Here there be gods

Apparently when one is handed the power to write laws, one immediately becomes omniscient and omnipotent — knowing how everything should be done and how everyone should behave and do their jobs, even physicians.

On Friday the Senate Committee on Commerce, Labor and Energy approved Assembly Bill 105, which requires doctors and other health care providers to undergo ongoing suicide prevention training. Like doctors don’t go through enough training already and doctors have no incentive to keep their patients alive and paying the bills.

State law already requires a litany of training requirements, including how to spot terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, but it would change the law from encouraging ongoing suicide prevention and awareness training to requiring it.

 Meanwhile, the Assembly is expected to vote next week on a bill that would prohibit so-called “conversion therapy” for minors, even with their consent and the consent of their parents. Such therapy is intended to alter the minor’s sexual orientation — generally, we presume, from homosexual to heterosexual. Senate Bill 201 has already passed the state Senate on a vote of 15-5 despite concerns to any conversation with a young person about sexual orientation might to construed as therapy under the law.
While the law specifically prohibits treatment that “seeks to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person,” despite their actual chromosome composition, it specifically allows support or confirmation for “a person undergoing gender transition …” or provides “acceptance, support and understanding of a person or facilitates a person’s ability to cope, social support and identity exploration and development …”
Our lawmakers know what’s best for you, no matter what you might think. For their next trick: Laying on of hands.

5 comments on “Here there be gods

  1. dave72 says:

    Perhaps a good argument against “conversion therapy” is that being LGBT is NOT a mental illness, at least no non-religious zealots in the psychiatric profession with any credibility think so. It’s ironic you mentioned suicide prevention. Such “therapy” being forced on minors because of a non-existent mental illness has been found to be a cause of depression and suicidal feelings among young people. But I can understand how reducing suicides in Nevada might harm our highest in the nation status in that category.

  2. Steve says:

    Nature proves gender identity is a real thing.
    We used to call this proof hermaphrodite. Now it is “intersex”
    Since nature exhibits gender confusion in very visible ways, it stands to reason there are real gender confusion issues in ways we cannot physically see.

    We need to accept people for what they feel as well as what we think we see.

    That said, for those in Bruce/Caitlyn Genner’s place, I would offer the following advice.
    When using the restroom of your expressed gender identity, please do not stand up and aim at the toilet, sit down like the rest of your chosen gender does!

    Thank-you and good night!

  3. robertleebeers says:

    I would suggest we go back over the NRS and remove every law, regulation, and policy not backed by the state constitution, and then tell the Feds that Nevada will only carry out those policies covered under article 1 not delegated to Congress. The rest are up to that body. BTW, deleting previous comments is not a class act, Thomas.

  4. I have never deleted any comments. Any that WordPress required me to approve, I approved. If anything disappeared it was an act of gremlins, viruses or wormholes.

  5. Steve says:

    And Gremlins or Wormholes are more likely than Virus’s!

    C’mon Robert Lee Beers, if anyone was going to get deleted it would be (well) deleted!

    OR me, with some of the stuff I have banged out on my keyboard!

    Free speech lives on Thomas Mitchel’s blog.

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