The blue election wave is mostly washing out of Clark County

It is time to cede Clark County to California where it belongs.

Election results show the rest of the state has a different state of mind.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Democrat Jacky Rosen carried only Clark and Washoe counties, while Republican incumber Dean Heller won the rest handily.

The state’s only Republican representative in Washington will be Mark Amodei, whose district excludes Clark. Republican Cresent Hardy won in every county except Clark, while the other two Congressional Districts are solely in Clark and were easily won by Democrats.

In the race for governor, Democrat Steve Sisolak won handily in Clark and eked out a victory in Washoe, while Republican Adam Laxalt won almost every other county by at least 2-to-1. The results were similar in the race for lieutenant governor.

Incumbent Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske appears to be edging 30-year-old inexperienced Democrat Nelson Araujo by less than 1 percentage point, though she won handily in ever county except, you guessed it, Clark.

In the race for attorney general, Republic Wes Duncan won in every county, repeat after me, except Clark. Likewise for Republican treasurer candidate Bob Beers, while incumbent Republican Controller Ron Knecht lost only in Clark and Washoe.

The state Assembly is all Republicans except in Clark and Washoe, which now have elected a supermajority of Democrats — 29 out of 42. The state Senate is also all red except for Clark and Washoe.

Question 6 on the ballot, which increases the mandated percentage of renewable energy in the state to 50 percent by 2030, passed with 59 percent of the vote statewide, but failed in every county except Clark, Washoe and Mineral.

At least everybody loves their monopoly electricity, Question 3, which would have opened the market to competition, failed in every county.

And if casino owner Sheldon Adelson bought the Las Vegas newspaper to influence elections, he did not get his money’s worth. Almost every candidate and ballot issue endorsed by the newspaper lost.

District 19, which was not on the ballot this year, is held by a Republican.

8 comments on “The blue election wave is mostly washing out of Clark County

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d say it’s long past time to run this state for the few.

    Use to bother the heck outta me that the masses of people that make up this state located in the south ended up every year supporting those relative few folks up north of Clark Country and all we ever got in return was flack. Name calling mocking, etc.

    That time definitely appears to have gone the way of the buggy whip although the name calling and mocking will go on I suppose.

    Any race results in Nevada leave you REALLY surprised Thomas?

  2. Beers and Knecht were the clearly more qualified candidates.

  3. Rincon says:

    Let’s see…I can think of what Conservatives have said to me about the Republican victory in 2016: Get over it. Or, sore loser! Or my favorite, the rural folks deserve to have greater individual voting power, so even if a President loses by the popular vote, he deserves all of the marbles and we should get out of the way. Now, Clark County isn’t the real Nevada because they don’t have enough scrub land, as if square miles equals importance. You guys take the cake.

    We have the same issue in Illinois. People in the cities lean Democrat while people in the rural areas lean Republican. That’s why compromise makes so much sense, because we all have to coexist, but since Conservatives reject that, it’s winner take all.

    Australia, on the other hand, automatically embraces compromise due to their instant runoff voting system. Coincidentally, they haven’t had a recession in 27 years (a world’s record for developed countries), they have a higher median income than us (adjusting for health care costs), and it’s growing 4 times faster. They also have twice as many immigrants per person than we do, but Conservatives say immigrants are a drag on the economy. Think how Australia would do if it didn’t have all of those so called nonproductive immigrants dragging them down! Their debt as a percentage of GDP is about half of ours and they also live longer while paying substantially less than us for health care…but Conservatives say we have nothing to learn from them.

    BTW, the Australian public trusts Xi Jinping more than Donald Trump by a 6% margin. Since Australian trade with China more than doubles their trade with us, and Trump crapped on the TransPacific Partnership, they have good reason to sidle up closer to China and to keep their distance from us.

    Conservatives are so busy trying to hold on to what was that they don’t see the rest of the world passing us up.

  4. Rincon says:

    Sorry. My reference: Economist “The Wonder Down Under” 10/27-11/2/18 p. SS 3-12

  5. Steve says:

    Bob Beers got screwed by bad timing again. He is, was and remains the best candidate for every office he’s ever held or run for.
    Other than that, I cannot be upset about the results because, it’s politics, not life or death.
    I voted for Sisolak. I never voted for A. Laxalt because he never came off as honest and forthright.
    Sisolak has been called the most fiscally responsible person in office in the past by NPRI and I suspect he hasn’t changed even as NPRI has moved to the right.

    Time to “move on” and pay the bills!

  6. Athos says:

    As to Sisolak, we shall see. As for Nevada, we imported too many Californians (running away from the fiscal mess that is big government disaster). So our problems here in Nevada are we’re just too conservative? Really? We just needed more leftist/socialist governance, eh?

    I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Times they are a changing.

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