1,258,566 1,461,752 -203,186
    1995 1,351,790 1,515,742 -163,952
    1996 1,453,053 1,560,484 -107,431
    1997 1,579,232 1,601,116 -21,884
    1998 1,721,728 1,652,458 69,270
    1999 1,827,452 1,701,842 125,610
    2000 2,025,191 1,788,950 236,241
    2001 1,991,082 1,862,846 128,236
    2002 1,853,136 2,010,894 -157,758
    2003 1,782,314 2,159,899 -377,585
    2004 1,880,114 2,292,841 -412,727
    2005 2,153,611 2,471,957 -318,346
    2006 2,406,869 2,655,050 -248,181
    2007 2,567,985 2,728,686 -160,701
    2008 2,523,991 2,982,544 -458,553
    2009 2,104,989 3,517,677 -1,412,688
    2010 2,162,706 3,457,079 -1,294,373
    2011 2,303,466 3,603,065 -1,299,599
    2012 2,449,990 3,526,563 -1,076,573
    2013 2,775,106 3,454,881 -679,775
    2014 3,021,491 3,506,284 -484,793
    2015 3,249,887 3,691,847 -441,960
    2016 3,267,961 3,852,612 -584,651
    2017 3,316,182 3,981,628 -665,446
    2018 3,329,904 4,109,042 -779,138
    2019 estimate 3,437,656 4,529,188 -1,091,532
    2020 estimate 3,644,772 4,745,573 -1,100,801

  65. Anonymous says:

    Althos I’ll make this easy

    You can go out in public in DC without carrying a vaccination card and a photo ID even though you said you can’t.

    So you either lied, or you didn’t understand what you read or both.

  66. NYPete says:

    Oh for crying out loud. That’s what I suspected. You really don’t understand public finance economics.
    Tax revenue almost always grows yearly as a result of population growth, growing real wages and inflation. What economists look at is tax revenue as a percentage of cyclically-adjusted GDP. Or, you compare the revenue to the pre-tax cut trend lines. Either measure shows shows the obvious — that tax cuts don’t pay for themselves. The Reagan cuts reduced revenue as a % of GDP by three percentage points. It’s why the deficits exploded in the 1980s under the Republicans. The Bush cuts reduced revenues as percentage of adjusted GNP by 4%. Similarly, Reagan’s cuts resulted in collections 29% lower than trendline. The Bush cuts produced tax revenues below trend by 15%. The Trump cuts to corporations and rich dudes reduced revenues to GDP the most of any OECD country. No secret why the deficit is so big.

  67. What ever you say LOL

  68. NYPete says:

    That’s what I call a winning response.

  69. Athos says:

    Anny Fanny, when you go “out” don’t play in the traffic!

    The number of Doctors has stayed pretty constant, but health care has skyrocketed. . Want to know what else has skyrocketed?? Health care administrators! And it’s the same with public education!

    and just how stupid does Prez Brandon think we are (or worse yet, how stupid is he??) to try and hit Putin with “sanctions”? When Trump left office, oil was approx. $39/barrel. Thanks to Joe pandering to the Greens (shutting down the pipeline and curtailing oil exploration) oil is now approx. $86/barrel giving Vlad a humongous pay raise to spend on wars and such! And poor, demented Joe goes begging Vladdy to drop the price of oil so the Ds don’t get shellacked in November!

    What a maroon!

    And just for the record Prez Zero could really spend the money, huh?!? Of course, Joe says “hold my beer”!

  70. NYPete says:

    I wonder if there is any connection b/w the depressed price of oil when Trump left office and the depressed state of economic activity when he left office.

  71. Anonymous says:

    What I would say Biden should do about the price of oil is what Trump did when oil went to zero during his presidency; go to the Russians, and the Saudis, and tell them that America will REDUCE its oil production and lay off American workers so long as the PROMISE to INCREASE the price of oil.

    That “worked” once right?

