2 comments on “Las Vegas business owner questions constitutionality of minimum wage hike bill

  1. deleted says:

    Way to go Pope! Callng the greedy out.

    “The Pope suggested the latter, in characteristically blunt language.
    He imagined a wealthy Christian knocking at the gates of heaven and saying, “Here I am, Lord! … I went to Church, I was close to you, I belong to this association, I did this… Don’t you remember all the offerings I made?”
    To which Jesus may reply, according to the Pope:
    “Yes, I remember. The offerings, I remember them: All dirty. All stolen from the poor. I don’t know you.’ That will be Jesus’ response to these scandalous people who live a double life.”
    Thursday’s sermon is far from the first time Francis has targeted Christian hypocrites. In a sermon last February, the outspoken Pope called out the “fakeness” of Christians who talk piously, but do little to help others.”


  2. Rincon says:

    A great many passages in the Bible are devoted to helping the poor, but the Evangelicals have a loophole. They say the best way to help the poor is to do nothing, so they advocate doing just that. I haven’t heard how that flies in the hereafter.

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