One of these things is not like the other

Jim Murren (File photo by Las Vegas News Bureau)

In the Business section of the morning paper there is a story about MGM CEO Jim Murren saying there is anecdotal evidence that President Trump’s immigration policies are hurtng tourism, specifically his court-blocked plan to more closely vet visitors from six majority Muslim nations.

Murren is quoted as saying, “I am concerned with those words. I think they confuse people,” though he covered his company’s assets by saying he has not seen any effect on Las Vegas or MGM.

But look up and to the left there is a brief about actual April foreign visitor volume. Though the tale doesn’t appear to have made the cut for the online newspaper, that uncredited AP piece reports:

More international visitors came to the U.S. than expected in April 2017, according to a new report released Tuesday in Washington.

The U.S. Travel Association’s Travel Trends Index shows that international travel to the U.S. grew by about 4 percent in April, compared with data for April 2016.

The strong showing contradicted fears that tourism from abroad would slow in reaction to President Donald Trump’s proposed travel bans, which have been blocked by court challenges.

The Trump administration’s first ban on travel from a handful of mostly Muslim countries was issued Jan. 27. The Travel Association said any fallout from the travel bans would have begun to show up in April travel data.


14 comments on “One of these things is not like the other

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    What happened to the news?

  2. It’s now the American version of Pravda…

  3. Rincon says:

    This was faithfully reported in the “liberal” New York Times

  4. Steve says:

    Mitch’s point is more about the local “newspaper” he used to edit.
    Sadly, it is no longer as well edited.

    The old Grey Lady is only standing up and trying to be what they claim they are.
    Their editorial and opinion pages remain as lefty liberal as ever.
    Hopefully, their news pages can continue to keep their opinions away.

  5. Rincon says:

    I understand and support Thomas’ view on this. I was responding to Bruce and HFB. Perhaps they were referring only to the newspaper as well, but it appeared to be more of a generalization. Mea culpa if I was incorrect.

  6. The mainstream media serves as the progressive left’s Pravda…including the Grey Lady, as was brought out in this morning’s Comey testimony before the so-called Senate “Intelligence Committee.”

  7. jack says:

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  8. Rincon says:

    HFB: You choose to believe Comey when he says the Times article was incorrect. Do you believe the rest of his testimony? If not, please inform us as to how you distinguish Comey’s lies from his accurate statements.

  9. Rincon says:

    So according to HFB, the mainstream media = Pravda. So sources like Time, the Economist, CNN, the New York Times are propaganda-filled scandal sheets. So who are we to trust. Breitbart perhaps? The Heartland Foundation? Fox News? Maybe Sean Hannjity or Mark Levin?

  10. Steve says:

    Comey also admitted to leaking stuff himself…so, yes, who do we believe?

    Today’s dog and pony show gave both sides plenty of ammo to use in their talking points but, as usual, the real shit will happen behind closed doors.

  11. Notice Rincon has to try to slip in a racist white supremacist foundation in order to try and smear conservatives…just like a number of MSM cheerleaders from the regressive left continually do. And yes, CNN was forced to correct a story from ONE unnamed source claiming that Comey would testify that he hadn’t told Trump that he wasn’t under investigation. And no, I don’t believe everything Comey testified to yesterday…but what I did glean, he’s definitely NOT FBI material.

  12. Rincon says:

    By itself, Comey’s testimony isn’t compelling, but how can anybody believe the world’s greatest serial liar? If anyone says the opposite of what Trump says,it’s a good bet that they are telling the truth.

  13. Steve says:

    No No, Rincon.
    Think politspeak in that world credibility = good liar

    Comey has credibility, Trump is a crude, boorish, bad liar whose lies are easily detected. Bad liars lies are always easily found out for what they are.

    Trump says he’s ‘100%’ Willing to Testify Under Oath on Comey. If this isn’t another lie……THAT is a show I would love to see.
    Think of it, the entertainment value alone is off the charts.
    A room full of REALLY good liars each totally full of credibility against a businessman who can’t, convincingly, lie and has zero credibility in the politspeak world of Washington City.

    We EXPECT politicians to lie and it is blatantly clear some are way better than others but Hannity and Maddow (et al) are lying to all of us, no matter on what side you like to try and sit.

  14. Rincon says:

    Nice link. It seems the politicians aren’t the only ones making a living peddling lies.

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