  72. Rincon says:

    Not sure there’s any point in engaging Daryl after reading his LOL “reply” to NY Pete’s apparently valid point regarding inflation, population growth, and growing productivity, but maybe I’m being too pessimistic so here goes: The government “underpays” on Medicare, but the insurance companies make up the difference according to Daryl. This implies that the medical system as a whole gets a proper amount of revenue. OK, but this still doesn’t answer my original question: Why is our total per person cost astronomically greater than everybody else if we’re more cost effective and their systems are all wasteful?

  73. Athos says:

    Straw man argument, Rinny. Answer THIS question: Where do you want yourself or your loved one to be operated on?


    ZeroCare screwed up a lot of doctors. Admin is TOO top heavy cause the Feds got their greedy little fingers in almost every medical transaction. The laws of treating ALL who come to the hospitals has attracted freeloaders from all around the globe (an example of the dangers of unintended consequences) Last I saw (many years ago now) Clark County Hospitals (my home county in Nevada) were treating 82 illegal aliens dialysis for liver failure 3 times a week to the tune of $24million/ year (cost to the taxpayer) They DON’T go to Mexico, they DON’T go to Canada, they come where they get the best and they get it FOR FREE.

    We’re just the suckers that pick up the tab.

  74. Athos says:

    Anny, are you saying gas prices weren’t lowered during Trump’s Policies by expanding oil production and green lighting the various pipelines?

    I don’t seem to remember paying $4.65/gal at the pump when Donald was Prez. Wanna refresh my memory, babe?

  75. Athos says:

    Anny, are you saying we paid higher prices during Trump’s prez? That the Donald’s policies opening oil exploration and green lighting pipelines didn’t lower the price at the pump?

    I don’t remember paying $4.65/gal during the Trump years (like we’re paying, now). Am I mistaken, babe?

  76. Athos says:

    I gave my Ohio Anonymous friend TWO chances at rebuttal. That’s how we conservatives, roll.

    We don’t wan to silence ANYONE.

  77. Rincon says:

    Come to think of it, Daryl unintentionally proved my point. We spend 40% more per patient than every developed country. He said that it’s because, in his words, “Medicare only pays 80% of what a medical service is worth…”, i.e., Medicare pays 20% less than what’s fair. Since the question is why we pay 40% more than anyone else for health care, and Medicare pays only 20% more, then it is impossible for that to be the cause of our excess health care costs.

    As for malpractice lawsuits, I agree that it has a major impact, but neither party made any significant attempt to reduce the problem when they had control of all three government branches. This feeds my conviction that government isn’t the problem. The problem is the people who control the government, and that’s not the politicians. They are merely tools serving their masters. Citizens vs United further cemented their control.

  78. You all sure are good at rationalizing points to reinforce your incorrect beliefs 🙂


    PS, slightly off topic but…………

  79. Rincon says:

    If we use your logic Athos, since the price of oil was lower during the latter half of Obama’s last Administration than it was during Trump’s first three years (can’t credit Trump for the pandemic induced fall in prices due to a drop in demand after March, 2020), then do you credit Obama for those low prices, and fault Trump for allowing them to rise? Or is it just possible that in the past two years, the pandemic dried up demand, thereby crushing oil prices, which led to a reflexive drop in production? A drop in production of courses, soon raises prices. It went from $16.55 a barrel in April of 2020 to $52.00 in January, when Trump left office. It rose by 35.45, or 214%. Since Biden took office, it rose by 19.71, or 38%. Do you blame Trump for his contribution to that price rise or do you target only Democrats?

  80. Athos says:

    What’s your problem, Rinny? Are you denying Biden’s pandering to the Green Mafia DIDN’T raise oil prices? Are you saying that the rise in oil prices DOESN’T embolden Putin (not to mention that fiasco in Afghanistan!)?

    Following the Green’s insane policies has poised the WORLD at the brink of war. Did Putin have troop massing on the Ukraine border during TRUMP’S term? Are you totally unaware (or you just don’t care?) that Russia, China and Iran want to supplant the US as the world’s superpower?

