Who is telling the truth in Kihuen contratempts

Lie detectors at 10 paces, turn and fire.

In order to protect his own hide from allegations of sexual harassment, Nevada’s CD4 Rep. Ruben Kihuen told ABC News that two people who are calling for him to resign over those allegations were aware of the claims back during the election campaign in 2016 and continued to support him.

According to BuzzFeed, a female Kihuen campaign staffer quit in April 2016 shortly after the candidate started propositioning her for dates and sex despite her repeated rejections and twice touched her thighs without her consent.

Reuben Kihuen

The woman said the propositions became more frequent and more aggressive and Kihuen asked her if she had ever “cheated on her boyfriend.” She said the candidate offered to get them a hotel room together while campaigning and she told BuzzFeed, “I said ‘no’ very firmly and he just laughed at me. It was humiliating.”

Kihuen now says both Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair Ben Ray Lujan knew about the allegations, looked into them and did not find anything.

In fact the woman said she informed the DCCC as to why she was quitting. Kihuen’s campaign manager told BuzzFeed someone at the DCCC called to say the woman had quit because she felt “uncomfortable” around Kihuen, but there were no specifics and Kihuen denied any wrongdoing.

A spokesman for Pelosi said she was not aware of the allegation earlier and first learned of them from BuzzFeed.

“Congressman Kihuen’s statement is not true,” a DCCC spokesman said. “We were presented with these disturbing facts for the first time last week, and the chair immediately called for his resignation.”

“I’ve been abundantly clear that anyone that is guilty of sexual harassment or sexual assault, that they don’t deserve to hold public office at any level, and I continue to hold that position,” Lujan said.

Kihuen has said he will not resign. Who is telling or stretching the truth?




10 comments on “Who is telling the truth in Kihuen contratempts

  1. Vernon Clayson says:

    He’d have been doomed for sure if he had glanced down at the reporter’s chest, this dainty flower reporter didn’t leave much to the imagination. Anyone else suppose that wasn’t to nail him??

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    The seriousness of the aligation has always been the important thing when the left has gone after the right. Seems things have changed now that the shoe is on the other foot.

  3. Steve says:

    IF they were just nasty political attempts at mudslinging it seems to me, attacking Trump and Moore with 40 year old allegations has backfired by opening the floodgates of very recent accusations on Democrats!

    KARMA can be a real….oh, I guess we can’t use THAT word anymore, can we?

  4. q says:

    Am no fan of Kihuen nor his politics. The allegations may be true but mere allegations are not truth until tested by some due process standards. We seem to be entering a new era similar to the Inquisition or Salem Witch Trials. What a transition from the days of Bill Clinton.

  5. Bill says:

    Sorry for the typo, I don’t know where the q came from, it is just plain Bill.

  6. Athos says:

    Q, do you work for the British Secret Service? (Can you get me James Bond’s autograph?)

  7. Bill says:

    Of course I can get it for you, for a price. It will be as authentic as Bond is. Send the money first.

  8. Rincon says:

    We’ll never know who’s lying, but without proof or at least strong evidence, this charge doesn’t deserve airing. Does this woman have any witnesses or is it her word against his? I couldn’t find any corroborating evidence with a casual search. If an employer accuses an employee of stealing and cannot prove it in court, he is guilty of slander and will pay through the nose, but if a woman points a finger at a man, his career should be over? Wow, we’ve come a long way, baby. Suddenly, men have become fish in a barrel. Don’t like someone? Just send an accomplice to work for him and then claim harassment. That’ll fix his wagon.

    Of course, unlike this accuser, Trump was accused by multiple women and was caught confessing his behavior on tape, but nothing happened to him at all. We even voted him President. Why should anyone pay attention to one pointed finger?

    I know it’s a radical thought, but if someone claims harassment without proof or strong evidence, shouldn’t a man be presumed innocent?

  9. Athos says:

    Not that it makes a bit of difference to you, Rinny, but maybe this woman owns a Blue Dress?

  10. Bill says:

    Rin, you are right, except your example of Trump was regrettably limited. I don’t recall specifically what Trump was accused of and I am unaware of any admissions other than the bootlegged tape but whatever it was, the alleged offenses happened when he was a private citizen, not when he was running for or holding any other position other than private citizen businessman. You should have included President Clinton whose accusations, rape, etc., were when he was Governor of Arkansas and Predator of he United States.

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