How could Trump incite a riot that started before his inciting comment?

Article of impeachment introduced today

According to a text of President Trump’s Jan. 6 speech, he delivered the “fight like hell” comment on the Ellipse near the White House at about a minute and a half before ending his speech, which, according to NPR, was 1:11 p.m. According to USA Today, “Rioters begin grappling with police on the Capitol steps” at 1:10 p.m.

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  1. Bob Coffin says:

    Tom, he told the crowd he would be with them and then chickened out. Do not forget that. And, stop niggling with a tick tock on this
    In a riot nothing is precise.

  2. But shouldn’t an article of impeachment be precise?

  3. WSJ: “Democratic leaders said the House planned to hold a vote Tuesday night on the resolution demanding that Vice President Mike Pence invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, and scheduled a vote for Wednesday on impeaching the president.”

  4. Bill says:

    Things are getting positively Orwellian and the First Amendment is merely collateral damage to the irrattionally possessed anti Trumpers. Rhetoric is now an impeachable offense in he bizarre world of Nancy Pelosi and much of the Establishment.

  5. Athos says:

    Tom, good to have you back, and great subject to bring up. Fortunately, I’m anonymous so our left leaning righteous citizens of the world can’t vandalize my home and try to have me fired.

    But to your point:

    Am I missing something here? Of all the Trump rallies I can’t think of 1 where there was violence. So this would make Jan. 3 a one off, right?

    HOWever, we’ve all been watching this type of destruction (actually, much worse) from Antifa and BLMers over the past 8 months. I’ve seen videos (never on the nightly news) of capitol police OPENING THE DOORS AND LETTING PEOPLE IN! That WV state senator that resigned (for being there) mentioned FIST BUMPING THE POLICEMAN THAT LET HIS GROUP IN (Sunday’s RJ)

    And now with less than 9 days to go, raging COVID, botched vaccination roll outs, and our IDIOT EVIL governor putting us on PAUSE (ie, DIE LAS VEGAS CASINOS!) for another 4 weeks (Science? We don’t need no stinking Science!)

    I’ve seen one photograph of a man posing in the capitol bldg with an ANTIFA tattoo on his hand. Have heard exactly BUTKISS on TV about this. Kind of reminds me about the Hunter Biden Story prior to the election.

    And now Parler is de-platformed by our big Tech Big Brothers. And anyone bringing up the OBVIOUS cheating in the election is to be censured, fired and what’s next? Jailed?

    It used to be a joke about how bad the government was in Russia – Stalin said “It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes”

    Who knew the Dems would incorporate that into their march to power?

  6. Athos says:

    I meant to say with 9 days to go our good elected “servants” can think of nothing more pressing that impeaching DT for the 2nd time.

    Wow. This insanity MUST stop. Actually, it’s immaturity. And Joe Biden is suppose to be the adult?

    This country need to turn back to the Lord.

  7. Athos says:

    OK. Last correction. It was Jan. 6, not Jan.3

    Good night

  8. NYPete says:

    12:15 pm:
    “Republicans are constantly fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back. It’s like a boxer, and we want to be so nice. We want to be so respectful of everybody, including bad people. We’re going to have to fight much harder and Mike Pence is going to have to come through for us. If he doesn’t, that will be a sad day for our country because you’re sworn to uphold our constitution. Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down. We’re going to walk down any one you want, but I think right here. We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

  9. NYPete says:

    I mean, I awoke from a four-year coma for this??

  10. Rincon says:

    I want to thank you guys for working so hard to help the Democrats gain control of Congress and the Presidency. The Democrats worked hard to alienate moderate voters (Defund the police –
    they really thought that would catch on?), but you and other Conservative radicals scared the American public even more than the Dems did. Good job!