    Or do you think it’s time to have a tyrannical government run the world (cause the US is just SO bad)??

  81. Athos says:

    Oh, and just because Repubs and Dems have held all the power (doubtful – Zero had the only lock on government and he gave us ZeroCare and $1trillion “shovel ready jobs” bill, remember?) but following that …….who are these mysterious “masters”?

    Or could it simply be the corrupt elected officials that permeate our governments?

  82. Athos says:

    Question: Is it true that 115,252 Wisconsin “voters” who have been registered for over 100 years voted in 2020? And that Joe’s margin of victory was 20.682?

    Things to ponder in the night…….

  83. NYPete says:

    Athos, it is a little rich to hear you complain about “freeloaders” not paying for their medical care given that you declared bankruptcy in order to skip out on your hospital bills and pass the tab to the rest of us.

  84. Athos says:

    Ah petey, the good old “what about ism” argument! That works for you every time, huh? Because I took advantage of a legal remedy for my insurmountable medical bills (40 years ago) every illegal alien in the world has carte blanche to our medical community.
    You’re not too strong in math or economics, are you? Seems to be a common character defect of you lefties.

    But then, by now, you must be sick of having to defend your champion, Prez Brandon, huh?

  85. NYPete says:

    “Insurmountable medical bills.”
    Unlike you, I’m pleased that because of ObamaCare so many millions more people have health insurance protection so that, (again unlike you,) they don’t have to run to the federal government to get permission to pass their hospital costs onto unsuspecting other Americans. If I were you I would think more about that achievement of President Obama than I would about some apocryphal Mexican immigrants receiving dialysis treatment.

  86. Athos says:

    Bankruptcy laws are State Laws, petey. I’m sure that’s an honest mistake on your part. And I’m not sure who you converse with that ZeroCare is some kind of Godsend. What I hear is you don’t get the Doctor or the procedure you want and bankruptcy is still a player for something catastrophic.

    Totally unknown how your hospitals are run, but here in Las Vegas, Nevada, there were 82 illegal aliens receiving dialysis treatments 3 times a week for over a year (January 2010) so that will remove your “apocryphal” adjective (which hopefully was just an honest mistake on your part, again)

    I’m I sorry about bankrupting off $20K medical bills when I didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, 40 years ago? You bet! Have I taken steps to make amends for my actions then? Yes I have. And I can truthfully say I haven’t stiffed another creditor since then (which would have saved me 20 times that amount in the housing bubble crash of 2009)

    The root problem I have with petey, rinny, and Ohio anny is their unshakable belief in the virtues and benefits of socialism. I can find nowhere in time that Socialism has worked any where it’s been implemented. So why you continue to want to trust in the collective (run by some elites) to redistribute the fruits of your labor is puzzling to me. You’re more inclined to stifle any debate (as if you also know that Socialism is a failure, and oppression is evil), than produce viable arguments.

    Capitalism has it’s faults (primarily it’s designed for a people with a strict moral order) but it’s far superior to allow people their own “God” given rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” ie. property, than to trust some venal house plant (Biden, Newsome, Pelousy, Chuckie Schumer) to take from me and give to you.

    Of course, it helps to have an unassailable 2nd Amendment, huh?

  87. Athos says:

    Am I sorry not “I’m I sorry” in the 3rd paragraph above. (just another sorry mistake not caught by the language police before posting)

  88. NYPete says:

    1. You think the Bankruptcy Code is a state law, do you?
    2. I’m sorry that you think that Medicare is a failed program that should be abolished. We disagree on that one.

  89. Athos says:

    petey, don’t you ever get tired of me schooling you? Almost makes me think your mistakes aren’t honest. Bankruptcy is a federal process that uses the laws of your state. My case was done in State court (as opposed to city, county or federal court) Of course, that happened almost 40 years ago, so who knows what’s changed since then, including my memory.

    Medicare, like the VA, are failed government programs PRIMARILY because they rely on 3rd party payers. If it ain’t your money, why do you care what it cost? Public defenders are in this group. You may get a real dedicated PD, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

    I’m still waiting to read all those words of praise for the great job Prez Brandon is doing…….

