Add gasoline prices to the things to which Nevada ‘excells’

When it comes to superlatives Nevada can add another of the negative variety. The state has the second highest gasoline prices in the nation, topped only by California, of course, according to a website called GasBuddy.

Nevada is averaging $2.877 a gallon, while California weighs in at $3.149, even though their state and local gasoline tax is less than a nickel higher. Meanwhile, South Carolinians are paying only $2.047, the lowest in the nation.

Fortunately Clark County is averaging $2.666, while Washoe is pushing up the average with prices reaching $3.087.

GasBuddy map showing Nevada has second highest gasoline price in the nation.


One comment on “Add gasoline prices to the things to which Nevada ‘excells’

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    On the bright side, at least Las Vegas is no where near the size of other cities so we don’t have to travel as far and the traffic is nowhere as bad as LA or NYC

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