Are we merely delaying the inevitable?

I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just let this virus run its course.

After shutting down businesses and laying off workers for several weeks, costing untold amounts of money, the virus will still be lurking out there.

When will it be safe to venture out?

Will someone find a vaccine or treatment in the meantime?

Are we merely delaying the inevitable?

Meanwhile, the market has burned through trillions of dollars of savings.

7 comments on “Are we merely delaying the inevitable?

  1. Steve says:

    If yer not sellin’, yer not losin’.

    Ride it out.

    In fact, it is well nigh time to buy.

  2. Athos says:

    Interesting thought, Thomas. Seeing how this virus seems to attack the elderly, those with respiratory ailments and the immune compromised; and we have 76 million seniors in our country, we could fix social security and medicare insolvency over the next 6weeks.

    Silver lining in every cloud, eh?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Would the passing along of corona virus from one libertarian with a small l to another person constitute a violation of the Libertarian with a big L “principle” of non-aggression?

  4. reziac says:

    Eventually we’ll all be exposed, that’s inevitable. But the point of quarantines and travel restrictions is to slow down transmission, so healthcare doesn’t get overwhelmed because all the serious cases (mostly elderly) show up at the same time. But slow it down, that spreads ’em out and you don’t run out of hospital beds.

    The worst thing would be for everyone to get it at once — that’s what happened in China, and now in Iran, and it’s why they’re stacking up bodies.

  5. Rincon says:

    There is one country that has demonstrated to the rest how virus prevention should be done. Despite being the nation with the second greatest risk forecast due to the number of citizens returning from China during the early stages of the outbreak, Taiwan has only 49 cases and one death. They used a variety of common sense techniques that we never considered. One of the most effective is one that our knot headed libertarians (with a small l) would never have stood for and our equally knot headed President would never have approved. Visitors from Wuhan were banned and Taiwan nationals returning from there were quarantined for 14 days. They have also taken many innovative steps such as checking the temperature of every school child every day, but they have not had to close schools so far as I know.

    This administration apparently did little in the early stages. Because of their lack of foresight, entire industries have shut down and trillions of dollars have been lost at a minimum. Trump is still leading poorly. While he takes it seriously enough to ban travelers from Europe, he refuses the simple expedient of not shaking hands of dozens of supporters in public. And he somehow blames Obama for the problem, even though it was Trump who fired the US Pandemic Response Team.

  6. WSJ Best of the Web: “The politicians are turning off huge parts of the economy without knowing for sure whether they are actually preventing or simply delaying some fatal outcomes—and at enormous cost to Americans.”

    Where have we heard that before?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Boy, you guys never stop do you? You guys on the right I mean.

    Although there’s a pay wall on the article and I didn’t get to read it all, I saw enough to know how stupid the author is.

    “Poor old Mr. trump sir. Being bullied by them bad old democrats into ACTUAL socialism (governments that own/control the means of production).

    My ass.

    And I have to say how disappointed I am to “hear” nothing around here and across the entire far right wing world of Tea Party Patriots et al., but whistling as Trump goes full blown FDR, and those lords of capitalism in every corner of John Gault’s world shove their hands into the taxpayers faces and wail GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME!

    Oh Masters Of The Universe, you gods of the free market, what hath become of you? Simpering, socialist, crawled no wretches.

    And from the right?

    “It’s the Democrats fault we have to be socialists”


    “There are no atheists (capitalists) in a foxhole (downturn)”


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