  90. Athos says:

    oh boy, I stepped in it now. My case was handled in federal bankruptcy court (northern district of my state). The exemptions were particular to my state, but petey, you are absolutely correct, bankruptcy is federal law.

    My apologies, I was wrong on this one.

  91. NYPete says:

    Apology accepted, but you are spot -on about Medicare: we should abolish it and make the olds pay for their hip replacements and cataract surgery themselves. No more third-party payers. That should certainly keep the costs down! Good idea!

  92. Rincon says:

    Amazing that Athos calls the environmentalists the green Mafia when they’ve been asking for 30 years to address global warming, yet we have done nothing substantial to address it, but continue to subsidize fossil fuels. Of course, Conservatives never complain about that at all Call them what you will, Athos, but I know which of these two fits the name Mafia.

    As for immigrants, we now have significant shortages throughout the economy, partly because millions of jobs go unfilled. By being unfriendly to legal immigrants, we have shot ourselves in the foot. Nice call, dummies.

  93. Athos says:

    Interesting take, Rinny. The greens have been asking only 30 years? to address global warming, huh? And just how many times has “DOOMS DAY” come and gone? I’m old enough to remember Paul Ehrlich’s book “Population Bomb” from the late ’60s predicting mass starvation in the ’70s and ’80s. How’d that work out? and who can forget Algore’s January 27, 2016 prediction coming and going?

    I remember smog being so bad in LA in 1976, that on some days, you couldn’t see the mountains that were 2MILES away. Then someone in vented the catalytic converter and now, LA ain’t so bad (pollution wise, traffic wise they still suck!). Why don’t you greens take a deep breath and leave the USA alone? If you’re REALLY looking to change the world…..START with China and India!

    Nice twist on the labeling, Rinny. Just exactly WHO is “being unfriendly to LEGAL immigrants” (caps are mine)?? It happens to be the ILLEGALS that are causing the problems, wouldn’t you agree?

    Actually, the idea of abolishing Medicare would make fiscal sense, petey. All the G has to do is give us back all the money they’ve been taking out of our earnings for the last 50+ years, and we can negotiate our own health care. But the seniors are in a better financial shape. Medicaid would be a better start for serious reform (ie. the axe!) But that’s just my opinion

  94. NYPete says:

    1. You could take all the money you spent on Medicare tax over the years, plus interest, and it would pay for, perhaps, half of a heart bypass operation. Or, I suppose you could have fun trying to get an insurance company to sell a comprehensive health insurance policy to someone over age 70.
    2. The catalytic converter was developed and perfected in response to government pollution reduction mandates. Would never have happened without the Clean Air Act and even tougher California laws.

  95. NYPete says:

    Congratulations to Brandon and his administration on those shoot-the-lights-out January job numbers — and the huge upward revisions to previous months! 467,000 jobs in the middle of Omicron! And hundreds of thousands more in previous months than previously estimated.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Pete he might only be a top 5 president of all time but the important thing is that he stopped the worst “president” from continuing his reign of terror.

  97. Athos says:

    Anny and petey, you display the very essence of delusional. Not matter how hard you try, you can’t ignore reality (or outlaw Truth). Biden is categorically the worst President in 50 years. Of course it’s only his 1st year in office, so I’m sure there’s hope for you fellas!

    Eugene Houdry, and like minded entrepreneur inventors, solve problems that the Government can’t conceive. It’s capitalism at its finest and will bring joy, where the big G can only bring misery. (LA needs more subways and hi rail trains, huh? How’s that working out for ya?)

    It’s not a question of “all the money you spent on Medicare tax over the years”, it’s the bureaucratic waste of paperwork, personnel and outright corruption that prevents comprehensive health insurance for 70 year olds. If left up to the market, removing the government’s heavy hand, entrepreneurial individuals would succeed in covering medical costs.

