You can’t handle the truth

The state of Nevada abruptly shutdown two operations that were administering antibody tests to determine whether people had possibly developed an immunity to the coronavirus, according to the morning paper.

Officials at Sahara West Urgent Care & Wellness confirmed the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services shutdown testing that had begun this past week. Cura Telehealth began testing Tuesday but by midafternoon its the licensed nurse practitioner overseeing testing quit, described as being overwhelmed by the turnout. The operation was told by the state it could not continue with only physician assistants doing the testing. Both were doing drive through testing operations.

The story reported, “Health department representatives could not be reached for comment.” The tests were halted despite the fact the Food and Drug Administration, which has not yet approved an antibody test for this virus, has allowed companies to manufacture and distribute tests.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said the White House coronavirus task force has been discussing the idea of “certificates of immunity,” which could be issued to people who had previously been infected, according to The New York Times. “As we get to the point of considering opening the country,” he told the paper, “it is very important to understand how much that virus has penetrated society.”

This could allow those who are immune to return to work. Many people have been exposed to the virus and developed immunity but showed no symptoms. Researchers in Iceland reported 50 percent of their novel coronavirus cases who tested positive had no symptoms, according to Healthline.

Dr. Vit Kraushaar, medical investigator for the Southern Nevada Health District, told the morning newspaper the problem with some antibody tests is that they test positive for other types of coronaviruses, such as the common cold. “So you see that you test positive, and you think it’s because you had COVID.” But it could be another type of coronavirus. “We still don’t really have a good sense of whether this provides long-term immunity. … So I think some of those things need to be answered before we started doing mass testing.”

The perfect is the enemy of the good?

An article in USA Today cited comments by Dr. Fauci on CNN that antibody testing can show who has developed immunity to the coronavirus and can safely go back to work without getting reinfected. “As we get to the point of at least considering opening up the country, as it were, it’s very important to appreciate and understand how much this virus is penetrating this society,” he said.

The state of Nevada doesn’t think you can handle the information a test can provide, even with the caveat that it is not perfect.

13 comments on “You can’t handle the truth

  1. Bill says:

    Bureaucracy always trumps common sense. When choosing a path to follow, the first law of bureaucracy is to say NO.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “I fear for our beloved republic”


  3. Anonymous says:

    “have been exposed to the virus and developed immunity but showed no symptoms.”

    This was some statement there Thomas. As far as I know there’s not a shred of evidence that anyone has developed immunity. In fact, what I’ve read is that not only haven’t they found anyone with immunity, at least 91 people that they know of had the virus, then were tested and found “virus free” deemed to have therefore recovered, but then after being re-tested, were found to have active virus in their systems.

    This is really frightening proposition.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s one article about immunity to the virus and the “re-activation” of it even after testing showed the victim was virus free:

    “However, data also suggests there are patients who may not build up any immunity to the new coronavirus—and therefore might be at risk of reinfection. Lipsitch notes that South Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 91 patients who had been infected with the new coronavirus and later tested negative for the virus, then later retested positive for the virus. While the report raises the possibility of reinfection, it’s also possible that the “patients had a false negative test in the middle of an ongoing infection, or that the infection had temporarily subsided and then re-emerged,” Lipsitch writes.

    Further, one study on the new coronavirus indicates that not every patient has the same immune response to infection, meaning some patients may be more susceptible to reinfection than others.”

  5. Anomalies are, well, anomalies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Did you ever find a source that said anyone has developed immunity to this virus?

  7. It is always too soon to tell with this stuff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well so much for bureaucracy Thomas, your buddy has decided to burn down the Reichstag.

    Metaphorically speaking obviously, he’s just going to do away with Congress.

    Will this provoke the outrage from the right that I became so accustomed to for 8 years starting around 2009?

    “”Perhaps it’s never been done before, nobody’s even sure if it has,” Trump said. “But we’re going to do it. We need these people here. We need people for this crisis, and we don’t want to play any more political games.”

  9. Athos says:

    If I were Pence, I’d ask all those lovely Senators how their vacation is going! Then I’d tell them to get Pelousy out of her bunker and bring Congress back to DC and get to work

    “certificates of immunity,” why not put yellow stars on our clothing to let everyone know who we are? Oh yeah. We’re the USA and we don’t need no stinking papers!

    Sisolaugh is clearly over his head. Here’s a question I’d be asking if I was the Gov. Why is California’s death count so low compared to NY? For that matter, NYC has the bulk of NY’s deaths so what up with that? Is there any truth that demographics may drive this disease? We (NV) have been shut down for a month now and have only 130 deaths (and from the reports I read, the hospitals are 50% or less capacity)

    I wonder what Nevada’s death count was January 1, 2020 to March 1, 2020. How many people died natural deaths vs disease?

  10. Athos says:

    Oh, and Annie, if Trump were to adjourn both chambers of congress (cause they ain’t there anyhow) he could get a ton of recess appointments. Be a real good move for the USA

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Athos, I’ve decided (after this response) to cut all further communication with you based on your….idiocy.

    Good luck with things.

  12. ATHOS says:

    And you, too, little p. Sorry I rained on your George Soros parade.

    Must chap your butt to find people still believing in their inalienable rights. And Christians that believe in God. And must really spin your gyros to see Trump WINNING!

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