Watch the morning newspaper disappear before your very eyes

The big squeeze is on at the morning newspaper here in town.

Today the paper not only dropped the TV page, which it had warned was coming, but it also dropped the entire Health section, instead slapping a page on the back of the B section. Today’s paper is 34 pages compared to 38 pages a week ago.

A little note on the cover of the paper explains this, in case you also missed it. The note says the Variety page, which includes crossword puzzles and advice columns, will be in the B sections now Monday through Saturday. Hmmmm. We wonder if that means the Tuesday and Thursday Life sections and the Wednesday Taste section will be disappearing, too. But it would be difficult to move those to the back of the B section, since that is where the former Business section was relegated to sometime ago.

A year ago the Sunday Viewpoints opinion section shrunk from six to four pages.

By the way, that warning about the TV page disappearing also noted that an eight-page edition of TV schedules will be included in Sunday Review-Journal editions sold at newsstands, but not included in the papers delivered to homes of people who, you know, actually still are willing to pay for subscriptions to the ever shrinking newspaper.

But don’t worry, that delightful 8-page section called the Sun, with its single local story and the occasional locally written, uber-liberal editorial, will still be there. The contract doesn’t expire until 2040.

This past year tariffs on Canadian newsprint caused the price to increase 30 to 35 percent.

6 comments on “Watch the morning newspaper disappear before your very eyes

  1. Bob Coffin says:

    Newsprint price up due to the Presidential craziness on tariffs shows that this paper supports him despite its economic survival teetering in the balance. So, having the editorial voice and front page headline control is everything. The rest is just form over substance. SMH because of my life-long love of print. And, the paywall is not going to increase readership of digital in a profitable way IMHO.

  2. Ask Greenspun how that’s working out.

  3. Common Sense says:

    If something disappears in the Forrest, but you’re not watching, does it make a sound?

  4. Not with a bang, but a whimper …

  5. Randa Todd says:

    Gosh, so what’s a 30% increase in newsprint costs really mean ? Cover it by donating less to Trump. Oh, wait, then your control deminishes.

  6. Steve says:

    Wasn’t it Trump who said something about tariffs being good?

    And good ol’ Patrick won’t remember the veiled dig at Trump later, I bet.

    So, I am just pointing out,,,this page just did a dig on Trump , again. OK, Patrick?
    Did you get it, common lack of sense?

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