  98. Athos says:

    Don’t forget to ask Afghanistan if “America is Back”

    And for your reading pleasure…….

  99. NYPete says:

    Yup, if only the government stopped regulating health insurance the insurance companies would jump at the chance to issue health insurance to septuagenarians. Yeah, that makes so much sense.

    As for Eugene Houdry, one of the inventors of catalytic converter technology, how interesting that although he patented the technology in the 1950s, they were not put into cars until the government mandated exhaust emission reductions in the 1970s following the adoption of the Clean Air Act. I’m glad Athos highlighted this example of how market incentives alone are often insufficient to alleviate huge social problems. Thanks!

  100. Athos says:

    Ah petey, you’re missing the point. Market incentives did help clean the air in LA. And for the record, I’m not saying that government has no role to play in protecting the citizens. During the industrial revolution, businesses (private property) needed the government (the moral voice of the people) to pass laws forbidding children from working in the factories. (Strange how there were no laws preventing children from working on the farm, eh?) That moral order is still present in our society today, we can try to ignore it at our peril.

    My problem with “government” solutions (especially for “huge social problems”) is the corruption that is inherent in mankind. There are no saints, with the possible exception of George Washington, who could have been crowned the first King of America (as opposed to the 1st President).

    Perhaps he was also aware of the corrupting seductive force of power (not too many in DC have that awareness today, do they?) As to your opinion about insurance companies and 70 year olds….. if there ever was a generation that could pull this off, it would be the boomers. But it looks like we’re just gonna punt the bill on our kids. How do you tear down all the Admin costs to the system? Not to mention the slip and fall lawyers that are thick as thieves? Medicine is big business. Bigger than curing people or comforting the sick and afflicted or even doing no harm!

    Is The Hippocratic Oath dead?

  101. NYPete says:

    “Market incentives” did not clear away the deadly smog in LA in the 1970s; the tailpipe emission restrictions imposed by the Clean Air Act did. It is a good example of how government regulation can often spur innovation — the adoption of catalytic converters as a response to emission mandates.
    Pollution — including the release from fossil fuels of the Co2 that is causing our planet to heat up to intolerable levels – is the classic example of an economic externality. It is resistant to normal market incentives.

    However, I am pleased that you agree that government is (or at least is supposed to be) the moral voice of the people.

  102. Athos says:

    petey, what do you think of the truckers’ (working class people unite!) plight in Canada? And the “go fund me”page that stopped distributing the contributions to the truckers? Trudeau comes off as quite the cowardly tyrant, to me. What am I missing?

    And I must admit a bit of curiosity and ask, where is the pollution, caused by fossil fuel admission, located? And how does it display this “classic example of an economic externality”? Are you referring to China? I was unaware that they were heating the planet to an Intolerable level.

  103. NYPete says:

    1. The truckers? They don’t have a “plight.” They should get vaccinated so they won’t infect law-abiding citizens.
    2. Fossil fuel pollution? Particulate pollution is present in the regions around power plants — especially coal-burning plants — and in cities without good mass transit systems. Greenhouse gas pollution, primarily from fossil fuels such as coal, is in the upper atmosphere and is the reason why global temperatures are increasing, why droughts are getting worse, why the Western water supply is in such trouble and why sea levels are rising. China is a big part of the problem. So are emerging countries that can’t yet afford to switch to renewable sources. But simply yelling “China, China, China” doesn’t address the catastrophe we are facing.

  104. Athos says:

    Sorry petey, I don’t buy into your Gaia religion. You go fix China and India first (or send your green mafia 😉 then we can talk.

    I’ve never understood the mentality of hating Donald Trump, but wanting EVERYONE to take HIS vaccine (even tho the “break thru” cases continue to mount). What’s up with that? Maybe the truckers (and all freedom loving people) don’t want the G telling them what to put in their bodies.

