Right hand of newspaper fails to help its left hand

Hey, right hand, the left hand is doing something else.

Newspaper deadlines can be a little daunting. Mistakes are made. Coordination is lacking.

In today’s paper there is a story heralding the death knell (unless some new trick is devised to bring it back to life) for a bill that would have delayed the reorganization of the Clark County School District. In print there is a photo accompanying the story.

The cutline reads: “Gov. Brian Sandoval signs into law a bipartisan bill ensuring the continued reorganization of the Clark County School District.”

So, how can the governor be signing something when the bill in question just died? Answer: The photo is from May 8, when the governor did in fact sign into law a bill that ensured the continuation of reorganization that began in 2015. The date of the photo is never mentioned.

Additionally, a couple of pages earlier in the same section there is an editorial chastising Democrats for pushing the reorganization delay.
It concluded by noting the governor is unlikely to sign the bill in question. How long would it have taken to revamp the last paragraph to note that the bill is now officially dead?

2 comments on “Right hand of newspaper fails to help its left hand

  1. robertleebeers says:

    This article is what happens when reporters try to read law. They can’t, and that trait continues today. The RJ article is describing a bill that would have delayed the reorganization, not implemented that action. The photo description is in line with the report, regardless of its age. For all we know, that photo is of Sandoval signing a meaningless proclamation and not a bill. So, in fact, the bill dying allows the reorganization to move on without delay, in essence, the “continuation of reorganization”. Not as this blog attempts to say.

  2. Bill says:

    Hell, Bob, It’s not just reporters who can’t read law, here are some legislators who can’t or wont read the law.

    At times, I wonder if some of them can even read.

    As for news people and politicians in general, they tend not to take the time or have the inclination for accuracy.

    For instance, what a story says and what a headline is may be totally different just as what a politician says and what he/she does is too often totally different. Nobody these days seem to have the time or inclination for accuracy.

    I would tell you to buck up but it probably is only going to get worse.

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