Good faith? Good grief

President Trump is expected to shortly sign an executive order intended to punish social media companies that fail to act in what the order describes as “good faith,” according to CNN, which reviewed a copy of the draft order.

Such action would fold, spindle and mutilate the First Amendment.

The order apparently is his tantrum response to Twitter attaching a fact check link to two of his Tweets railing against the use of absentee ballots in Nevada and other states.

CNN reports that the executive order reinterprets the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which provides immunity from litigation for websites that allow individuals to post commentary, unlike print publications that can be sued for whatever they choose to print, even though it may be from an outside source, such as a letter to the editor.

“In a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand-pick the speech that Americans may access and convey online,” CNN quotes from the draft order. “This practice is fundamentally un-American and anti-democratic. When large, powerful social media companies censor opinions with which they disagree, they exercise a dangerous power.”

The proper response to speak one does not like is more speak, not gags. Trump has a bully pulpit he can use. Use it, but stop trying to gag others.

The First Amendment prohibits government from abridging speech or press. Private parties can do what they wish. Trump is government.


12 comments on “Good faith? Good grief

  1. reziac says:

    The problem is that Twitter is using the safe harbor provision of being a mere “service provider” (so they’re not legally liable for any content posted by anyone) while still censoring content as a private company may legally do. Do you want them to continue to have it both ways??

    That is what Trump, and many other people, are complaining about. We’re good with Twitter EITHER censoring as a private entity, OR being a service provider and keeping its mitts out of our posts. We’re NOT good with them being allowed to do both.

  2. Maybe Scarborough will sue Trump over his Tweets about the young woman who died in his office years ago.

  3. WSJ edit board has a good point about Twitter playing into Trump’s hands for no good reason. His Tweets were being roundly criticized already.

  4. says: &utm_medium=cpc&utm_id=newsroom&utm_campaign=TWT+-+DSA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyJ67iInX6QIVvh-tBh0lSwHREAMYASAAEgIS9PD_BwE

  5. Steve says:


    The more drama Jack Dorsey creates, the more ads he sells.

    FUD is a great revenue generator.

  6. Rincon says:

    Thank you Thomas, for properly criticizing a Conservative hero when he stepped out of line.

    What’s really funny is how everyone here is debating whether Twitter’s fact check was proper, but no one condemned the shameful lie that Trump promulgated in the first place.

    And everybody here ignored three other whoppers told by Trump in just this week alone, as reported by Politifact:

    1) “Mail-in voting. Trump said that California Gov. Gavin Newsom “is sending Ballots to millions of people, anyone living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one” and the election is “rigged.” Pants on Fire! Because of the risk of COVID-19, Newsom ordered counties to send mail-in ballots to registered voters, not “anyone.” Election experts have found voter fraud is exceedingly rare for mail-in voting.

    2) Who supported Nancy Pelosi for House speaker. While endorsing a Republican for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, Trump took a swipe at Democratic incumbent Conor Lamb. Lamb, Trump said, is “a puppet for Crazy Nancy Pelosi. He said he would NOT vote for her for Speaker, and did.” That’s Pants on Fire. Lamb said he wouldn’t vote for her and actually didn’t. Lamb voted for U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts instead.

    3) Whether Joe Scarborough murdered his staff member. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually really sad. In 2001, a female staff member to then-Rep. Joe Scarborough was found dead in a Florida district office. The medical examiner determined she died when a heart problem caused her to faint and hit her head on the edge of a desk. Scarborough was in Washington, D.C. at the time of death, there has been no evidence to suggest foul play, and no official call to revisit the incident. That hasn’t stopped Trump from claiming that there are “many unanswered and obvious questions” that law enforcement should look into about Scarborough, who is now host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” We rated the claim Pants on Fire.”

    Amazing! Trump is a one man propaganda wagon, and most of the people here defend him unquestioningly. The only difference between Viktor Orban in Hungary and Donald Trump in the US is that we have stronger Constitutional safeguards than Hungary. We are very lucky to have them.

  7. Rincon says:

    To go ever so slightly off subject, I want to revisit a discussion from over a year ago. Several of us were debating whether the economy was better off before FDR began a pattern of economic tinkering by government. The May 16th issue of the Economist, p. 56, strongly suggests that the economy was better after 1933 by a good margin. A bar graph about the founding of new companies happened to show recessions from 1857 to the present. Prior to 1933, recessions were in effect the majority of the time! Recessions were far less frequent after that. It’s a dramatic change. The graph did not address the intensity of the recessions.

  8. Trump is not a conservative, much less a conservative hero. He is a pompous self-aggrandizer, who will say anything to get attention. But like a blind hog he finds an acorn every now and then, such as tax cuts.

  9. On the other hand, many economists says FDR prolonged the Depression and even made things worse:

  10. Athos says:

    Twitter makes $$$$$ from Trump tweets. So do all the MSM! I genuinely enjoy Trump poking the bear. And I only wish he WERE a conservative! But I’ve been waiting for 31 years for a conservative with cojones to be our leader. Even if it’s by mistake, I’ll take Trump over Bush, Mittons, Rubio, Cruz etc, etc.

    Really Rin? FDR and Keynesian economics saved our country from the depression? Oh, I forgot that FDR is a God for you Democrats, huh?

    To quote the Hulk: “Puny god.”

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