    And now, you still find no fault with Trump. Not for sending his minions to rampage the Capitol, leaving four dead bodies in their wake and praising them via Twitter while the Capitol was being overrun; not by pressuring judges and state officials and doing everything he could to discredit our great American electoral system, the envy of the world, by screaming election fraud for three elections in a row, all in the absence of significant evidence; not by allowing 350,00 Americans (so far) to die because of his Administration’s negligence (Japan’s death rate for example, is less than 1% of ours and their economy is less affected as well); not for withholding Congressionally ordered military aid for Ukraine with several witnesses, several being his supporters, testifying that there was a clear quid pro quo; not for engaging Russia’s help in the campaign against Hillary and then refusing to criticize Russian misbehavior for 4 years; not for pardoning his henchmen, convicted by his own Justice Department, etc., etc.

    These, and 20 or more other scandals were all witch hunts, witch hunts I say! Grab your tin foil hats and head for Washington. Maybe you can help the Democrats even more.

  11. Steve says:

    Rincon’s takeaway here is all non D’s are Trumper zombies.

    Couldn’t be more incorrect, even if you tried.

  12. Rincon says:

    Only talking about the ones who willfully ignore his most egregious behavior and then nit pick Democrats. I still remember many here saying Hillary Clinton should be fired and/or jailed for the 4 lives lost in Benghazi. They now ignore the 5 dead bodies in DC, perhaps 2,000 in Puerto Rico, and 350,000 from COVID. You don’t see just the slightest double standard here?

  13. A says:

    100 years or so, ago, the USA was slammed by a pandemic.
    Much like this one.
    I maintain it does not matter who was running the national government because every political leader in the world screwed the pooch in varying ways. Some have been worse, some have been better in one way or the other. All have been poor at the job.
    I maintain the death rate from this pandemic would have remained much the same no matter who was running our federal government.
    Lets take that bit of hype off the table. Unless you want to talk about Gavin Newsome and their latest round of conspiracy claims in the recall effort, which is directly due to Newsome’s clear screw ups in attempting to “control” the viru…er… the people. Who would ever believe D’s could be just like R’s, say it ain’t so.

    If yer trying to conflate the hurricane with the federal government, well lets just hold on for a second cuz Peurto Rico initially claimed some 60 to 70 died as a result of that storm. “Perhaps” is a good word, perhaps it be a good idea to drop that toll from yer claim.

    As for the 5 dead on Wednesday, the investigations and arrests are under way…and there’s a metric ton of video and still image proof available. Are ya gonna tell me this guy is so powerful and so persuasive he could tell all his loyal followers to jump off a cliff unless they hadn’t first been radicalized by other influences? Ya know that’s true, it’s been all over the news for four years how Russian’s used social media to divide and radicalize the nation and they continue to this day.
    The investigations have already shown a months long planning process to get people to storm the capitol, all they needed was the crowd and a tiny little push. This is much larger than Trump, he’s just not that smart or persuasive when outside help is lacking.
    The video and imagery is all available here:

    And, as a reminder, I did not vote for Trump once, I did not vote for Trump twice I have never been impressed by anything the guy has ever done. But I do know this pic contains 3 of the only 4 impeached presidents in US history.

  14. Steve says:

    A? How’d that happen?

    It was me. Should’a been A+

  15. Steve says:

    Capitol building update:

    “Jess, do your shit,” said another. “This is what we fucking lived up for. Everything we fucking trained for.”

    See that? That phrase “trained for”,, this wasn’t Trump (he’s just not that smart) , it was planned. These groups used the event to their advantage. They were using Zello, an app that simulates walkie-talkies. The article makes clear the company is expelling as lot of extremist user groups now.

    From the article:
    The Zello user who described breaking into the Capitol building appears to be Jessica Watkins, a 38-year-old bartender from Ohio, who admitted to participating in the insurrection. Watkins told the Ohio Capital Journal she was the leader of a local militia called the Ohio State Regular and a member of the national Oath Keepers militia.

  16. Rincon says:

    I assume that you will accept no explanation for Benghazi even though you have put all kinds of excuses for Trump. Is that correct?

    Tearing these excuses apart point by point would take up a lot of time, but let’s look at just two:

    “All have been poor at the job.” All? Your evidence for this opinion of yours?

