In search of missing stories in the newspaper


Photo shows Kihuen flanked by some anonymous has-been politician and the headline is about his Mexico roots, but the story is MIA.

For want of a budget a proofreader was lost. For want of a proofreader a story was lost. For want of a story a newspaper’s credibility was lost.

I suspect there is some guy in the pressroom of the Las Vegas newspaper who should be getting a congratulatory pat on the back this morning.

The newspaper that landed in some driveways today had a front page story listed as jumping to page 22, but instead concluded on page 19. It was corrected somewhere along the way because the online replica of the printed paper corrected the error.

Even more egregious though was the Nevada cover story with a headline about and a photo of new Rep. Ruben Kihuen, but the story beneath was one about Gov. Brian Sandoval’s letter expressing concern about ObamaCare legislation that had appeared on the front page on Saturday. Someone eventually fixed that, too.

Once upon a time, someone would have been tasked to read proofs of the pages before the presses rolled, though, I admit, there were a number of times some alert and conscientious pressman saved our bacon.




6 comments on “In search of missing stories in the newspaper

  1. Bruce Feher says:

    Today’s “news” is only there to fill up space between ads and commercials.

  2. Steve says:

    I watched press operators catch prepress errors a lot in my Kodak days.

  3. John L. Smith says:

    The photo is great. You can’t even see Reid’s lips move. >

  4. Vernon Clayson says:

    Let’s hope the new legislators think for themselves instead of taking their lead from Harry Reid, they surely didn’t go to Washington unaware of his surly bitter opinions. I’m trying to see differences between Reid’s mean mouthings about Republicans Romney and Trump and those of Rep. Lewis about Trump. It’s like they have the same brain fault, an inability to see good in any other person or opinion.

  5. Rep. Lewis should have a better understanding of Trump, instead he is fixated on statements and not actions. I am very disappointed in him. He is acting like Sharpton, instead of helping to bring the country together. Our new Rep will do Harry’s bidding and the emphasis should not be his Mexican roots. It should be his qualifications.

  6. Spot on John L., thanks for the chuckle…(still cleaning up the coffee)!

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