Law is certainly preserving ‘competing’ editorial voices

The Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970 was passed in an effort to maintain “editorially and reportorially independent and competitive” newspapers in communities across the country.

The law exempted newspapers from anti-trust laws and allowed failing papers to form joint operating agreements with another newspaper in the same market. This happened in Las Vegas in 1990 when the Las Vegas Sun signed a compact with the devil, we mean the Las Vegas Review-Journal. At first the Sun was delivered in the afternoon and the R-J in the morning. The deal was later renegotiated so that Sun would appear as a small section inserted in the morning. The contract expires in 2040.


The papers may not be competitive but they certainly are “editorially and reportorially independent,” as the Sunday paper attests.

In the opinion section of the R-J there is columnist Wayne Allyn Root, who thinks President Trump can do no wrong and should be much more. On the front of the Sun publisher and putative editor Brian Greenspun declares that Trump is a lying, treasonous coward who can do no right.

Root wails:

It’s no secret that I believe we have a big problem in America. We have lost “election integrity.” It’s no secret that I believe voter fraud is going on across America — with Democrats winning races based on mysterious, magical ballots appearing out of nowhere. It’s no secret I believe illegal aliens are voting in large numbers. But the time for talk is over.

Now is the time for solutions and actions — specifically executive orders by President Donald Trump. He must act alone because Congress never will. Democrats will never fix the system. Democrats claim there is no voter fraud. They don’t see a problem. …

Trump must single-handedly guarantee election integrity for 2020. Only he can do it. He must rule by executive order.

Greenspun fulminates:


Sixty-five times in 2018, the Las Vegas Sun has published editorials criticizing President Donald Trump.

That’s a lot of criticism, no question, and much of it has been bracing. We’ve called him a coward, accused him of un-American behavior and suggested he’s committed treason, among other things. …

We have a president who is doing nothing less than trying to tear apart the American system of government, vandalize the core ideas that define Americans and defile what is great and good about this nation. We will fight all of that to the last drop of ink.

Can’t get much different than that. Of course, there is nothing in the law that requires either paper to be any good.


9 comments on “Law is certainly preserving ‘competing’ editorial voices

  1. Hank Bond says:

    At least two more years of what can be called the wonder of Trump.

  2. Bob Coffin says:

    Well said. Both papers are businesses. And, they are failing businesses which is regrettable because I grew up in this town and I know what they were. When they have satisfied the desires of their owners they will die. Unless……..the public returns to discernment of news reliability and relies less on TV and social media for all news.

  3. Steve says:

    This is giving rise to the non profit news model, countrywide.

  4. Most of them just as partisan.

  5. Steve says:

    Opinion? Or verifiable fact?
    Is trying to give us some perspective on the issue.

  6. Steve says:

    Check out the Elko Daily Free Press
    Lee Enterprises doing good stuff?

  7. They’ve not looked at the Nevada Current yet. That would tip the scales.

  8. Steve says:

    That one is the anti-Root publication! Totally the same from the opposing position.

  9. Steve says:

    Lets not forget their funding mechanism. The Hopewell Fund is run by Arabella Advisors a totally left liberal outfit. Root is crazy, but the RJ balances him out. Nevada Current is totally one sided, dedicated to left wing extremism to its very core. And Hugh Jackson makes not even the slightest attempt at any kind of moderation.

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