Umbrage will be taken when the blame can be placed on the other political party

Let me get this straight.

The Energy Department may have been mistakenly shipping unstable nuclear material to the Nevada National Security Site since 2013, but the guy who took office in 2017 and whose agency caught the apparent error, suspended further shipments and informed Nevada public officials of the possible error is to blame and should resign.

The morning newspaper quotes Democratic Rep. Steven Horsford calling for Energy Secretary Rick Perry to resign and Democratic Rep. Dina Titus blustering, “The level of incompetence at the Department of Energy is only matched by its dishonesty.”

Let’s see, the errors apparently occurred for four years of the Obama administration without anyone catching it, but the agency that caught the error and reported it is dishonest and to blame.

The paper quotes a Horsford statement as saying, “Secretary Perry has repeatedly disrespected the people of Nevada and eroded the public trust in his ability to abide by established rules for waste disposal. His failure to disclose these actions amount to their lying to a federal judge, our Nevada congressional delegation and our state’s governor repeatedly about his agency’s activities in our state. Secretary Perry must resign immediately.”

The Energy Department was supposed to only ship low-level radioactive waste from Oak Ridge, Tenn., to N2S2, but nine shipments may have included unstable “reactive” nuclear material mislabeled as low-level waste.

The newspaper further quotes a letter fired off to the Energy secretary by Gov. Steve Sisolak and Nevada Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto and Jacky Rosen, all Democrats, saying, “These egregious acts — whether acts of negligence or indicative of something else — are unconscionable and have potentially put the health and safety of Nevadans and our environment at unacceptable risk, including the employees of NNSS and the communities in Nevada and along the transportation routes of this material to NNSS.”

But an Energy Deparment statement was quoted as saying, “The components that were shipped pose no risk to the safety and health of the general public or workers at the facility at NNSS. The Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration has launched an internal investigation to determine how this went undetected for a six-year period.” Four of those years during the previous Democratic administration, by the way.

Umbrage always seems to be taken only when the offended ones are of a different political party.

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13 comments on “Umbrage will be taken when the blame can be placed on the other political party

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s what I keep trying to point out here by posting all those things the far right wing keep doing that, during a democratic administration would have been worthy of at least a couple articles with “woe is our republic” and “democrats are evil”, but which get absolutely no air play here.

    I’ll keep trying though. Principles and whatnot

  2. Anonymous says:

    This ploy is the Democrat’s continuation of their playbook. Call for the resignation of anyone before all the facts are known. It puts the subject of the accusations on the defensive. Nothing knew…just grasping at straws to paint the current administration as weak and corrupt. I hope most Americans see through this smoke screen. From my perspective, what the D’s are doing makes them look desperate and pitiful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Paint this administration as corrupt?

    Yeah that’s difficult. I mean, Pruitt absolutely positively NEEDED those “tactical underwear” garments he charged to the taxpayers at $3,000 per paid so that when he stayed at the Royal Casbah Hotel in Jerusalem for his meeting with the Morrocan government officials so he could shill for some American LNG company in order for his wife to buy that Papa Johns franchise on the cheap so that the Pruitts wouldn’t have to spend all their income living rent free in that condo paid for by the Lobbiest for some dirty energy interest that Pruitt could grease the skids for so they could dump some toxic waste in our air and water.

    Yeah no one could argue this administration is corrupt boy. Or at least they won’t on these pages.

  4. Rincon says:

    “Umbrage always seems to be taken only when the offended ones are of a different political party.”
    How ironic to see that statement here.

  5. Steve says:

    Yeah, everything is Trump’s fault.

    Even Hillary’s “strategic move” to absolutely ignore the electoral college and give away the election, was Trump’s fault.
    I just can’t figure out how he managed to get her to do it.

    Perhaps one of the naysayers posting here could elucidate.

  6. Rincon says:

    The fault for Hillary losing the election lies primarily with the stupidity of many voters and the media aided by the truly awesome Conservative propaganda machine. In addition, I believe that Hillary was a heavy favorite up to the election. Is it possible that a lot of Hillary supporters stayed home, thinking it was in the bag?

  7. Steve says:

    “stupidity of many voters”
    Blaming voters is, supposedly, reserved for conservatives.

    Influence campaigns? You blame influence campaigns too? But “popular vote!” 3 million of those seem to not be “stupid” or easily swayed by influence campaigns.
    Media?? You mean our well known left leaning mainstream? They supported DT????

    It was Hillary and her campaign who decided to stay away from the states that turned the EC to DT.
    They made a “strategic decision” figuring they already “owned” those states. DT turned them to his column because HC ignored them.

    And that is one important thing the EC does, exposes presidential candidates with inclinations to ignore parts of the country they hope to be charged with administering.

  8. Rincon says:

    Spilt milk. As for the media, they couldn’t take their eyes off of the Trump freak show. He received more than double the free media publicity of Clinton. As they say in Hollywood, any publicity is good publicity.

    It’s sad though, that our electoral system encourages candidates to focus their attention on only a few battleground states to the neglect of all the rest.

    In the end though, we voters get the government we deserve, along with its unscalable deficit.

  9. Steve says:

    Clinton’s going around and around trying to blame everyone and everything other than herself for losing that election and all you can do is support her by trying to blame media for selling ads?
    And I have made this clear multiple times, 2015/16 was Clinton’s time, DT did not win, Clinton took actions that clearly gave the election to DT. And the country would not be well served by someone who obviously does not and still refuses to, understand how we elect a President in the USA.
    Stop giving her solace, she gave away the election. You should be angry at her.

  10. Rincon says:

    Did she make tactical mistakes? Of course, but that’s not news. All candidates make tactical errors. What’s different now is that Republican voters found to be perfectly acceptable a pathological liar and narcissist who cheats on his wives and admitted to multiple sexual assaults. In years past, only a single (perceived) lie undid John Kerry’s campaign and another indiscretion eliminated Gary Hart. We’ve come a long way, baby. Who’s next? If Trump pardons Bernie Madoff, he could run for Senate in 2020, but they better hurry.

    There is a blowback though. According to the Economist, only 13% of Americans identify themselves as evangelical Christians. Before Trump, it was 23%. Just as well. I never did like cafeteria Christians.

  11. Steve says:

    “Did she make tactical mistakes?”

    Tactical decision…outright decided to stay out of those states that Trump turned and to make things worse, she ignored Sanders when his campaign warned her, multiple times, she was throwing away the election.

    Tactical mistake?!!

    You really are insistent on blaming others for Hillary Clinton’s ignorance.

    frankly, her ignorance of how the USA elects it’s President is a good indicator of the President SHE would have been. There can be no doubt the USA got the lesser of 2 very nasty evils.

    You should be very angry at Hillary Clinton for doing everything she could to get Trump elected.

  12. Rincon says:

    So Trump lied constantly while Clinton made strategic mistakes in her selection of campaign sites; therefore, your conclusion is that Trump was a better choice. OK Steve, if you say so.

  13. Steve says:

    DT is the lesser of the two evils.
    You insist on making excuses for Clinton getting him elected.

    You really should be angry at her.

    Yet you insist she is some kind of avenging angel.


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