8 comments on “Obviously a song written early in the season

  1. Randa Todd says:

    Wow. That’s a lot of Tomatoes!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone that likes tomatoes can’t be all bad.

    What are going to them Thomas?

    I just went out and got some myself and I’m about to roast them, some garlic, some onions, and some serranos and make my famous roasted tomato salsa.

    Fresh sweet corn and tomatoes, that’s summer to me.

  3. Steve says:

    Nice crop!
    If you freeze some, you can use them in winter for sauces and stews, the skin peels right off.
    No boiling and canning, the best part is the flavor holds up like fresh.

  4. Some became gazpacho tonight. Rest will be frozen tomorrow. Then what to do with next batch as they ripen?

  5. Now you’re just showing off. My $100 New Mexico tomato is now up to $126.50. My kill plat kill ratio is higher by percentage than Agent Orange.

  6. Let’s rewrite: My plant kill ratio is higher by percentage than Agent Orange. Growing some nice lettuce in a planter surrounded by chicken wire to keep out coyotes, cottontail, squirrel, prairie dog, vole, packrats, deer mice. Now on watch 24/7/ Spotlights ordered. May be taking this too seriously. Physician visit scheduled.

  7. That reminds me. I need to sprinkle a little Seven dust. Might break a sweat doing that.

    Of course, the 110-degree heat has killed the green beans, but the volunteer pear tomatoes seem to thrive on it, though they ripen later than the other varieties. Kinda spaces thing out a bit.

  8. Steve says:

    Price went way up for them tomatoes, John! That book probably need a sequel.

    Got a friend growing Rhubarb at the top of Cedar Mountain in Utah. Rabbit fence all around it…others tried to plant grass seed….all they did was feed the wildlife and invite little animals into their place! I bet Mt Charleston is the same deal!

    Get a game camera, the pictures might offset the losses a bit!

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