Difference of opinions and equal opportunity foul-ups

Today the print editions of he morning newspaper and the insert from a former newspaper carried contrasting lede editorials on whether Clark County School Superintendent Jesus Jara should be allowed to keep his job as the matter comes up at today’s school board meeting.

The R-J points out that student achievement under Jara has been abysmal. Granted there has been a pandemic, but the paper editorializes, “Mr. Jara had the no-win task of leading the district though a pandemic. That was disruptive and beyond the district’s control. But leaders are paid to adapt and overcome, not to be swept helplessly along by current events.”

Not only have basic proficiency scores plummeted, the paper notes, but under Jara the district has weakened its grading policy:

“Instead of a renewed focus on academic excellence — particularly after the disaster of remote learning — Mr. Jara pushed this summer to dumb down the district’s grading policy. Allowing numerous test retakes and mandating minimum scores of 50 percent should push grades higher, even if students know less. This is a fraud on parents and an affront to students who take their classroom work seriously.”

Meanwhile, over at the Sun insert the lede editorial is headlined: “CCSD superintendent has earned support of community, school board.”

The uberliberal paper attributes opposition to Jara to the allegedly right-wing anti-vax and anti-mask crowd and shrug off the pathetic lack of academic accomplishment by the superintendent and his underlings.

The editorial blathers:

“Ideally, board members would pull together and support Jara as he continues to lead the district out of the crisis, as opposed to serving a loud group of anti-vax, anti-mask parents whose heads have been filled with misinformation and disinformation on vaccines and COVID safety. If left to their own devices, these parents would throw caution to the wind and leave children at risk.”

In an incredible display of that much touted equity, the Sun editorial was supposed to have been printed Wednesday, but via some unexplained backshop error the entire Wednesday editorial page was actually the same as was printed on Oct. 22, and today the R-J online lede editorial online is the same as was printed on Oct. 12.

Nice to have opinion options … and fair is fair.

6 comments on “Difference of opinions and equal opportunity foul-ups

  1. JL Smith says:

    This is so damn funny. And of course you are the one who noticed it and pointed it out.

  2. Everybody needs an editor … and a proof reader.

  3. It is 3 p.m. and the R-J online opinion page still has the Oct. 12 editorial atop it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That bitterness will eat you up inside Thomas.

    Better to let it go.

  5. Rincon says:

    It does seem pretty funny, but I have often seen two different columnists or editorial writers present widely differing views of the same event in larger newspapers. I think the main laugh, if I understand the situation, is that the Sun was supposed to be folded into the Review Journal. Maybe not so well in this case.

  6. Athos says:

    Uberliberal? Hank Greenspun must be rolling over in his grave. This new crop is Uberleftist (aka socialist/communist/Marxist) so making mistakes don’t matter, do they?

    And Jara is gone, but I couldn’t watch anymore to find out the fate of president Linda Cavazos, but she definitely needs to go. What’s been done to our children has been criminal (in my eyes) and will take years to correct. Not just the learning, but the ability to ACT as students and deal with life, classmates, schedules and decorum.

    I hope the lawsuit ($200 million) against these cretins teaches future board members (and superintendents) a lesson.

    Hey Jara, how’s that “restorative justice” working out for ya?

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