  105. NYPete says:

    I’m happy to give Trump and his administration all the credit in the world for expediting through funding commitments and otherwise the development of several of the vaccines. But everyone should take them. We are averaging 2,600 deaths a day. That is a 9/11 event every single day. Everyone should get vaccinated to protect themselves and people around them from serious illness and death.
    As for climate change, it is ironic that you talk about a “Gaia religion” while ignoring the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists — and common sense.

  106. Athos says:

    The only “common sense” that I see is the scam of green acolytes. If you were serious about curbing pollution, you’d advocate nuclear energy and stop with the wind and solar debacle. But fear is the left’s bag, isn’t it? This Covid crap has already shown what fear can do to normal people. I wonder how my convertible (with the top down) driving by himself, mask wearing neighbor is going to handle the news that masks are on their way out? (someone in the Democrat party should tell Brandon, don’t you think?)

    Vaccines. I got my shot after I recovered from Covid-19. It’s a shame that the powers that be are still promoting the fear narrative. The common flu is more of a risk for school age children but that didn’t stop Fauci and Co from putting kids in masks and wanting them all vaccinated (5 year olds? really? how about doing a study of potential risks from these vaccines vs the actual covid in children first, eh?)

    And what really gets my goat is no separation between people dying of covid vs people dying WITH Covid. What other disease gets this same treatment? How much money is Uncle Sam paying the medical field for covid deaths vs heart attack deaths (that just happen to test positive for Covid)?

    Glad you’ve finally seen the light about Trump, tho, petey. If you judged the man’s deeds vs the man’s bluster, he destroys Brandon (and Zero) hands down. And he didn’t need to take 10% for “the big guy”, did he?

  107. NYPete says:

    Oh no, you aren’t now going to say that there is a conspiracy to inflate the number of Covid deaths, are you? Yikes!

    PS: In the first year of Brandon’s Presidency we added 6.6 million American jobs — the most of any President. Trump left office with 3 million fewer American jobs than when he started;

  108. Athos says:

    Gee petey, “Trump left office with 3 million fewer American jobs than when he started” I wonder why?
    How’s that 7.5% inflation rate going for ya? If only Build Back Better could have passed and Brandon (with Nancy and Chuckie) could put $3 or $4 trillion into the economy, huh?

  109. NYPete says:

    Why? Because Trump screwed up the economy in 2020 fully as badly as he screwed up the public health response to the pandemic. A terrible manager as he is a terrible person.

  110. Athos says:

    Wow, petey. So you’re agreeing with the Johns Hopkins study, huh? Shutting down the country “to contain the spread” did nothing, right? I wonder who was screaming for the shutdown? What politician hid in his basement to run for President in 2020?
    And why hasn’t that politician fixed the economy over the past 13 months? Sane people would say what Brandon has done, has made things worse (Jimmy Carter worse)

    You should really see a shrink over that severe case of TDS. You’re delusional, petey..

  111. NYPete says:

    No, I am referring to his persistent refusal to acknowledge or attempt to manage a deadly pandemic until it was too late and the belated decision to respond to the resulting economic chaos by subsidizing unemployment instead of the much more successful European approach, which compensated businesses for retaining their workers and resulted in much lower unemployment. As for Brandon, by hiding in his basement he managed — unlike his opponent — to avoid getting a deadly disease and transmitting it to his family, staff and co-workers. And he still won by 8 million votes.
    As for the economy, it is funny that you compare him to Jimmy Carter. In the first year of the Biden Administration we created more 6.6 million new jobs, reduced unemployment faster than at any time on record, and grew the economy at the fastest rate since 1984.
    By the way, what you choose to call a “Johns Hopkins study” is poorly-constructed and non-peer reviewed report that has been strongly criticized by many experts.

  112. Athos says:

    Wow, petey. Who could ever argue with all those opinions you put forth? I guess Brandon isn’t the one polling at 57% disapprove with 56% can think of anything he’s done correct.