    I believe the California Constitution gives citizens the right to recall state officials for any or no particular offense, yes? Trump on the other hand, pressured judges, legislators, and other state officials into doing his bidding with no credible evidence or justification given. If I fraudulently accuse my neighbor of a crime, I can go to jail. Why should Trump be defended by anyone at all for perpetrating the same action upon state officials and judges?

  17. Bill says:

    Rincon. You are a bit confused. You say, “I believe the California Constitution gives citizens the right to recall state officials for any or no particular offense, yes?” What relevance is any State law regarding recall of state officials have to do with the President of the United States? I think Art 2, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution is the only thing applicable. If I am in error, please explain.

    You go and say, “Trump on the other hand, pressured judges, legislators, and other state officials into doing his bidding with no credible evidence or justification given.”
    What. If I fraudulently accuse my neighbor of a crime, I can go to jail. Why should Trump be defended by anyone at all for perpetrating the same action upon state officials and judges?”

    Exactly what was the “pressure” applied to these unnamed “judges, legislators and other state officials” that according to you, Trump “:pressured…into doing his bidding with no credible evidence or justification even”.

    What the hell are you saying? All you have done is blab out general non-specific conclusive statements that do not nor cannot, in a rationale society, be grounds for removal of the President of the United states.

    And, I am unaware of any State where if you accuse a neighbor of a crime that you can go to jail. Criminal libel essentially doesn’t exist anymore. Not only that it would take you at least 3 years in California to get on a trial docket if your neighbor brought a civil suit against you for “fraudulently” accusing him/her of a crime. Would you go to jail? Even if there was a crime and you were convicted, it is doubtful that in California that you cite, that you would go to jail considering the fact that California is in the process of early releasing thousands of sentenced prisoners because of Coronovirus and overcrowding.

    Don’t let your anti Trump emotions do harm to our legal processes and our democratic republic.

    e in jail for

  18. Steve says:

    Rincon gives Trump far too much credit.

    Trump is just not that smart, he simply does not have that much power over his loyalists.

    Rincon conveniently ignores the so called patriot movement groups like Oath Keepers who are the real issue in the breach of the capitol building.

    Here is more on that bit of reality:

    Sure, go ahead and keep laying blame at Trumps feet, it’s the “popular” thing to do.

    And, if they tell you to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge,,,,I suggest quickly developing a sense of reality.

  19. bc says:

    We can all split hairs on timing, did Trump actually say “do this” or “do that” or whatever, but in the end the storming of the Capitol last Wed is what he wanted to happen and according to his staffers was happy and excited during the riots. When he finally did speak up hours later you could almost imagine the staffers with a gun to his stupid head.

    Trump has a pathological need for adoration and just as strong of an aversion to losing. When it started to look last year that he might lose, and to Joe Biden of all people, he started his push of “they are cheating” theme. His fans and Fox took it up and gave him affirmation that if he lost it was because “they” cheated. And when he really did lose he continued with the charade.

    He had been telling the Nazis and patriot movement groups that he is one of them right from the beginning and they needed to ‘Stand up and stand by” for him.

    When Trumps court cases did not work out and bullying state level Sec of States and state Legislators did not work and even Mike Pence bailed on him, all that was left was to get the Congress to decree that he won. But then that was not going to happen so he sent his storm troopers in. He told them to be there on Jan 6, tweeted over and over as the 6th came closer and the Nazis and “Patriots” heard him loud and clear. Many of the people that were there and listening to his speech were just supporters and did not take part in the takeover, but some were and some were just caught up in the moment.

    Impeachable? Not for me to say but Mitch and the rest of the Republicans have had enough of the idiot and so has much of the country. There is a rift in the country that will take years to heal and much of it is because of Trump. Many others need to go as well, my own sitting Senator and Congresswoman will never again get my vote for their part in Trumps lunacy. 5 people died including an officer and much of the country now has unwarranted doubt in our election process and in democracy and that will be Trumps legacy.

    As to the question of how much does have that much control over his followers, he does have a lot of control over them and I think that control will be studied for many years to come.

  20. Steve says:

    I think the control issue is much more symbiotic, but the rest of that stands well, bc.

    For the most part, agreed.

