Democrats in Carson City press to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day


Richard “Tick” Segerblom in Carson City (SAR-J pix)

What an incredible, pointless waste of time and money!

Democratic state Sen. Richard “Tick” Segerblom, who never misses a chance to stroke the far left wing of his party, has introduced a bill — we are not making this up — to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. It is Senate Bill 105.

Columbus Day is not a holiday, but there is a law on the books that states: “The Governor of this State is authorized and requested to issue annually a proclamation designating the second Monday in October as ‘Columbus Day’ in commemoration of the arrival of Cristoforo Columbo in the New World.”

Segerblom would replace this with: “The Governor is authorized and requested to annually proclaim the second Monday in October as ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ to celebrate the thriving culture and significant value that Indigenous people add to the State of Nevada and the United States of America.”

If you want to repeal the pointless paper shuffling to “commemorate” a day in history, fine. Repeal it. It is still history. But replacing it with pointless paper shuffling is typical Democratic sucking up to its paramount platform of identity politics.

The Las Vegas newspaper account tells us: “Segerblom said the bill recognizes the millions of Native Americans who died in conflicts when European settlers moved into the country and claimed land as their own, and shows an appreciation for their contributions to society.”

The unbiased and balanced account goes on to inform its readers that Columbus is “credited with ‘discovering’ the Americas. But historians have debunked that as myth, saying he sailed around the Caribbean but never came to North America,” paying no heed to fact the Caribbean islands are part of North America and the fact he did land in South America, both part of the so-called New World.

We are also informed that critics argue Columbus “engaged in brutal acts against native peoples,” without any reference to wars between tribes or attacks on those evil invading Europeans. Don’t they teach about the French and Indian War any more? Try reading a bit of history, including the accounts from late in the 19th century when the Plains Indians were actually successfully and brutally pushing back against encroachment.

These are the same Democrats who want to remove the statue of mid-20th century Democratic Sen. Pat McCarran from the U.S. Capitol because he was a racist during an era when the Democratic Party pushed segregationist laws and policies.

Erase history and change the present and the future? Rather Orwellian if you ask me?

Perhaps our idle lawmakers could change the name of Genoa, since it is named after Columbus’ home town in Italy.

The vote in the Senate Committee on Government Affairs to approve SB105 was 4-1.



Apparently having the second Tuesday of February during each regular session of the Legislature designated as Nevada Tribes Legislative Day and recognizing the fourth Friday of September as Native American Day isn’t nearly enough.


Be sure to commemorate Nevada’s special Tartan Day, Juneteenth and Cesar Chavez Day. Still waiting on lawmakers to create Overweight Aging Curmudgeons Day.


7 comments on “Democrats in Carson City press to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    And these people are considering a full time Legislature?

  2. deleted says:

    Everyday in America is overweight, aging, curmudgeon day Thomas.

    And the above stuff about the Indians, and natives “pushing back”? If the Europeans hadn’t encroached, how would the a Indians have pushed back?

    Little like castigating a homeowner for “pushing back” against a home invader no?

  3. Rincon says:

    It’s fine to have some kind of Native American holiday, but nursing a guilt complex over the deeds of our distant ancestors by eliminating Columbus Day is a bit much. Should I also feel guilty that my ancestors overran Rome and cast Europe into the Dark Ages? Or should people of Italian descent feel guilty because the Romans slaughtered multitudes and forced many into the human cockfighting known as the Gladitorial Games?

    Love it or hate it, the “discovery” of America was the seminal event of our present culture, which we all share. There’s nothing wrong with considering it a holiday. While we’re at it, should we also eliminate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving for obvious reasons? Even our New Year’s celebration is questionable since the year is based on the birth of Christ and our present calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory. And shouldn’t devout worshipers of many religions object to our pagan holiday known as Halloween? I’m sure some Southerners object to celebrating Lincoln’s birthday as well. Where does it stop?

  4. deleted says:

    I tend to agree Rincon and I don’t necessarily have a problem with Columbus Day just as I have no problem with Indiginous Peoples Day or Apple Pie Day.

    My problem is with the objectors, like Thomas, that seem interested in ignoring the reasons people have for saying Columbus did a lot of really heinous stuff. Or even attacking those people, or trying to re-write history in an effort to justify or even write out the heinous stuff that he did.

    It’s all silliness after all, but is it too much for nationalists to admit that Columbus did a bunch of really heinous things and also that the people pointing out those really heinous things, aren’t themselves bad people, just because they are honest about those heinous things?

    I mean, I admire Lincoln, and I can’t ignore that he did a lot of heinous stuff. But I can’t get righteously indignant because some people don’t admire him, and point out that he did a lot of heinous stuff.

    It is what it is.

  5. This garbage has to stop. Has anyone asked a Native American about this? Hell no, it’s being changed all over the nation and the Native American’s are laughing their behinds off. Get busy Assembly on figuring out how to lower our taxes. This is PC nonsense and Columbus was a good guy also. Yikes I get tired of the b.s. Democrats can drudge up.

  6. […] you thought Nevada lawmakers meeting now in Carson City were engaging in petty political correctness by seeking to change the purely ceremonial and entirely vacuous non-holiday of Columbus Day to […]

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