Your guess is as good as mine

I give up.

Nevada has dozens of specialized license plates that raise money for various purposes. Many of them have initials next to the number. The Nevada sesquicentennial plate has NV, the Las Vegas centennial plate has LV, the plate for veterans has VA, the plate for professional firefighters has PF, the plate for Red Rock Canyon has RC, the plate for the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team has GK, etc., etc.

But what, pray tell, do the letters AL on the coming Raiders pro football plate stand for? The old American Football League? Al Davis? Another Lame speciality plate?




6 comments on “Your guess is as good as mine

  1. From the look of the Raiders’ record, they are “Annual Losers.”

  2. Of course, that’s it!

  3. It is for Al Davis on the mockup. No word on what the letters will be on the final plate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I believe it’s short for:

    “Hey kid, get off my lawn”

  5. Steve says:

    Once again John L Smith absolutely NAILS it!

  6. Bruce Feher says:

    Soon the DMV will have an APP so anyone can design their own tag! 😁

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