  21. bc says:

    Steve, I agree on the symbiotic, can be a circle back and forth between he and those who follow him.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Trump is pure evil.

    “Over the last 72 hours, I have received multiple death threats and thousands upon thousands of emails from Christians saying the nastiest and most vulgar things I have ever heard toward my family and ministry. I have been labeled a coward, sellout, a traitor to the Holy Spirit, and cussed out at least 500 times.”

    This is the beginning of a Facebook post from Sunday by the conservative preacher Jeremiah Johnson. On Jan. 7, the day after the storming of the Capitol, Johnson had issued a public apology, asserting that God removed Donald Trump from office because of his pride and arrogance, and to humble those, like Johnson, who had fervently supported him.”

  23. Anonymous says:

    “ATLANTA — Prosecutors in Georgia appear increasingly likely to open a criminal investigation of President Trump over his attempts to overturn the results of the state’s 2020 election, an inquiry into offenses that would be beyond his federal pardon power.

    Some veteran Georgia prosecutors said they believed Mr. Trump had clearly violated state law.

    “If you took the fact out that he is the president of the United States and look at the conduct of the call, it tracks the communication you might see in any drug case or organized crime case,” said Michael J. Moore, the former United States attorney for the Middle District of Georgia. “It’s full of threatening undertone and strong-arm tactics.””

  24. Athos says:

    It saddens me to read you fellas comments. Like Bill I encourage you “Don’t let your anti Trump emotions do harm to our legal processes and our democratic republic.” and go one further and admonish you to not let your Trump hatred poison your thought processes.

    bc, you’re comparing Trump to Bin Laden (which has already been done) and your memory of the last 4 years (let alone, the “Summer of Love” 2020) is highly selective. Petey’s back (you haven’t posted anything since the Trump inauguration in 2017, huh? Were you the one lighting limo’s on fire??) And of course, little p (anny mouse) needs a few quotes from the NY Times to round out the lynching.

    All of you anti Trumpers ok with that 1 day impeachment procedure? Now that new evidence is coming out showing a planned event days before Trump’s speech, and BLM agitator getting arrested in Utah (after putting up his YouTube video of live footage in the Capital Building), Trumps YouTube and the Trial not beginning till Chuckie S is in charge of the Senate, do you think cooler heads will prevail and the country can get on with “healing”??

    Nah. Not you guys, huh?

    And what planet are you on to really believe Joe Biden (who couldn’t get 80 people to any of his rallies) some how got 80+million votes? It really saddens me to believe that many people hate Trump with such vitriol that they’d show up to vote against Trump.


    There was some strange things going on at 2am at some key polling places. And I’ll believe Nevada puts out a fair and honest election the day after SOMEONE cleans up our voter roles.

    One reason people loved Trump (and I am one of them) is he Loves America and wants to put us first. (there’s where that strong aversion to losing comes in handy, bc) I can’t say that for many of our elected leaders (or media types, or Hollywood types or professional athletes), and I FOR SURE can’t say that about Joe “the big guy” Biden. But Trump set it up in his Inaugural speech 4 years ago, didn’t he?

    He wanted to take the power away from DC (drain the swamp, all ready, will ya??) and give it back to the PEOPLE. And that’s what you all hate isn’t it, fellas? An outsider showing up and exposing the Press for what they are, and showing how incompetent and corrupt DC insiders are.

    Anybody pick up Jim Comey’s new book “SAVING JUSTICE Truth, Transparency, and Trust”??

    Too bad we live in a “woke” environment. This comedy just writes itself!

  25. bc says:

    Bin Ladin? Name never crossed my mind. Still not sure about the impeachment because yes, there is not enough time and I am not all that keen on a trial after he is out of the office. How does a former President defend himself when all of his records are being gathered up by the National Archives people for whatever he ends up doing for a library and his people have scattered to the four winds.

    As for the election, Trump lost. How? Lot of reasons, he is a divider, not someone who brings people together, can’t tell the truth, thrives on chaos and America does not like that much chaos from its president. But the main reason he lost was his poor response to the pandemic. Had Covid not hit he probably would be readying for his second inauguration on Wed. I The only thing that would have stopped him was the economy, world was slowing down beginning summer of ’19 and he was struggling to adapt. If Covid had not hit and the economy recovered to some degree by last summer he would likely have won.

