Governor vetoes National Popular Vote scam

In a shocking outbreak of common sense, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak has vetoed the Democrat-pushed National Popular Vote compact that would have given all of Nevada’s six electoral votes for president to the winner the popular vote nationally — Assembly Bill 186.

“Over the past several weeks, my office has heard from thousands of Nevadans across the state urging me to weigh the state’s role in our national elections,” Sisolak writes in a press release. “After thoughtful deliberation, I have decided to veto Assembly Bill 186. Once effective, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact could diminish the role of smaller states like Nevada in national electoral contests and force Nevada’s electors to side with whoever wins the nationwide popular vote, rather than the candidate Nevadans choose. I recognize that many of my fellow Nevadans may disagree on this point and I appreciate the legislature’s thoughtful consideration of this important issue. As Nevada’s governor, I am obligated to make such decisions according to my own conscience. In cases like this, where Nevada’s interests could diverge from the interests of large states, I will always stand up for Nevada.”

Nevada would have been ignored.

6 comments on “Governor vetoes National Popular Vote scam

  1. Padres2025 says:

    Glad I was sitting down when I read this…I thought Sisolak would have followed suit with the other states controlled by “D” governors

  2. Rincon says:

    Very interesting article, Anonymous. Personally, I cannot respect anyone who supports those responsible for extreme gerrymandering. I wish there was a way to lock them up, because they certainly deserve it. Seems like it’s mostly Republicans. Are they more egregious or is the media covering them preferentially?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rincon did you see the last real effort to defraud voters that made all the papers even if not necessarily all the blogs?

    It was the Texas Secretary of State who outright lied about how many “non-citizens” were on the Texas voter rolls. Based on his allegations, they tried to purged approximately 100,000 voters from the rolls even while the great majority of those identified were eligible voters.

    Now even while the Secretary of State that took the actions bore the brunt of the consequences (he didn’t get confirmed for the post and the clock ran out on him so he very reluctantly resigned) but the investigation revealed that the efforts to purge the rolls of presumed democratic voters, went all the way to the governors office.

    Just the latest truly shameful efforts to deny American citizens the vote.

    And these guys wonder why Americans are doing all they can to make sure that the majority of the country actually gets heard in elections and post stories like Thomas did here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Totally off topic.
    Figures, when one doesn’t want to discuss merits of the topic at hand, change the subject.

    I support Governor Sisolak and have been more happy than upset with his administration to date.

  5. Steve says:

    Oh, there I go again.

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