‘Just give me the warm power of the sun …’ it’s all the same

Generic pix accompanying story about new solar power plant.

If all else fails, read the instructions.

The morning paper carried a story today about a proposal to build a solar powered electrical generation facility near Tonopah. The online version carries a generic pix of solar panels, though the story says the plant will have “eight solar towers.”

The story does not say the plant will be a solar thermal plant, using molten salt like the Crescent Dunes plant.

But an online posting about the new Sandstone Solar Energy facility carries a rendering.

Rendering of proposed Sandstone Solar Energy plant.


2 comments on “‘Just give me the warm power of the sun …’ it’s all the same

  1. Bruce Kester says:

    Waaaay too busy in the editorial department to be concerned about such nuance. The least some inquisitive mind could have done is ask if it’s using molten salt tech, or something as old school as Ivanpah. All towers aren’t created the same…..

  2. Steve says:

    Most who still read that paper don’t know the difference and believe Wayne Allyn Root!

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