Democrats refusing to break with demand for chain migration

Apparently some Democrats are balking at compromise legislation that would allow people brought into the country illegally as children because the proposal specifies that they can’t then sponsor their parents for citizenship.

With a stroke of his pen President Obama created DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents), but the courts let DACA stand and struck DAPA.

Nevada was one of the states that sued to try to stop Obama’s immigration executive orders that ignored Congress’ refusal to act on similar proposals.

In his press release announcing the Nevada’s joining the list of plaintiffs, Attorney General Adam Laxalt stated: “Our immigration system is broken and clearly needs to be fixed. But just as clearly, the solution is not for the president to act unilaterally disregarding the U.S. Constitution and laws. The solution must be a permanent, legal result that includes, not ignores, the other branches of government and their constitutional roles. Anything less is a false hope undermining the rule of law that injures millions of people in America, including many in Nevada.”

But now, when some Republicans seem willing to grant half a loaf, Democrats are demanding the full buffet — chain migration or nothing.

It’s one thing to grant to grant amnesty to those who are living here through no fault of their own, but another to grant amnesty to those who knowingly broke the nation’s immigration law.

Democrats don’t want a solution. They want an issue to campaign on.



2 comments on “Democrats refusing to break with demand for chain migration

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the republicans could immediately bring it to a vote? I mean they are in control of the executive and legislative branches.

    I doubt that the 70% of Americans who favor the dreamers are standing in the way; hasn’t stop them before when the American people wanted something (or not wanted it in the case of the tax giveaway).

  2. Steve says:

    I have no problem naturalizing the children brought here when their parents broke our laws by coming here illegally.
    Allowing those lawbreaking parents to remain here as naturalized citizens is wrong. In reality, that is rewarding the lawbreakers for breaking the law.

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