    Outsider? Last insider we had for president was Bush 41 and probably Nixon before him and that was because they were both Veeps, The last true insider was Johnson and agree or not with what he wanted to do, being an insider he was very effective in getting his desired changed completed.

    Loves America? The only thing DJT loves is DJT and as an extension of himself his children. There was no giving power back to the people in anything he did

    The storming of the Capitol was what he wanted, had been pushing for it to happen for months as he saw his attempts to overturn the election all fail. Did he get down and coordinate with the various groups and plan this all out? No, he is too lazy to do that much work but it is what he wanted and pushed for in his speeches and he knew that his followers would take the hint. His strong aversion to losing has nothing to do with us as a nation not losing, only himself not losing.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I remember a guy posting after Trump stole the last election with the help of his Russian bosses that “we now have a guy that isn’t going to play by no Marquis of Queensbury Rules” and was damn proud of it.

    Now, he’s turned into the sniveling whiner that he’s always been when, in his estimation, the democrats aren’t playing fair and we ain’t even got our guy in office yet.

    Say it with me Athos President Joe Biden. Damn that sounds good!

    And what surprising is not that Joe got more votes that the Dotard the real surprise is that 4 years after alienating the entire country one demographic at a time, and doing all he could to undo this country one piece at a time, telling the country that the Constitution says he gets to do whatever he wants, repeatedly, then doing it without regard for the laws or the Constitution, that ANYONE would vote for this fascist POS other than possibly another fascist POS.

    No more Marquis of Queensbury Rules though Althos, enjoy that!

  27. The deficit is already spiraling out of control. Wait till Biden gets his hands on it.

  28. Steve says:

    The higher the deficit, the larger the savings in the economy. It’s not an issue because Congress is the only authorized issuer of money in the USA. In fact, inflation at or near zero tells me Congress needs to issue more dollars, a lot more dollars. Until inflation starts to show up again. Inflation indicates a lowering of the value of each dollar, this means we don’t have enough dollars in the money supply.
    That hurts the economy more than anything else.

  29. Rincon says:

    I think b.c. is pretty much on the money.

    Seems to me the Democrats would have been wiser to forget about impeachment and just let Trump fade into infamy. I believe the vast majority of Americans, including a great many Republicans, are tired of him in every way and are anxious to move on to better things. As Ford had done with Nixon, Biden should consider pardoning Trump. The last thing we need is to energize his base and fracture America all the more. Any criminal trial would quickly turn into a freak show and grab headlines for months, denying Biden the bully pulpit and impairing his ability to lead.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Biden needs to declare trump an enemy combatant, render him off to a black site, then subject him to some harsh interrogation to be broadcast on nationwide pay per view with the proceeds to go to pay for building migrant housing where Mara Lago stands, then, after he has left this world, disperse his remains at sea Osama Bin Laden style so that his followers do not make a shrine out of his final resting place.

    I am willing to make the personal sacrifice of not having a place to release my bladder so that the world will be rid of this evil.

    No, allowing trump to leave without the American people issuing a final verdict on his despicable conduct would be contrary to morality and the law.

  31. Athos says:

    bc and Rinny, you folks ok with anny mouse (patrick)’s solution for Trump? Does that “sound about right on the money”? Or is that just SOP for your new Democrat party?

    So, just to recap, you all are OK with paying off those student loans, banning fracking, joining the Paris accords, opening up the border and allowing all immigrants full US welfare? And minimum wage of $15/hr put on all those mom and pop businesses that Kung Flu hasn’t bankrupted yet? Bet you’re real proud of that Biden goodie, huh?

    I know I left a few other goodies out, like Jack Dorsey banning all conservative speech on Twitter, and the Lincoln project fellas making sure no Trump appointee gets a job, and no Trump business or golf course can operate in the US. And Trump needs to be air brushed out of “Home Alone II”.

