I remember this song, I think

I was listening to my iPod on random play and a song came up that I seem to remember hearing a few times before, but it suddenly seemed to have added meaning just now. I think.

It was Tom Rush doing a piece for a Judy Collins “Friends” album from a couple of years ago. You remember Judy Collins, right? The 78-year-old singer who is still touring. I’ve seen her several times over the years and she remains one of my all time favorite performers. I think. A friend had we convinced she took the name of Collins after Fort Collins, where we both lived, because John Denver had already taken the Colorado capital city. But she was born Judith Marjorie “Judy” Collins I learned later. I think.

Rush did the song at a Collins concert in 2003 in San Diego when his hair was still redish:

He also did it in 2016 when his hair was a bit whiter and the song even more believable:

Oh well. Rush is now 76. I think.

p.s. After writing this I discovered that I had cremated my dinner on the grill, because I forgot about it.




One comment on “I remember this song, I think

  1. Steve says:

    Never Youtube when grilling!

    It’s as bad beer blogging……

    Enjoy the pizza!

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