    “Nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of how Joe Biden is handling his presidency, with most of that group saying there’s literally nothing Biden has done since taking office that they approve of. The finding, from a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS in January and February, highlights the entrenched politics driving the nation at the start of the midterm year, with little agreement across party lines on priorities for the government or how to handle the coronavirus pandemic.” CNN article

    Oh, maybe he is? Or is 57% of the country stupid rubes? Truth be told, Biden had all that wisdom and Trump’s vaccines and more people were killed by/with Covid than Trump. Maybe the “persistent refusal to acknowledge or attempt to manage a deadly pandemic until it was too late ” was Brandon’s MO.

    But I’m sure you’re eagerly looking forward to the mid-terms to validate your opinions, huh?

  113. NYPete says:

    I see. You think Brandon persistently refused to even acknowledge or attempt to manage the Covid pandemic. Got it.

  114. Athos says:

    Brandon doesn’t know what day of the week it is. Or even what state of the Union he’s in.

    Shame on you picking this demented senior!

  115. NYPete says:

    If you think Brandon and his Administration are responsible for the insane refusal of the MAGA’s to take a safe and effective vaccine to protect them from a devastating disease or the cynical efforts of red state politicians to thwart common sense public health efforts, perhaps you are the one with a cognitive impairment.

  116. Athos, for weeks you have been trying to reason with the unreasonable. Pete and the omniscient on are true believer, ideologues and your time would be better spent elsewhere, like with the trucker revolt against the dictates from dictators. Adios guys.

  117. NYPete says:

    Yeah, so much more comfortable staying in your own bubble. Very upsetting having to defend one’s position and support one’s assertions with actual facts. Best to avoid.

  118. LOL, Jest letting Athos he was wasting his time. Now that can be fun for short bursts, but good grief, you all have been repeating yourself since January 19, now you haven’t convinced Athos socialism is better capitalism and just thus vise versa for Athos. Fell free to carry on though for a pissing match with ideologues. Cheers ~

  119. NYPete says:

    That is likely because I am very much a capitalist and don’t believe that socialism is better than capitalism. I just think that people in ought to have decent healthcare, that elections should not be gerrymandered and that we shouldn’t broil ourselves by indiscriminately putting massive amounts of heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere. I haven’t found any of that in the Communist Manifesto, but perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough.

  120. Athos says:

    petey, you’re delusional. How has the government made health care better under ZeroCare? Look at the VA health care record and tell me again how you are going to grant “people” decent health care? Remove 3rd party payers and you might unleash capitalism and get your wish for “some” of the people, but the big G doesn’t work ANYWHERE, does it? (it’s called “social medicine” not “capitalist medicine”, isn’t it?)

    gerrymandered elections are a hinderance to true self government. Term limits would be far more desirable but the entrenched conceited power-mad cretin would have to vote themselves out of office. Better we educate our youth in civics and let them vote all incumbents out of office. Looking North to the madness that is happening with our closest (and best) ally is chilling. Truck Fudeau has opened an unspeakable evil in our very hemisphere. What will be his fate, prey tell?

    As to global warming….here’s a slightly different take (and one that should be discussed before we banish ourselves back to the caveman days!…

  121. Athos says:

    Daryl, I appreciate the words of wisdom (“don’t cast your pearls before swine”, comes to mind) but it does sharpen the wit to hold up a mirror to these idiotic lies held by the left. The parody writes itself, doesn’t it? My wife got excited reading the RJ headline talking about US attention to border crisis and cried out in frustration when it was directed at Ukraine and not our Southern border!

    But the real fight is over the children. This sick evil that is being forced onto children in schools (even on our elementary age children) is a wickedness that must be fought and won (or else our country will be drowned in depravity). Didn’t any of these leftist see the movie “Kindergarten Cop”?

    My prayer is still “God Bless America” but I’m starting to think about “God, remember Your faithful when you reign your justice down on our country”

  122. NYPete says:

    How did ObamaCare make healthcare better? Gee, let’s see:
    1. The number of Americans who now have health insurance has increased by more than 20 million since ObamaCare was passed. That’s 20 million people who, unlike Athos, will not need to go into bankruptcy if they have a major health crisis.
    2. People no longer have to worry that having had prostate cancer will make themselves uninsurable or cause their insurance rates to be jacked up. I mean, after all, half of all non-elderly adults have a pre-existing condition.
    3. Kids can now stay on their parent’s insurance plan until they turn 26.