    That’s your side, fellas. And bc, just to point out the obvious, Trump WASN’T a career politician like Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, and anyone that’s proud of what LBJ did, knows NOTHING about freedom.

    But then, you’re a Democrat, aren’t you, And all that’s important is Power.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “The Constitution says I get to do whatever I want”
    -Donald Trump

    “He’s right”
    -far right wing “constitutionalists” while Donald Trump is in office

    “All Democrats want is power”
    -far right wing “constitutionalists” the day after Trump is forced from office

  33. bc says:

    I’m not a Democrat, I am a never Trumper Republican, one of those US Citizens in his own party that the President of the United States called Scum.

    Trump? Sure he was not a politician, more someone who wanted only to be famous, kind of like the Kardashians.

    Failed in business, only reason he has any money now is he does not pay his bills. Even now he has said he will not pay Rudy what he owes him which is par for the course for Trump. His bankruptcy of the Trump Taj Mahal was legendary, he knew it was going under because he built the wrong place for the tour bus market of Atlantic City. So he went public and sold small pieces of it to regular people all over the country. Sold them some bull story of ownership and right to use the place. Took the money from selling the stock then declared the place bankrupt. He did not care about all the little people whom he sold the place to that were out their money, he had his. City tore down the place years later and sold it for pennies on the dollar to what Trump paid for it.

    Trump losing again in politics? Back to his normal bag of tricks. Go to the same people he sold his hotel to only now use his showmanship skills to convince them that the world is going bad for you but I alone can fix it! Add a deal with the evangelicals to get rid of abortion by replacing the judiciary which also pleases the mainline party folks and he is set. But since everything Trump touches dies he lost re-election. So he tries to bankrupt the electoral system by telling everyone he won and the other side cheated. Use the system against itself till he can get them to declare him President again. This failed when the Nazis and white supremist take his call to overthrow Congress serious and on live national TV five people including a police officer die and and a crazy looking guy in fur and a horned hat is sitting in the speakers chair and word leaks out that the President of the United States was loving the show and did not want to stop it. Great optics.

    Obama, Bush Jr., Carter and Clinton were not insiders. Obama was a back bench freshman senator just finishing his first year when he announced his run for president, Bush was in oil and baseball prior to being the Texas governor for 6 years and Carter was a nuclear engineer in submarines then a peanut farmer before becoming governor of Georgia. Clinton was a career politician in Arkansas, Attorney General then Governor for 10-11 years, but being a governor of Arkansas does not really make him an insider in Washington. Obama, Bush and Carter probably would have been more successful had they had more experience in politics.

  34. Athos says:

    bc, as a “Never-Trumper” the term “Scum” is too lenient. And for the record, Trump didn’t run for President to become “famous” (“kind of like the Kardashians…”) he was already there. He ran to try and prevent America from becoming a globalist entity, instead of the once proud nation I was raise in.

    “Build the Wall!!” Protect our society. There are ONLY two genders and they certainly aren’t fluid. But Biden’s gonna change all that, isn’t he, bc? And I’m sure Biden’s gonna send our boys back to die in the MidEast (cause you war hawks just love to send someone else’s kid to die for oil, huh?)

    Sure glad you got it all figured out, bc. You, petey, little p and Rinny should make real good bedfellows.

    And if the election was on the “up and up” like you claim, I’m sure Biden’s gonna look into all those irregularities that occurred, right? Probably right after he clears the air about his son calling him “the big guy”. right?


    Oh, I forgot. Biden’s YOUR man, isn’t he?

  35. bc says:

    And yes, he was already famous, he became famous just like the Kardashians did. I may have voted for Biden, but at least I did not vote for the guy who fomented insurrection, that is your guy.

  36. bc says:

    Investigate the election? I don’t know what his plan is, but since it has already been investigated by the FBI, DOJ, Federal Cybersecurity folks, and after Trump reshaped the Fed judiciary, the election was litigated in what, 60 lawsuits including the SCOTUS with its 6-3 conservative majority and they all said nothing there. Bill Barr even said there was nothing there. Add to that a bunch of recounts including a manual recount in Georgia that also said there is nothing there. I would think that Biden will get on with moving us all forward.

