Front page coverage for futile and senseless gesture?

Admittedly Mondays are slow news days, but why would the morning newspaper give front page coverage to a ballot initiative that has netted only 10 percent of the needed signatures with only three months to go?

Perhaps it is what editors call a brite — an amusing though unimportant or trivial matter. The story even says the chances for the petition being successful are “looking bleak.”

The ballot initiative — The Greater Choice-Greater Voice Statutory Initiative — would end party primary elections altogether and have voters at the General Election in the fall rank their top three candidates. Thus far it has been largely ignored by the media since it was first filed with the Secretary of State in September 2017. Backers — Nevadans for Election Reform PAC — did not get around filing the actual petition until April.

Don’t bother looking for the story on the paper’s website today. That’s because it was inexplicably posted this past Friday afternoon.

The story reports that the initiative is being pushed by a 69-year-old man who switched from being a Republican after three decades to nonpartisan and is now miffed that he can’t vote in either major party primary — duh.

Perhaps one reason signatures are hard to come by is that the petition is 25 pages long.

Also, it ignores the fact that anyone who wishes to actually, you know, vote in a primary election can easily change party affiliation online shortly before the election and then change it again after the primary. That’s practically the same as having open primaries.

Reportedly the measure would save the taxpayers money by eliminating the primary election, but one can only imagine the bewildering  number of names that would subsequently appear on the fall ballot and then having the task of having to rank three different candidates in every race from president to dogcatcher.

By the way, the 600-plus-word newspaper account contained not a single negative comment about this hare-brained initiative.

Here is a cliche-ridden, logic-distorting video posted by the group:





4 comments on “Front page coverage for futile and senseless gesture?

  1. ronknecht says:

    Wah!!! Don’t say mean things about us!! Wah!!! Or the coverage!!

    Ron Knecht Economist & Nevada Controller 775-882-2935 775-684-5777

  2. Rincon says:

    Writing about a brite seems to be a bit of a brite itself.

  3. circuitous, isn’t it.

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