    You want more?

  123. NYPete says:

    Oh, and I am glad to see that, at long last, Athos acknowledges that global warming isn’t a “hoax,” and that it is happening at a fast pace because of fossil fuel use. Good for him!
    Of course, he somehow believes that the rapid warming of our planet is great news. Think about that as you observe the SouthWest megadrought — the worst in 1200 years.

  124. Athos says:

    petey, please. Health care insurance IS NOT health care. Once again (is it on purpose that you ignore this??) check with the VA and all the veterans that have health care for free but can’t get the procedures in a reasonable time (or perhaps not at all because they die!) You are a typical lefty that cares nothing for the individuals that are suffering as long as your narrative has good intentions.

    Now, pay close attention petey, I’m gonna teach you some truth…NOBODY cares about your intentions…you are JUDGED on your actions. And Zero care was a complete failure.

    And for God’s sake, petey, when will you learn how to read with some rudimentary comprehension? The warming of our planet IS GOOD for our species! Smoke a blunt and chill out, lefty-man. You’ll be able to go with the flow (and not look so ignorant!)

  125. NYPete says:

    1. Okay, you think there is no difference between having health insurance and not having health insurance. I wonder if you thought that back when you had to declare bankruptcy because you didn’t have health insurance.
    2. If anyone wants a good insight into what Republicans are all about these days, check out the assertion above that what is happening to global temperatures is a good thing.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Pete the problem is that you keep treating Athos as an adult to be reasoned with instead of recognizing that he’s a child that can’t be reasoned with.

    I mean for him to keep repeating nonsensical bumper sticker slogans like “health insurance isn’t heath care” proves that he can’t understand that without health insurance there is no health care similarly without money there is no health care but he keeps repeating this nonsense as if it makes sense. And here you are trying to make him understand when he simply either can’t or won’t.

  127. Oh, the Omniscient One speaks LOL

  128. Anonymous says:

    Hello Daryl.

    You get this right? That health insurance entitles an individual to some health care and that without health insurance a person won’t be able to get the care that a person with health insurance can get right?

    So you understand that the nonsense that Athos is arguing about here is a childish way to avoid communication right? It doesn’t accomplish anything in that regard right? You get that cause you’re an intelligent adult right?

    Or no?

  129. I understand that my friend Danny that owns a cattle ranch could no longer afford his insurance for his family because his rates wen’t through the roof because of the ObamaCare subsidy; hence 4 people lost their insurance and he had to pay the penalty for 4 people until Trump canceled that terribly unfair penalty. So you don’t give a fuck about Danny’s family as long as you have your subsidized BS. When the family got covid in December 2020 they just sucked it up without going to the doctor. A ranch hand like family member, his wife died in that ranch outbreak. I doubt Larry and his wife had insurance for the same reason Danny and his family didn’t, if you don’t qualify for subsidy it is to FING expensive.

    You passed ObamaCare for yourself and took another’s insurance away, and made those of us with it pay a hell of a lot more. You. all wouldn’t know or care about those dynamic as beneficiaries of the extortion instead of it’s victims.

    Cheers, Fenito, that is all I am going to see in the pissing contest. PS my sons don’t have insurance.

  130. Anonymous says:

    Boy that sure is a long way of agreeing Daryl, or did you disagree.

    And why is it so hard to just answer the question with a simple response like “yes” or “no”?

  131. NYPete says:

    I strongly suspect that Darryl’s story about his friend “Danny” is apocryphal. In any event, it makes no sense – it is impossible to parse. And the employer responsibility requirement only applies to employers with 50 or more full-time employees. Plus, ObamaCare hasn’t made much of a change in non-Exchange insurance prices — it has simply given millions and millions more Americans health insurance for themselves and their families. Those are the ones Darryl refers to as “beneficiaries of extortion.”

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