A reminder that NFL stadium financing is cloaked in secrecy

A hole into which money will be poured. (Rendering via R-J)

It’s just your tax money. You don’t need to know how it is being used.

A front page story in today’s newspaper reminds us of just how dreadful that deal the governor and legislators cut with the Raiders football team to build a new stadium in Las Vegas really is.

The piece reminds us the law creating a stadium authority also veils just about everything in secrecy, and again relates the stadium cost of $1.9 billion is just wild-ass guess. It could be more. It could be less. And we might never know which. If it comes in at the guessed at cost, the taxpayers will be ponying up nearly 40 percent of the cost. If comes in at the original estimate of $1 billion, the taxpayers will pick up 75 percent of the tab, plus the $900 million in road improvements for a stadium site with only 15 percent of the necessary parking spaces.

Today’s story has Stadium Authority Board Chairman Steve Hill confirming that the public won’t get much information about the financing of the stadium at I-15 and Russell Road of the confidentiality wording included in the 2016 special session Senate Bill 1.

“A big part of the information that the board will get will be confidential,” Hill quoted as saying. “The Raiders’ financial situation is not going to be a public document, so we’ll get a framework for that at a board meeting and individual board members will get a more thorough briefing outside of the public meeting.”

The 1,000-word article tells us mostly what we don’t know and probably never will. The final paragraph reports that the Raiders did not respond to email inquiries about the project and its financing and have told its contractors to not talk to the press.

Of course, the newspaper’s owner Sheldon Adelson took his promised $650 million in stadium financing and went home.

10 comments on “A reminder that NFL stadium financing is cloaked in secrecy

  1. deleted says:

    On a related and probably more significant note, the republicans in the senate have decide covert action is the best action.

    “Reporters are no longer allowed to interview senators in the Capitol without prior approval of the Senate Rules Committee, multiple members of the media reported Tuesday.

    The Capitol and congressional office buildings are home to a robust press corps that has the ability to access most of the complex. Reporters from print, television and radio media are free to question members of the House and Senate in certain areas as they move between their offices, hearings and chamber floors. TV reporters regularly conduct live interviews with senators in the hallways. Members of Congress who don’t wish to participate are free to continue walking or turn down interview requests.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/article155870284.html#storylink=cpy

  2. Since then the Republicans did what they always do … fold:


    Senate Republicans on Tuesday quickly backed away from a proposal to restrict media access in the Capitol after an angry backlash from reporters and an emergency meeting between the Senate Rules Committee and the media gallery directors.

    Senate Rules Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) sent out a statement around lunchtime clarifying that there would not be a rules change, only a discussion about how to ensure safety as the Capitol hallways have become more hectic because of growing crowds of journalists.

    Shelby announced in a statement that the committee had made “no changes to the existing rules governing press coverage on the Senate side of the Capitol complex.”

    A Senate official familiar with administrative discussions said, “Everything you did before, you can still do.”

    It was an abrupt 180-degree turn from earlier in the day when Senate Sergeant at Arms staff informed the press galleries of tough new restrictions. Democrats had seized on the news, linking the new restriction to the GOP’s work on healthcare legislation that is being drafted behind closed-doors.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you’re disappointed Thomas? Were you in favor of what they did? Originally?

  4. Steve says:

    It’d be a surprise if Republicans stuck to what they say for once.

  5. deleted says:

    You’d be heck on the stand Thomas. Care to elaborate? Maybe tell me what you do thin about it?

  6. Linda Sanders says:

    I’m confused. What does the NFL stadium in Las Vegas have to do with Senate Rules Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) in DC?

  7. deleted says:

    I’ll try and help Linda:

    The story a Thomas wrote has,mat least in part, to do with a lack of transparency in government.

    As you probably know, Thomas is not typically in favor of that lack of transparency in government.

    So, I posted an article about republicans trying to operate in secret to flesh out Thomas’ position as relates to a party he is more closely aligned with to see how consistent his opinion about transparency is; he got partial credit.


  8. Steve says:

    Keep in mind Linda, the poster known as “deleted” used to be known as “Patrick” and it was under that nom, Patrick decided to try and use a sham plea to make the meaning of the word “shall” become one and the same as the meaning of the word “may”

    Patrick, AKA deleted, is (very likely) a sham plea wannabe lawyer law school drop out.

  9. Jim Falk says:

    “A hole to pour money into.” Well put, Mr. Mitchell. Sheldon saw the folly of that. Why can’t Brian and the boys? Sounds a little like the last days of the Roman Empire; using more and more bread and games to mollify the restless masses. If that $1 billion was put toward opening Yucca Mt. for reprocessing depleted nuclear material the state and its citizens would see a lot more benefit. Jim Falk, Churchill County

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