When ‘A Clockwork Orange’ becomes reality

Forced speech is not free speech — even if the motives appear admirable.

This week the U.S. Supreme Court, without comment, refused to hear an appeal of a 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding a Kentucky law requiring doctors, prior to performing abortions, to have ultrasounds prepared and shown to the woman seeking the abortion, along with the playing of audio of the fetal heartbeat — no matter the wishes of the doctor or the patient.

These are dubbed informed consent laws. Consent is certainly best obtained from the informed, but by force?

A doctor failing to do so faces fines and the possible loss of medical license.

Frankly, it sounds rather like the brutal aversion therapy prescribed in “A Clockwork Orange.”

The AP says the woman may avert her eyes and cover her ears, but how long before that is prohibited by law in the name of informed consent?


2 comments on “When ‘A Clockwork Orange’ becomes reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good column principled stand.

    I wish the Supreme Court would have taken it up to force the right wing members like uncle Thomas especially to come right out and say how this doesn’t violate the first Amendment to prove what a fool he is.

    These hypocritical bastards.

  2. John and Andy Schlafly suggest: “Multiple justices on the High Court surely disagree with the Sixth Circuit decision upholding the ultrasound law, but decided not to take this case and risk a 5-4 affirmance of the law.”


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