    I mentioned Trumps name calling because really, that is so 2nd grade, maybe first grade. So beneath him and the position he holds. But he never understood the position he holds and the responsibilities we all entrusted in him. He is such a child, and that is why the country fired him.

  37. Athos says:

    “Bill Barr even said there was nothing there…” That’s not what Bill Barr said. Are you getting your news from CNN? “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” Barr told the AP. That was posted December 1, 2020

    As to the FBI, you mean those fellas that investigated Hillary emails, Weiner laptop, Epstein “suicide”, Hunter’s laptop? And the only thing they scored on was Nascar Garage Pulls? (pretty amazing the amount of resources they poured into that one, heh?)

    There are over 1000 affidavits of people that saw suspicious behavior in and around the voting places. Including videos! These have not been addressed (to the best of my knowledge) and the court cases (including Supremes) dealt with “standing” whatever the hell that means in a court of law. (which is why I avoid going to court – they have their own language and their own set of rules that no one can interpret. Right?)

    And no one in there right mind would argue that Big Tech (twitter and facebook) had a hand in suppressing news that could have hurt Biden and helped Trump, leading up to the election.

    And NOW conservative voices are being silenced by big Tech (or doxxed by leftist leaning trolls) that want to punish 74+Million Americans that voted for Trump.

    His name calling? Like calling people “Hitler”? Or “Nazi”? or White Supremacist? Or Klansman? Funny how the left never calls people “Stalinite” or Maoist, isn’t it?

    Makes a person wonder….

  38. Rincon says:

    Thomas. you niggled at the “timing” of the insurrection attempt. As long as we’re looking at timing, let’s check the timeline of this event, and what Trump did that afternoon, and, more importantly, what he FAILED to do. As you said, the Capitol was stormed at 1:10 PM. Mr. Trump didn’t see fit to do anything at all until 2:24 PM when, fully aware of the assault on the nation’s capitol, he tweeted, ” “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!”

    Trump’s duty was to address the crowd, preferably in person, and say something to the effect that rule of law is more important than any individual or movement and that rule of law would serve to enable Trump to be reelected in 2024. He should have asked the invaders to withdraw immediately. And he should have said it long before 2:24 PM. Instead, he intentionally poured gasoline on a fire. At that moment, Trump committed the most heinous act a President can commit – treason.

    At 4:17 PM, Trump, after realizing that there was no nationwide uprising, finally asked the rioters to go home, while telling them how wonderful they are.

    Trump finally sent the National Guard at 5:02 PM, almost 4 hours after he should have done so.
    This, of course, is after he, without meaningful evidence, attempted to delegitimize and undermine one of our most precious assets as a country, our electoral system, along with dozens of scandals and entirely suspicious behaviors.
    AND THOMAS MITCHEL STILL SUPPORTS HIM. Is this correct, or is there perhaps a more reasonable explanation of your words? I await your reply.

  39. I did not vote for Trump the first time, have been critical of his spending and think he was overreacting by claiming to have won in a landslide. There was vote fraud, but was it enough to change the outcome? I don’t know. Trump did some good things for the economy. He is neither a saint nor evil incarnate.

  40. Rincon says:

    Thank you Thomas. I feel a bit better, but tell me, did you say the same thing about voter fraud when Al Gore lost by 537 votes in a single state whereas Trump needed tens of thousands of votes in each of at least 3 states to win? I suspect not. And do you commonly waffle about accusations made with no significant evidence – especially by boys who have cried wolf? Trump set up a commission to investigate voter fraud in the 2016 election, which disbanded after finding nothing. He also accused Ted Cruz of electoral fraud in the 2016 Iowa primary, again without evidence. Does anyone see a pattern here?

    And am I correct that your view of the tweet about Mike Pence was just an oopsie? I mean, what’s wrong with egging on a mob when they’re on your side, even if people are killed and legislators are at risk, right?

  41. Rincon says:

    Oops, The sentence should read, “And am I correct that your view of the tweet about Mike Pence was THAT IT was just an oopsie?

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