Public sector jobs vs. private sector jobs

So, Gov. Steve Sisolak’s plan for cutting state spending this coming fiscal year calls for a freeze on merit raises and filling job vacancies and one-day-a-month “furloughs” and laying off no more than 50 state public employees, according to the morning paper.

We wonder what the more than 335,000 drawing unemployment and the thousands more simply out of work think of that concern for public sector workers. According to a DETR email this morning, “Through the week ending June 6, there have been 517,925 initial claims filed in 2020, 496,273 of which have come in the last thirteen weeks.”

“The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to take a different direction with our state budget in response to our changed economic reality,” the compassionate governor was quoted as saying. “I know for many state employees, layoffs, furloughs, and budget cuts are all too familiar and create tremendous hurdles in the work of serving our state.”

3 comments on “Public sector jobs vs. private sector jobs

  1. Robert Mains says:

    Government workers need to learn to deal with it. I am sure that the majority of them are expendable

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    Sisolak can start by firing the top managers at DETR! They are responsible for causing stress, pain and hardships for thousands of Nevadans, many who still haven’t seen a dime in unemployment benefits! Talk about incompetence, they take the cake.

  3. Fredh says:

    did the government employees receive 1200 dollars, paid out through congress. Most gov. employees did not lose their jobs and those on pensions are guarantee their pensions. What are the repercussions shutting down all sports. What are we going to do with the stadiums, the hotels, restaurants? The stadiums were built with taxpayer’s dollars. The players do not care about the men who died in our wars.

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